FIFA 17: We spoke to Sam Sargeant, the worst rated player on the game

It is virtually every young footballer’s dream to make it as a pro.

But once you make it as a pro, there’s one moment that holds a special place in their hearts – the first time they appear on FIFA.

And while the Marcus Rashford’s of this world might enter the game on a tidy 76 rating, there’s a few that lag a little bit behind.

One of those players in question is Leyton Orient goalkeeper Sam Sargeant.

The 19-year-old has the dubious honour of being the joint worst rated player on FIFA 17, with the 19-year-old receiving a mere 45 rating for this year’s game.


Dream Team caught up with the keeper, who graciously accepted that while the rating is slightly undesirable, being on the game itself is special enough.

“You grow up as a kid and you want to be on these games, so even though my rating is dreadful, it’s good to see my face there on the FUT card,” Sargeant said.

“The joint lowest rated on the game? I’ll claim that as a trophy. The first thought after seeing my card was ‘Wow, I’m actually on the game.’

“Then I looked at my stats and was like, ‘Oh, they’ve been a bit harsh here, no-one’s going to use me in the game except for myself!”

He continued: “To be fair, I haven’t even used myself on the game. I’m too scared, I can’t be losing games on Ultimate Team because of my own card.

“But the rating wasn’t a massive issue for me because it was just being on it that mattered.”

Players’ ratings are a big deal for those in the professional realm. One only has to see the way Dele Alli and Harry Kane act when guessing their ratings to know how seriously some of the world’s best players take it.

So when Orient’s ratings were revealed for the first time to Sargeant and his team-mates, he instantly knew he could be on the wrong end of changing room chat.

“The lads at football still give me stick about it now, but that’s all part and parcel of the changing room banter – I laugh along with them because I can see why they’re laughing.

“But my schoolmates have all said about how incredible it is that I’m just on the game itself. I’ve got a younger brother and all his mates have bought me on the game and got excited about the fact I was on the game.”

The goalkeeper, who was part of an England training camp alongside some of the country’s best stoppers earliest this year, said that one of the first things he did when he got the new game was something we could all relate to.

Sargeant said: “The first thing I did on Ultimate Team was buy myself on the transfer market – I’m only 45 rated so I was really cheap, so it was easy to pick myself up.

“I’m just sitting in My Club at the moment, with not a game to my name, but when I build the confidence up I might put myself on.

“Last year when I was first on it, just on Career Mode, I was so excited to be on it that I made a Manager Mode career mode as Orient every single opportunity I had I trained myself up and I got up to an 87 rated – the graft was unreal but I was that excited to be on it.

“Last year I got added in but I didn’t have my face on there, this year was the first year I was on Ultimate Team so it was special for me because that’s the main game mode I play, so to see yourself on it is quite surreal.”


While Sargeant has enjoyed success in real life on the pitch with the O’s, playing three times this season for the East London club, he has a very simple message to the creators of FIFA 17, EA Sports.

“Please make my rating higher! I don’t want to sound big time, but if you see fit or you get the opportunity to give my stats a little bit of a boost, that would be very much appreciated.”

FIFA 17: Exciting features make for an impatient wait

The upcoming FIFA 17 is not just the most graphic-rich football game made for the console, PC and smartphone platforms, but it also offers some new features. The game was first showcased at the E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) gaming event in Los Angeles in June, and ever since, EA Sports has released trailers showcasing the new features which will lift the entire experience of playing a FIFA game to newer heights.

FIFA 17 Exciting features make for an impatient wait

The game will be released in September on Microsoft Xbox One, Xbox 360, Sony PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3. In case you cannot wait, the game is up for pre-order on for Rs.3,999.

New attacking technique

One of the highlights of FIFA 17 is the new approach to attacking and finishing. The game allows players greater control over the ball while attacking. The driven finish mechanics will help players keep the ball low in any situation. This will come in handy when players want to go for a low hard shot aimed at the bottom corner of the goal post. This will prevent balls from flying high if players apply too much power. This will also help players head the ball down during corners.

Set Piece rewrite

Developed with the assistance of Real Madrid midfielder James Rodriguez, this feature provides more options during gameplay. It allows users to be more creative and improve their chances of scoring goals. For instance, during a free kick or penalty, players can approach the shot in multiple ways and from various angles. Players can step back and control their run-up to the free kicks or penalties to deceive the goalkeeper. Taking shots from different angles and changing the length of the run-up will affect the spin and the movement of the ball. It will also add a marking option in the game to help players convert looping passes during free kicks into goals.

Active Intelligence System

This feature makes players a lot smarter, especially when it comes to understanding attacking opportunities. Developed with the help of Borussia Dortmund midfielder Marco Reus, players in FIFA 17 will automatically move to spaces where they are in a better position to convert passes into goals. This was a key issue in FIFA 16, where players were often not ready or in a position to take passes.

Physical Play overhaul

Developed with insights from Chelsea midfielder Eden Hazard, Physical Play allows players to handle physical tackles in a better manner. Instead of shoving or sliding, the players now have access to a physical play button which can be used anytime to use the players’ body to shield the ball, or receive it in a protected position, or push players from the opponent’s team backwards during a corner. This feature is powered by pushback tech developed by EA Sports.