FIFA 15 Learned some HARSH lessons tonight! LOL

1. I am not a good dribbler. I can do a couple basics. But there were these two consecutive teams I played tonight and they were absolute boss at dribbling. Could do anything, with anyone. It was so fun to play them. Beat one, drew the other. It was a pleasure and I’d have totally been fine with losing. These guys were basically FIFA STREET players. Was beautiful to see.

2. Use strong players. Down to my last game for promotion. Needed a point. Although I was actually indifferent to getting promoted, to be honest, no one likes to lose either. But I decided to play a 4-4-2 Man Utd team – should be fine right? Well, I used basically their reserves cuz I was too cheap to buy fitness cards. Despite actually playing pretty well this guy destroyed me on shooting and he won 7-3. I should have scored 5 or 6, to be fair, and James Wilson who came on at half should have scored 3 himself (he got 1). For the record, I stayed in D3. The lesson is, use strong squads, keep players in their normal positions – LOL I used Jones at RB and Rojo at LB If I was better at this game prob could have got the win or draw out of it. I certainly had enough scoring chances! Also, when down 4-1 I just went all out attack, cuz why not.