Is it possible to hide team names on FUT?

So I’ve been watching a fairly big steamer on twitch lately, cause I haven’t had much else to do. But I noticed that he was playing vs team name of just “-“. I thought, that’s weird. But then he played again, team name is “-“.

Again was a bit weird. So I watch again today, and yep always vs “-“. And he never shows the search for a game or the bit where you get coins after the game. So I check his YouTube, yep all teams are “-“. And the search is always hidden.


So I asked in the chat to the response, from someone else, “it’s a security setting”. So I’ve checked both the xbox security settings and the ones within FIFA. Nothing that would change the team name in FUT.

So is this guy just playing against a friend every single game or is there a way to show every team you play against as only a dash?