FIFA 15 Dribbling Tips, Tricks To Win Against Defensive Teams

In FIFA 15, EA has revamped the art of dribbling to some extent. While it’s not hard to dribble in FIFA 15, a few players may find themselves at a disadvantage due to these small changes made to the game.

FIFA 15 Dribbling Tips

In this dribbling guide, I’ll detail some tips which will help familiarize you with dribbling in FIFA 15.

Don’t Go On Sprinting

One of the major changes in FIFA 15 is the ability to turn while sprinting. In this game, you need to take things a bit slower than you used to do in FIFA 14.

Sure, players will dribble effectively at a higher pace, but it also increases the chances of opponent players to take possession from you. Hence, teach yourself to sprint only when it’s absolutely required or when in an open field.

Why You Should Count Your Touches?
It never hurts to count your touches a little ahead. Practice counting the touches that you need before passing the ball or changing your direction.

In FIFA 15, you’ll come across different dribbling controls so it’s wise to know all the possibilities at your disposal.

Change Tactics If Need Be
One of the most common mistakes made by different players is that they allow their opponents to read them over the course of the match. Never go with a set pattern and always aim at being the unpredictable one.

Don’t go for sprinting most of the time, change your speed quite a lot, and try out new tactics to confuse your opposition.

Stop the Ball, Go For Surprise!
This move is executed by simply pressing RT/R2 on consoles. It comes in very handy when you’re trying to change your direction, which will leave the defender baffled.

Another reason why you should use this move is because it will provide you with free corner kicks. When playing along the sidelines, stop the ball hoping that the opponent player will kick the ball out of bounds.

And lastly, while countering and waiting for your players to catch up, this move will come in really handy.

Knock On To Create Space
To execute this move, press RT/R2 and move the right analogue stick in any direction. This is one of the moves, which have seen major changes since FIFA 14.

There are a couple of situations in which you can use this move. For example, you can execute it near the goalkeeper which will allow you to build up more space and score. In addition to this, you can also go for a quick break if you have an open field in front of you.

Protect The Ball
This move is executed by pressing LT/L2 which can be turned into fakes by moving the right analogue stick in any direction. Once again, there are a couple of situations in which you can use this move effectively.

For example, this move will come in very handy in front of a strong defense – however, your player must be stronger than the defender to execute it successfully. When it comes to juking, use the fake moves to confuse the defender and head out in the open field.

Trap Canceling and Why It’s Useful
To execute this move, simultaneously press LT/L2 and RT/R2. This move comes in very handy in situations when your ‘through ball’ is rendered useless. In addition to this, you can also use it to the change the line of your attackers and gain possession.

On Face Dribbling To Force Fouls
This move is also executed by pressing LT/L2 and RT/R2 at the same time. Personally, I like to use this move to get free penalty kicks. You need to use it in the box so that the opponent defender commits a foul and grants you with a free kick.

FIFA 15 Tactics Guide With Tips, Tricks and Strategy

If you have a sound understanding of tactics in FIFA 15, you can win matches even with the weakest of teams.

How is that possible? Well, understanding the strengths and weaknesses of a particular team and adjusting your team to target the weaknesses can really give you an advantage when it comes to playing against online opponents.

FIFA 15 Tactics Tips

In this guide, we will walk you through some of the tactical decisions you can make while playing the game and how you should respond to different tactical changes by your opponents in FIFA 15.

Player Mentality and Why You Should Change It

There aren’t many new players who make use of altering the mentality of the players, but you can easily do so by pressing left/right buttons on the directional pad.

With almost every formation, you can alter both the attacking and defensive mentality of your players. Let’s assume the example of a 4-Defender formation which can further be improved on the defensive side by pressing left on the directional pad once.

The similar can be done with other formations, but it trickles down to individual strategy and the game’s situation. Speaking of the situations, suppose that you’re in a lead with a couple of minutes left.

During this situation, you can switch to 5-Defenders formation and render opposition’s perpetual attacks useless. You can also go the exact opposite formation and bring almost everyone to the attacking side.

Dribbling Your Way Through Opponents
There are a lot of tactics involved when it comes to dribbling. The ideal situation is that you have more than one option most of the times. The reason I’m saying why you should do this is because you should always confuse your opponent whenever you get the chance.

We have compiled a separate guide on Dribbling, and all tactics involved in dribbling effectively.

Passing and Possession Tactics
Passing and keeping possession in FIFA 15 is more important than ever. However, do note that your entire game shouldn’t focus on passing game.

You’ll often come across players who will keep on passing the ball even when they are near the box. Remember that passing and keeping possession doesn’t win the games, shooting at the appropriate time does.

We have compiled a separate guide on Passing and different tactics involved in passing effectively.

You’ll often find yourself in situations without any clue as to what you need to do. In these kinds of situations, your best bet is to kick the ball out.

While many people don’t approve of this strategy, it most certainly provides players with time to rethink of their strategy and how to implement it. As for cutting back, it surely is one of the few tactics using which you can be almost certain to score a goal.

Read Your Opponent First
This is by far the best tactic that you can come up with in FIFA 15. Just as the match begins, take out some time and analyze your opponent’s defense and attacking formation.

You’ll often come across opponents who will leave blank spaces in the middle of the field or those who will evenly distribute their defense. Read different formations of the opponents and then plan your strategy accordingly.

Although this particular tactic is useful throughout the match, they are especially useful while taking corner kicks or free kicks. Observe and see if they are any open passing lanes and go for the goal.

Using Confidence Boost To Your Advantage
Each time you gain some sort of advantage over your opponent, your players will get a confidence boost and will start playing more aggressively.

At this point, they will win the ball quite often, but you need to make sure that you don’t start making the wrong decisions to reverse the momentum of the game.

Try to gain early advantage by scoring early and your players will start performing better, which will get even better with each successive score.

Furthermore, note that after gaining an advantage, players tend to play recklessly and let the take the game. Try to take things more calmly and stick to your passing game, which will frustrate your opponent, but it doesn’t matter, does it?

Timing of Substitutes
While your team is on an advantage, there will hardly be any need to call in a substitute unless a player is completely drained of energy or is injured. These substitutes really come into play while you have lost the advantage to your opponent.

Even in the end game, calling in an appropriate substitute will allow you to turn the tides. Players with good finishers like Higuain from Real Madrid will sometime work in your favor and it’s better to test all your options before accepting the already fated defeated.

Retaliate By Scoring a Goal
One of the best times to score a goal is immediately after conceding a goal. Your opponent players will take some time to rearrange themselves into their positions, giving you enough time to plan your attack and go for a score.

A decent strategy to use here is to pass the ball to any of the wings and keep on holding down the LB/L1 button to call in a player from the kick off. This will certainly allow you to beat the defender and head in for a goal.

Be Unpredictable
This is one of the best advises anyone can give you! You need to be persistent with the game, and don’t lose hope after losing a couple of games.

FIFA is a game that requires skill, practice, strategy, and a lot of patience to achieve success. If you lose a game, move over to the next one and try to overcome the mistakes made earlier, and eventually you’ll get better.

When it comes to strategy, be as unpredictable as you could. The best players in the world are capable of reading their opponents and countering their strategies beforehand.

Be unpredictable with your strategies, take it slow, and don’t let go of the rare moments to score a win.

FIFA 15 adds 10 more Legends to Xbox One and announces special bundle

EA Sports FIFA 15 was shown during Gamescom with the announcement of new Legends players for the Ultimate Team mode and a new Xbox One game bundle.

During Xbox’s Gamescom conference today, FIFA 15 showcased additional players coming to the Ultimate Team mode this September. On hand to talk about his own ultimate team was former Manchester United Goalkeeper, Peter Schmeichel, who is also feature as a Legend in the game.

The ten new players featured in Ultimate Team mode are; Peter Schmeichel, Roberto Carlos, Roy Keane, Sir Bobby Moore, Alan Shearer, Jay Jay Okocha, Carlos Valderrama, Franco Baresi, Laurent Blanc, Emilio Butragueno, Andreas Brehme, Michael Laudrup, Brian Laudrup, and Hristo Stoickkov. The additional players take the total new Legends count to fifty players. Take a look at the trailer for the new ten below.

FIFA 15 is due for release on 23rd September in the US, 25th September in Europe, and 26th September in the UK for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Wii, 3DS, and PC.

A new Xbox One FIFA 15 bundle has also been announced which is priced at £349.99/€399.99, and you can pre-order it today.

FIFA 14 Advanced Tips

FIFA 14 finally arrived, and with it came a locker room’s worth of features, including a new Season mode and revamped Ultimate Team. If you’re a newcomer or even a golden boot master in need of some practice, our beginner’s tips will get you accustomed to the game’s basic elements. Once you get comfortable with that, you’re ready for these FIFA 14 advanced tips

He Shoots, He Scores

You can’t win unless you score, and you can’t score unless you shoot. There are many different ways to take a crack at the goal. Just pulling back and letting it rip is one way, but they pay goalies tons of money for a reason. You might have to utilize technical shooting to beat the keeper.

Two words: finesse shot. Say it out loud and remember it. This is an amazing shot to use to put points on the board. If you ever wanted to bend it like Beckham, this is how it’s done. To take a finesse shot, hold down RB/R1 while powering up the shot. You have to aim where you want the ball to go with this shot, just like normal, but this will give you a good curve that helps squeeze the ball into the net, just out of the keeper’s reach.

The only downside is that you’ll sacrifice power for superior placement. With this in mind, get a good feel for how hard you hit a finesse kick compared to a normal kick on the power meter.

Another strike you should add to your kicking repertoire is the lob shot. The lob shot is the proverbial sand wedge of soccer. This propels the ball into the air like a chip shot. To perform a lob shot, press and hold the LB/L1 button while powering up your kick. This is a great shot to use if the goalie is off his line attacking you, or if there is only one defender in the way. There is no better feeling than chipping the ball over a goalie’s head and have it float into the net.

Finally, we have the one time shot. A well-performed one timer forces the defense to realign, but also looks awesome and gives you plenty of ammunition to trash talk your opponent. To pull off a one timer, all you have to do is press the kick button the moment the ball reaches your feet, be it from a ground or aerial pass. If your player’s stats are high enough, hold down LT/L2 while kicking and you might pull off a scissor kick for this shot.

Advanced Passing

If you read the beginner’s guide, you know EA Sports made passing the ball in FIFA 14 more challenging. Luckily for us, FIFA comes equipped with a variety of passes to help you get out of any situation.

The through pass is a pass every player needs to have up his or her sleeve. This is a great way to get out on a breakaway and beat the back line. A through pass aims to a spot ahead of the player you are passing to so he can get to it in mid stride. Not passing directly to a player is risky, so practice this one. It is a high risk, high reward pass. To perform a through pass, press Y/Triangle, and again, the power meter comes into play.

While discussing the through pass, there is a highflying variation called the lifted/lobbed through pass. This is the same type of pass, but in the air and over the heads of defenders. To perform this pass, hold down LB/L1 and then hit Y/Triangle. This type of pass is very effective if you catch a quick forward on a break that beat the offside call.

The last pass we will mention is the give and go. To perform a give and go, hold LB/L1 while pressing A/Cross. The give and go is the best way to try and get a defender off of your back and you into the open. A give and go is where you pass the ball to a teammate, and before the ball even gets to him, you start sprinting down field, so as soon as it hits your teammate’s feet he is passing it right back to you. This quick tap/tap pass is very effective, and a must for upper echelon players.

Technical D

Defense is a little more cut and dry than offense. It is just as important if not more important, but there is a lot less to remember. Nevertheless, there are a few things you could do to help yourself put the squeeze on your opponent that goes beyond running towards him at full speed.

First, slow down and square up the attacker. If all you do is run, any good player will sidestep out of the way. Sometimes slow and steady wins the race, or the ball, for that matter. Square up your opponent by holding LT/L2. This will give you a wide stance and keep your chest pointed at the ball, similar to blocking someone out in basketball. Instead of turning to run, you will implement a side step. This makes it a lot harder for anyone to run or pass you.

Next, call in a second defender for assistance. Musician Bill Withers once said “Lean on me when you’re not strong, and I’ll be your friend, I’ll help you carry on.” Sometimes on D, you could use a little help. Calling in a second defender is the best thing for that situation. While on defense, hold down RB/R1 to have the closest defender leave his mark and help out on your man.

There are two basic ways you can play this out. One is to double-team the guy with the ball. Smother him. If he can’t move or pass he will make a mistake, and one of your guys will come up with the ball.

The more advanced tactic involves having the defender you call attack the man with the ball, and you have your guy stand between him and his closest teammate’s passing lane. Now he has pressure on him and his passing lane is cut off. Hopefully he will be forced to blindly kick the ball away, or he will pass it right to you.

Breaking Ankles and Dreams

Skill moves. This is what it is all about. There is nothing better than doing a few step overs right before rainbow kicking the ball over your own head and then kicking a volley out of the air into the upper 90 of the goal. Skill moves help put your own style onto the pitch and play how you want.

The right thumb stick is the Skill Stick, unlike previous versions of the game where you held down LT/L2 and worked the right thumb stick. This year, EA Sports took a page from its FIFA Street franchise and did away with having to hold down LT/L2. To do moves in FIFA 14, all you have to do is move the right thumb stick. Naturally, the moves you perform depend on your ball handling and dribbling skills. The more you beat defenders and pull off moves, the higher you level up, opening doors to new moves and skills. This is one of the hardest things to master in the game, but if you get it down right, you can play like the soccer version of the Harlem globetrotters.

Master these moves and you will be a force to be reckoned with. Of course, there is more to FIFA 14. We can’t do all the work for you. Put in the time and use what you have learned to hone your skills and master the universe, or at least beat your friends.

FIFA 14 is currently available on PC, Xbox 360, PS3, 3DS, PlayStation Vita, iOS and Android devices. It debuts later this year for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Eden Hazard picks THREE Arsenal legends in Chelsea star’s FIFA 15 Ultimate dream XI

Chelsea playmaker Eden Hazard has included former Arsenal stars Patrick Vieira, Robert Pires and Dennis Bergkamp in his FIFA 15 ‘legends’ XI.

Hazard was not afraid of choosing three ex-players from one of his side’s London rivals when he was asked to construct a team made up of former stars.
The 23-year-old, who scored in Chelsea’s 3-1 Capital One Cup win against Derby on Tuesday night, named just one former Blue in his team.

Chelsea star Eden Hazard scored his ninth goal of the season against Derby on Tuesday night

Chelsea star Eden Hazard scored his ninth goal of the season against Derby on Tuesday night

Manchester United legend Peter Schmeichel has been included in Hazard’s FIFA XI with ‘the best left back ever’ Roberto Carlos, ex-Chelsea captain Marcel Desailly, Laurent Blanc and Fabio Cannavaro making up the defence.
Luis Figo, Pavel Nedved, Vieira and Pires were chosen to play in midfield with Bergkamp in the hole.
Hazard has chosen Bergkamp’s fellow countryman Patrick Kluivert to lead the line as he enjoyed playing alongside the Dutchman during his time at former side Lille.

The 23-year-old Belgium ace believes former Real Madrid star Roberto Carlos 'is the best left back ever'
The 23-year-old Belgium ace believes former Real Madrid star Roberto Carlos ‘is the best left back ever’

Former Real Madrid star Carlos and former team-mate Luis Figo were both included in Hazard's XI

Former Real Madrid star Carlos and former team-mate Luis Figo were both included in Hazard’s XI

Hazard reveals he used to enjoy watching former Arsenal captain Patrick Vieira while growing up in France

Hazard reveals he used to enjoy watching former Arsenal captain Patrick Vieira while growing up in France

Chelsea’s attacking midfielder is a big fan of Dennis Bergkamp and former team-mate Patrick Kluivert

PES 2015 review (PS4): A contender to FIFA’s crown?

Last year may have seen the PES series debut a new game engine, but it’s this year’s release that feels like a fresh start for the long-running football franchise.

Taking its first plunge on new-gen consoles, PES 2015 launches with a ‘FIFA Ultimate Team’-rivalling online mode, bringing the flagging football sim into the modern age.

However, it’s the advancements on the pitch that have the biggest impact, as Konami delivers one of the finest footballing experiences since the glory days of PES on the PS2.

Every annual football game claims to have improved shooting, passing and dribbling, but PES 2015 actually delivers on its promises.

PES 2015 is the new-gen debut for Konami's football franchise
The improved one-touch passing system, for example, gives quick-thinking players the chance to put together beautiful free-flowing moves by anticipating passes before the ball has reached the feet of its intended target.

Slicing, placing and flicking balls past onlooking defenders is incredibly satisfying and within everybody’s reach thanks to improved reaction times and smoother animations.
So stylish is the football, in fact, that it’s hard not to “do an Arsenal” and try and walk it in the net.

Unless you play as the likes of Messi or Ronaldo, dribbling is less reliant on tricks and street skills, instead focusing on momentum, balance, body shape and individual player behaviours.

PES 2015 is the new-gen debut for Konami's football franchise
Just like the real thing, most players are unlikely to beat two defenders with a dead ball at their feet, but get a head of steam and you can sometimes just about wiggle through and carve out an opening. It looks and feels much more natural.

Off the ball, improved teammate intelligence means that supporting players are much more likely to make dangerous, darting runs off the shoulder of a defender, and without constantly falling foul of the offside trap.

Reflecting contemporary goalkeeping trends, shot stoppers make a wider range of saves, often beating powerful attempts back into play instead of simply catching everything that comes their way.

It leads to goalmouth action that feels dynamic and spontaneous, not to mention exciting.

PES 2015 is the new-gen debut for Konami's football franchise
It’s early days, but we’ve also witnessed far fewer mistakes from our goalkeepers, something that has always been a source of great frustration in past games.

The near-perfect on-field action is let down by occasional frame rate issues, although these dips generally only occur for a few moments after kick-off or when returning from a menu screen.

Also, without wishing to sound like a disgruntled manager in a post-match interview, PES 2015’s referees are stricter than a Victorian school master.

I’ve picked up more bans than Luis Suarez, and experienced more penalty heartache than an England World Cup team. Hopefully, this is the sort of thing that can be balanced out in a post-release patch.
A diamond on the pitch where it counts most, PES 2015 continues to be a little rough off it, lacking in presentational polish, especially compared to the TV-style production values found in sports games like NBA 2K15 and FIFA 15.

This lack of presentational love is perhaps best summed up by the recycled commentary of Jim Beglin and Jon Champion, which long-term fans will be able to recite off memory – not that there’s much to learn.

Likewise, while the main menu screens feel fresh and modern, delve a little deeper into the Master League and tactics pages, and PES 2015 starts to look dated.

In fact, Master League is really starting to show its age. There’s no transfer deadline day and minimal interactions with players and club.

PES 2015 marks the series' debut on Xbox One and PS4
It’s still a fantastic single-player mode with bags of depth, just one that’s lacking the bells and whistles found in rival managerial modes.

Understandably, Konami appears to have focused its efforts on the brand new myClub online mode, which is a dead ringer for FIFA’s ‘Ultimate Team’.

It works in largely the same way, with players spending points and coins on random new players, the quality of which is dictated by the agents you use.
The game could do a better job of explaining the intricacies of the new mode, especially with most players likely to be more familiar with FIFA’s excellent online offering.

These relatively minor issues aside, taking a gamble on new players and trying to integrate them into your team is a thrilling experience.

It’s exactly the kind of game mode that the PES series has been crying out for, and makes up for any deficiencies encountered in Master League.

PES 2015 marks the series' debut on Xbox One and PS4
PES 2015 is, however, hurt by a lack of officially licensed English teams, although an edit mode gives users the chance to make changes.

The addition of unofficial Championship teams is another nice touch if you support a lower league team like myself, although you’ll notice that the quality of the otherwise excellent player models take a big hit as you descend the leagues.

PES 2015 lacks FIFA 15’s match day flair, instead letting its football do the talking.

With exemplary action on the field and a much meatier online mode to get stuck into, football fans are in for a real treat.

UK Sales Chart: FIFA 15 Scores Top Spot, Destiny Rises 29%

With all the big new releases for 2014 out of the way, the UK sales chart last week stayed the exact same when compared to the previous sales period, meaning that FIFA 15 once again finished in first place.

For a few highlights from last week, Just Dance 2015 jumped up to #6, with 66% of sales occurring on the Wii; Destiny rose 29%, likely thanks to The Dark Below; and Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris debuted outside of the top 40 All Formats Chart, but did manage 17th on the PlayStation 4 chart and 14th on the PC chart.

Here’s the top 20 selling retail games in the UK for the week ending December 13, 2014, according to GfK Chart-track:

Eris The Dark Below Destiny

FIFA 15 (down 21%)
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare (Down 27%)
Grand Theft Auto V (down 22%)
Far Cry 4 (down 13%)
LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham (down 29%)
Just Dance 2015 (up 11%)
Minecraft: Xbox Edition
Minecraft: PlayStation Edition
Destiny (up 29%)
Assassin’s Creed Unity
The Crew
WWE 2K15
Halo: The Master Chief Collection
Super Smash Bros
The Evil Within
Dragon Age: Inquisition
Forza Horizon 2
Skylanders Trap Team
Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team server problems continue to annoy

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team should be a great app, and there are plenty of Android and iOS users who feel it’s just that. However, over the months since the app released we’ve been documenting issues reported by users, many of them complaining about EA servers. Every time an update comes along we hope that these troubles will have been smoothed out, but FIFA 15 UT server problems continue to annoy and we continue to receive comments about this from readers.

Earlier this month we informed readers of the latest iOS app version update bringing Club Owner content. Again we hoped that this would also bring further fixes that are desperately needed, but several days on this doesn’t appear to be the case. On December 9th FIFA 15 UT for Android was also updated, but once again since the update people are still reporting problems.

While there are many minor issues being reported, by far the most common complaint regards connection difficulties. For virtually as long as we can remember FIFA 15 Ultimate Team users have been criticizing EA for its server issues, and to be frank we cannot understand how EA still hasn’t got to grips with this. In the last few days since the latest round of updates for the mobile apps, more emails and comments from our readers are still coming in.

For instance one reader said yesterday, “I cannot play my FIFA whenever I “TAP TO CONTINUE” PLEASE HELP ME. I’ve spent a lot on FIFA coins.” Another person commented, “As soon as the “tap to continue” is over, it just crashes. It’s been a week, and it has happened since the update. Please fix asap.” Just today another reader wrote, “What do I do? Just waiting n waiting n waiting again ,,, kinda bullshit !! When I open the game, the screen just loads, but don’t start…..coz it don’t get proper connection at that time,,,, I am freaking out! Wt do I do? Plz help me out.”

FIFA 15 server problems b

Further comments say, “After I go onto the app it stays on the screen connecting to server, please sort this because I have a very good team and I don’t want to lose it please sort this soon,” and also, “The game was loading fine yesterday. In the morning I woke up and it want connecting. It was just stuck on the loading screen with Messi. Anyone know how to fix it?”

Meanwhile on the App Store description of the iOS app one obviously infuriated commenter wrote, “I struggle to understand why EA sports would release fifa15 when their are so many glitches. After spending weeks building up your team and buying FIFA points, I lost all these items after being locked out of the game because of known issues with connecting to Facebook. After spending another couple of weeks rebuilding my team I was told the Facebook issue was fixed but after connecting I lost all my fifa players and items. It’s sad that EA is allowed to take advantage of their customers like this. Apple should really look into removing this game from the App Store because it is bordering on criminal to have customers play fifa15.”

It’s a similar picture when looking at Google Play user reviews of the app since the latest update. One person wrote, “Poor server makes us wait for a long time. I have a fast and stable WIFI connection yet I need to wait 3-4 minutes to connect the server. The server is a complete disappointment for players who just want to play a match. Fix the server or make it offline better. The server is not stable and have a lot problems with it.” Another Android app user commented, “Don’t download, waste of 1.2GB. I downloaded this game to pass the time while I wait. Turns out it makes me wait longer than I need to. Can’t play offline and the online servers are always down so you end up not playing. EA this game should have been offline only, your servers are not good enough to handle all your clients!”

We could go on an on but we’re pretty sure you get the drift by now. Many users are now only giving the game a 1 or 2 star rating, whereas if EA could fix these issues there would be even more 4 or 5 star ratings. For the size of an outfit like EA it seems inexcusable that the servers don’t seem able to cope, and we wonder how readers feel about this.

Have you also been encountering difficulties playing FIFA 15 Ultimate Team since the latest app updates for Android or iOS, or before? Do you agree that EA needs to pull its finger out and concentrate one and for all on resolving these problems? Drop us your comments in the box below.

Pele Discharged From Brazilian Hospital

Em 30/12/58 Pelé e Coutinho jogaram juntos pela primeira vez. 56 anos depois, a maior dupla de todos os tempo tem um novo desafio!

Sobre a Santos TV: A Santos TV é o canal oficial do Santos Futebol Clube no YouTube. Esteja com os seus ídolos em todos os momentos. Aqui você pode assistir aos bastidores das partidas, aos gols, transmissões ao vivo, dribles, aprender sobre o funcionamento do clube, assistir a vídeos exclusivos, relembrar momentos históricos da história com Pelé, Pepe, e grandes nomes que só o Santos poderia ter.

About Santos TV: Santos TV is the official Santos FC YouTube channel. Here you can be with your idols all the time. Watch behind the scenes, goals, live broadcasts, hability skills, learn how the club works, exclusive videos, remember historical moments with Pelé, Pepe and all of the awesome players that just Santos FC could have.
A 74-year-old being discharged from the hospital isn’t generally a newsworthy incident. However, when that individual is Edson Arantes do Nascimento (better known as Pele), it gets global coverage.

The former Santos and New York Cosmos star had been hospitalized after undergoing hemodialysis due to the effects of a severe urinary tract infection. Rumors quickly spread that the soccer legend was on death’s door, but the septuagenarian was released with a clean bill of health early this week.

While exiting the hospital, Pele spoke briefly with assembled reporters, and joked that he could now focus on preparing for the upcoming Olympic games. There is no truth, however, to the rumors that he also quipped that Maradona probably couldn’t have handled the infection as well, and would have cheated to regain his health.

To further demonstrate his renewed vitality, Pele then took part in Santos-promoted event that pitted him against fellow former club star Coutinho in a FIFA 15 battle. The fact that neither individual had any idea how to play the game only added further hilarity to the situation.

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team TOTW 13

EA Sports have released the 13th edition of their Ultimate Team team of the week and the main headline is that Real Madrid superstar Cristiano Ronaldo is joined up front by none other than PSG talisman Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

The big Swede returned from injury over the weekend and he helped his team to a 2-1 victory over Nantes, extending their unbeaten start to the Ligue 1 season.

Ronaldo was in imperious form as he scored a hat-trick to take his tally for the season in La Liga to 23 goals, an astonishing feat.

The third member of this fearsome front line is West Ham United forward Andy Carroll who terrorised the Swansea City defence on Sunday, scoring two goals and assisting one more during the Hammers’ 3-1 win.

In goal is Hull City keeper Allan McGregor who performed heroics during his side’s 0-0 draw with West Brom over the weekend which included saving a penalty.

The defence is led by Mats Hummels who led his Borussia Dortmund side to a much needed win against Hoffenheim on Friday which lifted the club off the bottom of the Bundesliga.

He is joined in the three man defence by Atletico Madrid defender Jose Gimenez with the 19 year old in sensational form over the past couple of weeks with the La Liga champions not conceding a single goal since November 22. He was crucial in their 2-0 win away at Elche on the weekend.

The final member of the defence is Thomas Heurtaux who helped Udinese keep out Inter Milan at the San Siro as they secured 2-1 victory.

FIFA never seem to really pay much attention to things like coherence when they pick formations and this week the entire midfield is made up of wingers. The men actually out wide are Ivan Persic, whose Wolfsburg side kept up their impressive assault on league leaders Bayern Munich with a 3-1 victory over Hannover, and Andre Carrillo whose Sporting Lisbon team won their second league game in a row by beating Boavista 3-1.

In the middle of the park are Tranquillo Barnetta who registered a hat-trick of assists as Schalke crushed Stuttgart 4-0 and Balazs Dzsudzsak who registered a goal and an assist as he helped Dynamo Moscow move up to third in the Russian Premier League.

The front three all had excellent weekends and frankly we can’t wait to try them out together as we are sure that it is not a front three that anyone has ever combined together. Obviously Carroll has to be the focal point of the team but Ibrahimovic isn’t exactly blessed with pace so you may want to use him and Ronaldo as attacking midfielders.

On the bench we see a number of lesser players who had excellent weekends but Newcastle United fans will be delighted to see Papiss Cisse make the cut after his two goals helped the Magpies end Chelsea’s unbeaten run on Saturday.