Pele Discharged From Brazilian Hospital

Em 30/12/58 Pelé e Coutinho jogaram juntos pela primeira vez. 56 anos depois, a maior dupla de todos os tempo tem um novo desafio!

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A 74-year-old being discharged from the hospital isn’t generally a newsworthy incident. However, when that individual is Edson Arantes do Nascimento (better known as Pele), it gets global coverage.

The former Santos and New York Cosmos star had been hospitalized after undergoing hemodialysis due to the effects of a severe urinary tract infection. Rumors quickly spread that the soccer legend was on death’s door, but the septuagenarian was released with a clean bill of health early this week.

While exiting the hospital, Pele spoke briefly with assembled reporters, and joked that he could now focus on preparing for the upcoming Olympic games. There is no truth, however, to the rumors that he also quipped that Maradona probably couldn’t have handled the infection as well, and would have cheated to regain his health.

To further demonstrate his renewed vitality, Pele then took part in Santos-promoted event that pitted him against fellow former club star Coutinho in a FIFA 15 battle. The fact that neither individual had any idea how to play the game only added further hilarity to the situation.