fifa15guide – Doomfist punches into Overwatch proper next week

fifa15guide - Doomfist punches into Overwatch proper next week

After several weeks beating the bag on the Overwatch test servers, new character Doomfist is almost ready to start pounding faces properly. The villain will arrive next Thursday, July 27th, Blizzard announced this week. If you prefer not to tamper with test servers and unfinished bits, you might want to meet Doomfist in this here video:

He’s got robofists, yeah? Mechanical uppercuts, rocket-powered fists, knuckleguns, and beefy slams. Learn a little more about his abilities on the Overwatch site. Sadly, the gun barrels eat the space where he might have some swanky knuckle tats. If he weren’t so committed to naughty violence, he could show his team spirit with PUSH PYLD, stick it to The Man with HECK OWCH, or dare to dream with KISS TRCR.

For those into the lore, Blizzard have released a new comic starring Doomfist. Blizzard want you to notice that he is a calculating criminal mastermind with a plan he won’t tell even his allies. I myself noticed that Overwatch’s baddies have a great dressing-up box. Talon must have a lot of fun putting on little plays and performances at their evil clubhouse. I’m sure I’ve seen a cabaret performer resembling Widowmaker singing bawdy songs with her accordion at the Edinburgh Festival.

If you’ve been biffing about the test servers, what have you made of Doomfist? Blizzard have fiddled with him a bit since he first hit, as detailed this-a-way.

fifa15guide | Seven Overwatch League teams confirmed across US and Asian cities

fifa15guide | Seven Overwatch League teams confirmed across US and Asian cities

Blizzard has announced the first seven teams to take part in the Overwatch League [official site], the game’s official eSports league that’s due to launch later this year.

The teams will represent cities, almost like football teams, and will be owned by a mix of eSports guys and traditional sports business giants, including the head honcho at current NFL champions the New England Patriots. Yep, Overwatch is big business.

Here’s the full list:

  • Boston, USA, owned by Robert Kraft, chairman and chief executive of the Kraft Group and the New England Patriots
  • New York City, USA, owned by Jeff Wilpon, co-founder and partner of Sterling.VC and chief operating officer of the New York Mets
  • Los Angeles, USA, owned Noah Whinston, chief executive of eSports organisation Immortals
  • Miami and Orlando, USA, owned by Ben Spoont, chief executive and co-founder of eSports organisation Misfits Gaming
  • San Francisco, USA, owned by Andy Miller, chairman and founder of NRG Esports
  • Shanghai, China, owned by NetEase
  • Seoul, South Korea, owned by Kevin Chou, co-founder of Kabam

It’s disappointing not to see any European teams in there yet, especially considering that Misfits Gaming (the Miami/Orlando team) are a Swedish outfit with a HQ in London. But this is just the first wave of teams, so expect more soon. There’s actually nine teams planned for Europe, including one in the UK.

I’m really excited for the Overwatch League. Partly because I just adore Overwatch, but partly because it brings something new to the eSports table. If your city has a team, it gives you a connection to that team: a reason to support them that is tangible, rather than you just happen to like the players on a particular squad (who tend to chop and change often). I could root for a London Overwatch team, I reckon, and go to see some of their matches.

Overwatch has struggled as an eSport so far, which is a shame given how watchable it is, so this should be the kick start it needs. What do you reckon?

fifa15guide | Doomfist now deep into Overwatch

fifa15guide | Doomfist now deep into Overwatch

Doomfist is now fully, properly, really inside Overwatch [official site]. For ages the character has teased Blizzard’s FPS, with hints and traces and teasers buzzing past, as if he were waving his robofist in our face while repeating “Is this bugging you? I’m not touching you. Is this bugging you?” Earlier this month, he upgraded to “I’m just holding my fist here and if you walk into it that’s your fault” status by arriving on the test servers. And yesterday, Doomfist finally slammed into our faces, splitting our lips, splintering our teeth, tickling our tongues, and keeping on down into our guts. The patch officially adding the villainous new character to Overwatch is now live, I mean.

Doomfist is the leader of Naughty Boys, the rabble who want to kiss the Goodie-Goodies but instead pull their hair and push them off the payload.

His abilities revolve around his robofists. He packs knuckleguns, can slam the ground to draw people in, uppercut to fling them up, rocket punch to knock people back (taking bonus damage if they hit a wall – a nice touch), and jump up then leap down as a human meteor. That’s a pretty great set of thematic abilities for someone named Doomfist. I am impressed. A wide range of moves sharing similar ideas and all powered by forms of punch.

The update adding Doomfist also boshed in the ability to directly export highlight video clips, as well as to manually capture your own highlights. It also tweaked balance, fixed bugs, and so on.

Read the patch notes for full details on everything.

fifa15guide – Lúcioball heads back to Overwatch, brings new and old summer skins

fifa15guide - Lúcioball heads back to Overwatch, brings new and old summer skins

The Overwatch [official site] Summer Games are returning to PC (and some other platforms WHATEVER we don’t speak of them) on 8 August. It’s a pretty meaningful date, what with it being the 141st anniversary of Thomas Edison’s mimeograph patent being received and the 1900th anniversary of the death of Trajan. What would Blitzball Blernsball Lúcioball be without mimeographs and mourning Trajan? Nowhere. That’s where.

That’s the relevant developer update video which uses hot terms like “iteration” and “pertinent information”.


1. Lúcioball is coming back with the 2016 Rio stadium and a new Sydney arena to play in. Tweaks to the way it plays include that you can no longer “boop” people and Lucio’s ultimate works a bit differently, like he’s just got a surge of energy rather than becoming able to drop in some cheesy strats.

2. There will be a competitive Lúcioball mode (Copa Lúcioball) alongside regular kickabouts for three weeks. Playing ten games in that mode gets you a special spray. Placing in the top 500 players in a region gets you a really special spray.

2. Last year’s skins are returning so players have a chance to pick up what’s missing from their collection. You can also unlock them using in-game credits (thus heading off the brouhaha from last year where you couldn’t) with the older cosmetics costing fewer credits than the new batch. The reduced rate of duplication in loot boxes (brought in during Patch will apply here. There are also new skins and #content, like a legendary skin for Junkrat and something for Mercy.

Petr Cech credits Arsenal squad strength for Community Shield victory on fifa15guide

Arsene Wenger reflects on Arsenal’s Community Shield triumph over Chelsea, and how their calm mentality handed them victory.
Janusz Michallik tells Alexis Nunes what stood out for him from both sides of Arsenal’s penalty shootout win over Chelsea in the Community Shield.
Arsenal won the Community Shield for the 15th time after defeating Chelsea in a penalty shootout.

Petr Cech hailed Arsenal’s squad strength after their FA Community Shield shootout victory over Chelsea at Wembley.

Gunners new boy Sead Kolasinac cancelled out Victor Moses’ earlier effort as the game finished 1-1 after 90 minutes, before Arsenal won the penalty shootout 4-1 under the new ABBA system.

Kolasinac had come on as a first-half substitute for the injured Per Mertesacker, while Arsenal were without the likes of Alexis Sanchez, Mesut Ozil, Aaron Ramsey and Laurent Koscielny.

“We were missing a lot of players but it’s great to see that everybody is ready to compete for places in the squad for every game,” Cech told BT Sport 1.

“Sead came in when Per got injured. He had a great game and everyone who came in as a sub helped us keep our quality on the pitch.

“The most pleasing thing for us is that we showed that we are ready to compete.”

Arsenal’s record signing Alexandre Lacazette struck a post in the first half before Moses — red-carded when Chelsea lost the FA Cup final to Arsenal in May — equalised within seconds of the re-start.

But Kolasinac headed Arsenal level eight minutes from time, just moments after Chelsea forward Pedro had been shown a straight red card for a tackle on Mohamed Elneny.

“You could see there was small margin between both teams in the 90 minutes,” Cech said.

“But we have got to be pleased with our performance because we did really well and got punished for one bounce in the penalty box.

“We showed great composure to come back to the game and then it’s penalties and who keeps their cool better.”

fifa15guide | FIFA 17 Rest of the World (ROTW) TOTS

The FIFA 17 Rest of the World TOTS has officially been officially unveiled ! The Ultimate Team ROTW Team of the Season features the very best players from the remaining FIFA 17 FUT leagues that haven’t yet been involved in the TOTS hype. This squad is now available in packs running up until 6pm (UK time), on June 23rd, 2017.

FIFA 17 Rest of the World TOTS

FIFA 17 Rest of the World TOTS

Starting Lineup (11)

  • GK: Franco Armani – Atlético Nacional (Colombia) – Argentina
  • RB: Darijo Srna – Shakhtar Donetsk (Ukraine) – Croatia
  • LB: Ludwig Augustinsson – FC København (Denmark) – Denmark
  • CB: Andreas Johansson – IFK Norrköping (Sweden) – Sweden
  • CAM: Diego Buonanotte – Universidad Católica (Chile) – Argentina
  • CAM: Konstantin Vassiljev – Jagiellonia Białystok (Poland) – Estonia
  • LM: Taison – Shakhtar Donetsk (Ukraine) – Brazil
  • LM: Miloš Ninković – Sydney FC (Australia) – Serbia
  • ST: Marcus Berg – Panathinaikos (Greece) – Sweden
  • ST: Guillaume Hoarau – BSC Young Boys (Switzerland) – France
  • ST: Esteban Paredes – Colo-Colo (Chile) – Chile

Substitutes Bench

  • GK: Alexander Walke – Red Bull Salzburg (Austria) – Germany
  • LB: Léo Matos – PAOK (Greece) – Brazil
  • CM: Mike Jensen – Rosenborg BK (Norway) – Denmark
  • CAM: Vadis Odjidja-Ofoe – Legia Warszawa (Poland) – Belgium
  • LM: Scott Sinclair – Celtic (Scotland) – England
  • ST: Shinzo Koroki – Urawa Red Diamonds (Japan) – Japan
  • ST: Dejan Damjanovic – FC Seoul (Korea) – Montenegro

Reserve Squad

  • CM: Konrad Laimer – Red Bull Salzburg (Austria) – Austria
  • CAM: Gary McCabe – Shamrock Rovers (Ireland) – Republic of Ireland
  • LM: Niclas Eliasson – IFK Norrköping (Sweden) – Sweden
  • ST: Liam Boyce – Ross County (Scotland) – Northern Ireland
  • ST: Teemu Pukki – Brøndby IF (Denmark) – Finland

If you manage to get yourself one of these rare blue cards then let us know who you got by leaving a comment in the field below.

fifa15guide – How to Play a Two-Player Season on FIFA 17

FIFA 17 Two Player

FIFA 17 Two Player

A common question for those who are new to the FIFA franchise, or even just new to the FIFA 17 edition, is how to play a two-player offline season? With so many game modes available, many of which are more complex than the classic football games of the past, it’s pretty easy to get swept up in a world full of options. Soon, I’ll outline exactly how to play an offline season with a friend, but for now, let’s take a quick look at some of the modes available.

The major addition to this year’s FIFA is the “Journey,” a mode that some fans will love and some will hate. You follow the story of Alex Hunter, a relative of England striker Jim Hunter, from his humble beginnings in a team in London to realizing his premiership and international dreams. The Journey is a single player mass-effect style game that mixes RPG cutscenes and dialogue elements with FIFA skills and gameplay.

Interesting, but a mile away from any classic two-player mode. This sort of “Journey” style play would work well in a single-player game like tennis, where you could control your favorite player like Andy Murray, who had 14/1 on BetStars odds of winning the Wimbledon semis, but football is a team game, and players seeking the co-operative team experience will be disappointed here.

There is also plenty of online modes in FIFA 17. “Pro Clubs” lets you join or create online teams for up to 11-V-11 gameplay with people across the web in ranked matches. The “Online Season” is one of the most competitive arenas for ranked online play, but it’s a single player game. The “Online Co-Op Season” is similar, but is played with one other player online for 2-V-2 ranked matches.

As you can see, there are plenty of co-op games to be found in the online modes, but on the flip-side, you have to join up with and play against others online. You can’t play these modes with your friend who is physically sitting in your room with the second controller in hand. Each player in online mode requires their own connection and game for online play.

This takes us to the offline “Career Mode,” the bread-and-butter of FIFA seasons, and perfect for the classic gamer who wants to compete against the computer. There are two distinct modes within the Career. They are the “Player Career” and the “Manager Career”.

In the “Player Career,” you create or control a single professional player and compete to improve your skills and reputation, and ultimately to try to make your national team. You receive emails from firm managers about your performance and their expectations.

Although “Player Career” comes across like an obviously one-player affair, you can actually play this offline mode co-operatively. When the games start, you will have the option to choose the same team with two pads. The only problem is player 1 will always be in control of just one

player; whoever they choose for the career. Player 2, meanwhile, will control the rest of the team. A little imbalanced to say the least.

The actual mode you are looking for if you want to play an offline two-player season is “Manager Career”. In management mode, you are in charge of the team’s finances, tactics, transfers, new team member development, and all key decisions relating to your club. You can choose whether to simulate the season’s matches (making for a pure football manager-style game) or to play the matches yourself. Simply choose to play the matches manually, and activate the second pad as you would in any other game. You will be free to play a complete two-player offline season. In fact, you can play with up to four friends on the same team!

So, there you have it. After sifting through FIFA 17’s many brilliant gaming options, we have found the solution. For a two-player co-operative offline season, enter “Manager Career” and manually play all games co-operatively.

FIFA 18 Icons Trailer Feat: Diego Maradona, Pele and Thierry Henry on fifa15guide

Two of the very greatest players of all time in world football will be coming to FIFA 18 Icons this year after Electronic Arts Sports announced the inclusion of Brazilian legend Pele and Argentina great Diego Maradona.

The two South American former players will be joining the now retired legendary Real Madrid striker Ronaldo in FUT for the latest edition of the video game, which will be coming to Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

They will be joined by all the legends now known as icons who have previously been in the title which will be available to gamers when the new game launches on September 29th 2017. Watch the full HD trailer reveal below which shows mostly cut-scenes of the new icons gracing the pitch once again.

There’s the likes of Lev Yashin who’s highly regarded by many football experts as the greatest goalkeeper of all time in the sport. Famous Arsenal all-time top scorer and Premier League legend Thierry Henry also makes a rapid return to FIFA where he’s been a normal card in Ultimate Team over the years gone by but will now become a rare icon card.

FIFA 18 Maradona Henry

FIFA 18 Maradona Henry

Make sure to follow us on social media and check back here at the official website for more FIFA 2018 news. The demo will more than likely be released in early September so stay tuned for that.

fifa15guide | What's the Best Domain Name Registrar? 

Igor Miske/Unsplash

Domain name registrars might seem like commodities, but ease of use and customer support can vary wildly between different companies, so we want to know which ones you trust the most. So check out the rules below, then head down to the comments to nominate your favorite service.

1) Your nomination should contain the specific name of the product, why you think this item is the best, a link where the item can be purchased, and an image of the item.

2) Vote by starring someone else’s nomination.

3) Please do not duplicate nominations.

A Spartan And His Very Large Rocket Launcher on fifa15guide

Luke Kopycinski is an artist who worked on Halo Wars 2. Specifically, he did a bunch of the game’s cards, the system used to build units in Blitz multiplayer mode.