fifa15guide : FIFA 16 News: New Gameplay Features Rivals PES 2016 Improvements [VIDEO]

The competition for online gaming stiffens between Konami and EA Sports as September fast approaches. PES 2016 and FIFA 16 promise to be the tightest race between the two franchises as both have turned their attention from aesthetics to gameplay.

The maker of Pro Evolution Soccer (PES), Konami, is confident that it provides better gaming than EA Sports, the maker of FIFA. The rivalry between the franchises started in 2007 and ever since then both EA and Konami have been pushing each other to become better.

After winning the coveted “Best Sports Game of the Year” award last year, beating out FIFA 15, Konami is confident that results will be repeated this year. Konami believes that EA’s focus is solely on getting licenses while Konami aims to provide a more realistic and natural game play. A spokesperson of Konami confirms that the center of attention of PES is the gameplay and graphics, nothing else.

EA has overhauled their gameplay mechanics and will provide 8 new upgraded features for FIFA 16. Notedly, the video below discusses the new No Touch Dribbling that features Lionel Messi. The new gameplay features puts a whole new meaning to gameplay in FIFA and it also brings a lot of tactical changes PES gamers complain about regarding FIFA. Without a question, these improvements are building anticipation for FIFA 16.

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fifa15guide : FIFA 16 For PC Minimum Specs Revealed

FIFA 16 Messi

FIFA 16 release date is fast approaching and EA Sports has been releasing more details about the next installment in the franchise.

So far the video game maker has confirmed the official cover for FIFA 16, as well as, some new features and improvements including better graphics and game play.

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FIFA 16 will be released on Playstation, Xbox and PC. But there will be a minimum hardware and software specs for PC gamers. EA is recommending those users on Microsoft windows PC to be running Intel 5-2550K 3.4Ghz processor with processor 8GB of RAM and at least 15GB of hard drive space. EA also recommended for graphics card at least DirectX 11 with ATI Radeon HD 6870 or NVIDIA GTX 460.

On the software side the company recommend at least Windows 8 with 64-bit.

However, the minimum specification should be 64-bit windows 7 running on Intel Core i3-2100 3.1GHz processor with 4GB RAM. Minimum graphics card should be DirectX 11 or NVIDIA GTX 650 or Radeon HD 5770.

FIFA 16 will not be available for handheld consoles or Nintendo platforms.

fifa15guide : FIFA 16 Player Ratings: Lionel Messi 94, Cristiano Ronaldo 93

Lionel Messi FIFA 16

EA Sports gave FIFA 16 fans a sneak peak at the player ratings for two of the top club teams in Europe, Barcelona and Real Madrid.

From the look of things, Messi will be the top rated player in the game beating out his arch rival Cristiano Ronaldo who has a 93 ratings making him the second highest rated player for FIFA 16.

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There are also plenty upgrades and downgrades coming in the next installment of the FIFA game franchise. The big question is, who fans think don’t deserve an upgrade and who does?

Take a look at the two squadsfrom the Spanish League below and see who got an upgrade from last year.

Barcelona: Bravo (84), Alves (83), Pique (87), Mascherano (83), Alba (82), Rakitic (83), Busquets (86), Iniesta (90), Messi (94), Suarez (89), Neymar (88), Xavi (87), Ter Stegen (82).

Real Madrid: Casillas (84), Carjaval (80), Ramos (87), Pepe (83), Marcelo (82), Kroos (87), Modric (88), Bale (87), James (87), Ronaldo (93), Benzema (86), Isco (84), Lucas Silva (75), Arbeloa (79), Illarra (78), Jese (75), Varane (82), Coentrao (79), Keylor (78).

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Lionel Messi has also made the cover once again for FIFA 16. EA revealed the cover for the deluxe edition via Twitter on Friday.

In addition to touting major upgrades in graphics and gameplay, EA has also revealed a number of new features that will enhance the game including the addition of women teams, No Touch Dribbling, as well as, finishing and defending improvements.

FIFA 16 is now available for pre-order. The game will be released worldwide in September.

fifa15guide : Check Out New FIFA 16 Screenshots

EA has released more teaser for their FIFA 16 fans by releasing some screenshots of some big name superstars earlier today. Usually, around this time of the year, fans become tense as they anticipate  any new leads about new upgrades/ features, trailers and images.

EA’s competitors, Konami, has been insinuating that Pro Evolution Soccer has better game play and graphics compared to FIFA. However, the new FIFA 16’s screenshots revealed impressive graphics, accurate face designs and a overall display of the match quality.

Take a look at  pics below:

Manchester City star striker Sergio Aguero


Chelsea’s keeper Courtois


Atletico Madrid’s Koke


Stamford Bridge stadium


Tottenham Hotspurs hit man Harry Kane


The great Lionel Messi


At this point the fans are dying to get their hands on the demo, which is believed to be released around September 8,2015.



The rivalry between Konami and EA will result in a better gaming for fans as both franchise are fight for the number one spot.

fifa15guide : FUT 15 FUTTIES Marks the End of FIFA 15, Yet No Hype for FIFA 16

According to social media, the anticipation for EA Sports’ FIFA 16 has been nothing but lackluster. Amidst the FIFA corruption scandal, FUT Price Range Update and inclusion of women international teams, there are numerous issues that could potentially hinder the sales of FIFA 16. In addition,  EA’s recent E3 FIFA 16 release was much to be desired. The PR department for EA Sports are working over time to include FUT giveaways like never before to appease frustrated fans.

The developer recently announced that starting on July 1 all fans of the football simulation title will be able to vote in the new FUTTIES awards. They are designed to celebrate the best players included in the Ultimate Team mode for the title. To illustrate an example, EA Sports have given every FUT player a free Daniel Sturridge on a 5 game loan, due to the Liverpool man scoring the most goals in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team.

There’s no doubt that EA are troubled and are looking to announce more new features over the course of the summer. These giveaways are also a tell-tale sign that FIFA 15 is more or less over with. Anticipation is growing for FIFA 16, but EA has yet to release a convincing and exciting feature.


Below, you’ll find the full detail of the new FUTTIES special in-form cards: 

Starting July 1, you’ll be able to vote for your favorite FIFA Ultimate Team players in 10 award categories celebrating their in-game heroics for your FUT Club. After the votes have been tallied, each award category player with the most votes will receive a special pink FUTTIES in-form with improved stats. Get ready to show your support for the players you love in FIFA Ultimate Team!

While you wait for the voting to begin, we’ll be giving away something special. According to our data, Liverpool’s Daniel Sturridge is the top scorer in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team with over 80 million goals scored in total. To celebrate FUT’s top goal scorer, we are giving away a pink FUTTIES Daniel Sturridge on a five match loan to everyone! You simply need an active FUT account on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC, PlayStation 4, or PlayStation 3.

Pink FUTTIES Daniel Sturridge will be available in FIFA Ultimate Team once the award category players with the most votes have been announced.

The voting will take place on our official forum. Sign up now if you haven’t! Stay tuned for info on the FUTTIES categories and the voting process. Good luck, and we hope you’re looking forward to the FUTTIES!

-The FIFA Team

FIFA 16 Release Information

FIFA 16 will use a new slogan, Play Beautiful, which emphasizes the way the core mechanics have been re-designed to allow gamers to create the best moment from real-world matches.

On the defensive, a new range of options is offered for tackles, and there are new ways to use the entire team to protect the goalkeeper. Not to mention, the goalkeeper AI has been improved

Midfielders have more options when it comes to passes and for attackers EA Sports is adding the no ball dribble ability and more options when they place shots on goal.

No details about the Ultimate Team mode and its evolution have been offered so far.

FIFA 16 will be offered on the PC, the PlayStation 4, the Xbox One and older consoles, albeit with fewer features, on September 22nd.

Release Date Location
September 22, 2015 – Tuesday North America
September 24, 2015 – Thursday Europe (EU Countries)
September 24, 2015 – Thursday Australia / Singapore / Hong Kong
September 25, 2015 – Friday UK

fifa15guide : FIFA 16 Female Virtual Pro

Fans are patiently waiting on the release of FIFA 16 and as the new release of the game fixtures come out the anticipation grows.

fifa16 women

Recently, EA announced that FIFA 16 will be featuring the Women’s national team in addition to 8 new upgrade features. Several Virtual Pro fans have reached out to us asking about female Pro players seeing that there is a new Women’s national team feature.

More females are interested in the game because of this new feature and are eager to know if they can create a female Virtual Pro. With the Women’s 2015 World Cup ending right before the games release, women’s interest in football/soccer will be at an all time high.

If EA adds the female Virtual Pro as a part of their new upgrades for FIFA 16, there will definitely be more women engaging in FIFA 16 online gaming.

Let us know your take on Female Virtual Pros.

fifa15guide : Sami Khedira Explains Why He Is Leaving Real Madrid For Juventus

Sami Khedira

German midfielder Sami Khedira is leaving Real Madrid for Juventus. Incidentally, it was the Italian champions who kicked Real out of this season’s Champions league semi-final.

Throughout the season, there were widespread speculations on Khedira’s future with the club. The center-mid has also been plagued with injury this season.

But after spending a lot of the last two seasons on the bench at the Bernabeu, Khedira says it is time to move on and money was not the deciding factor.

“Real Madrid offered me a huge contract and one in which I could have eventually won more,” he said in a recent interview. “My decision to leave Real Madrid was not about money. At one point I told my advisor, Jörg Neubauer, who incidentally is the biggest fan of Real Madrid, that I wanted a change. I was tired, because in the end it was all extremely stressful. However, I have to say they were five fantastic years.”

Khedira will be joining Juventus on a free transfer for the upcoming 2015-2016 football season.

fifa15guide : FIFA 16 Top 8 Upgrade Features

FIFA 16 New Features

EA Sports has managed to improve their top selling game FIFA for every installment over the last few years.

On Monday, EA released the first gameplay trailer for FIFA 16 and front what we’ve seen, gamers can expect improve graphics. The release of Xbox One and PS4 last year also gave EA a better platform to improve the game’s graphics and gameplay.

For FIFA 15, the company placed a lot of attention on attacking while the defense and the midfield gameplay experience was left behind. That resulted in an imbalance gameplay that is simply not realistic.

So far there are 8 major improvements and upgrade for FIFA 16 and most of them are in the midfield and defending.

1. No Touch Dribbling.

Full FIFA spoke about “No Touch Dribbling” briefly in this post. But in case your wondering think Lionel Messi jogging behind the ball without touching it and then making a sharp turn to the left or right and accelerating.

For this new dribble system, EA Sports captured the FC Barcelona striker’s movement using their high tech motion capture cameras.

2. Clinical Finishing.

EA has also announced that they have drastically improved their shooting mechanics to allow player to take better shots and score more quality goals. Let’s hope EA fix the issue of those unrealistic goals we’ve been seeing floating around on YouTube.

FIFA 16 cross

3. Dynamic Crossing.

According to EA Sports announcement on Monday, Dynamic Crossing allows the crosser and the attacker to change their movement and positioning. EA aim is to make the player movements more realistic.

4. Passing With Purpose.

Perhaps the developers at EA are liking Barcelona’s style of football so much that they have developed a new passing system to mimic it. In a statement, EA says their new passing mechanics will allow players to make sharp incisive passes to pick out their teammates with precision. Those players who like to have a high percentage of the ball will like this.

5. Interception Intelligence.

If you play FIFA a lot you will know that it can be frustrating to be switching the cursor from players to players and even more frustrating when a player that your not controlling make a mistake that results in a goal.

EA is attempting to fix that with Interception Intelligence where players that ur not controlling will better anticipate passes and shut down your opponents options. EA main aim here is to make the game more authentic.

6. Defend As A Unit.

In FIFA 15, EA core focus was on attacking but for FIFA 16 that could all change as the game maker aims to plug some major flaw in their defensive mechanics. One of the new feature the company is touting is “Defend As A Unit” where the defensive players will have more intelligence in marking players and avoid opening up space for the attacking team.

FIFA-16 tackle

7. Defense Agility.

Another defensive feature is “Defense Agility” where EA added 25 new features to help your defensive players close down attacking opponents especially in one on one situations. The new mechanics give defenders more freedom to move around and stay with attacking opponents.

8. New Tackling Fundamentals.

In FIFA 16 gone are the days when a striker will leave your defender laying on the field after a missed slide tackle. With the “New Tackling Fundamentals” allow players to stop slide tackle midway if they realize it will be a failed attempt. Defenders can better recover from missed slide tackles faster and chase down the attacker.

Defenders also now have the ability to fake tackle and frustrate attackers to make a decision allowing them to make more accurate tackle and win the ball. There is also a new feature for In-Air tackle that will help players defend against crosses.

fifa15guide : Pele Endorses FIFA 16 In First Gameplay Trailer [WATCH]

Pele FIFA 16

On Monday, EA Sports release their first gameplay trailer for FIFA 16. The hype is already building up around the most popular sports game on the planet.

The nearly two minutes clip starts out with one of the most recognizable voices in football, Pele.

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“Beautiful football. The game played by the entire planet. The game that brings us together. The game made up by many faces. But the beauty is in the moment. Powerful, suspenseful, stunning, spine tingling,” Pele said.

The official release date for FIFA 16 is set for September 25th and preorder is now available.

There are also a lot of major upgrades and improvements coming for the nest installment in the hugely popular FIFA franchise.