TOTY Pogba FIFA 16 review, amazing long shots stats

Everyone is talking about the amazing TOTY Pogba card for FIFA 16. It is now live in packs with the other TOTY midfielders and now we are happy to bring you one of the first TOTY Pogba FIFA 16 reviews online.

This card is simply amazing and in the video which we have to show you, we can see that the player bought this card for over 2 million coins just to give you an idea.

TOTY Pogba stats are incredible, a sea of green stats including what could be his biggest secret weapon – 98 for long shots which is going to be extremely useful in those tough matches when you can’t break through a defense online.

Other stand out stats courtesy of FUTHead include 97 for strength, 98 for shot power, 91 for volleys, 96 for ball control and 95 for dribbling – not bad at all.

TOTY Pogba FIFA 16 review

You can see some TOTY Pogba gameplay below as we all know that’s what you came to see. Is he really worth a staggering 2 million coins – probably not unless you are rich.

Some players are spending crazy amounts of real money trying to get these cards, so check out the review below and let us know what you think of the TOTY hype this year.

Also some gamers believe this TOTY Pogba card was ‘undeserved’ – what do you say to that?

FIFA 16 TOTY release time schedule for UK

We wanted to give you a heads-up on when FIFA 16 TOTY starts this year, as for those that are still not aware, the FIFA 16 TOTY release time will be on Monday 11 January starting with the Goalkeeper and the Defenders.

The FIFA 16 TOTY schedule will start on Monday evening UK time, as EA will first need to wait until the FIFPro World XI is announced and of course wait to see who is crowned Ballon D’Or winner.

As a result, those asking when the Goalkeeper and Defender TOTY for FIFA 16 is out, this should be at 8PM UK time.


These special blue cards will be available for 48 hours as usual, then EA will insert the TOTY Midfielders for FIFA 16 into packs on Wednesday January 13 at 6PM time – going on the same schedule as last year.

Then we will get the FIFA 16 TOTY Forwards release time on Friday January 15 at 6PM UK time, most likely to be Neymar, Ronaldo and Messi.

The big one to wait for if you have coins to spend on TOTY packs is the full TOTY release time for FIFA 16 featuring the whole team.

This should be on Saturday January 16 or Sunday January 17 and that is when you want to go crazy on opening packs you have saved from Draft or buying packs with FIFA Points.