fifa15guide | West Ham are creating the ultimate FIFA team

Felipe Anderson

Felipe Anderson

Part of the fun of the transfer window is contemplating which club will be your team on the next edition of FIFA. FIFA 19 looks like it will have West Ham’s name written all over it, with the club’s transfer spree bringing an array of talented players to London. Manuel Pellegrini will be happy that he has managed to be so busy in the transfer market, and he probably won’t mind at all when you swoop in at the start of your FIFA 19 career and take over the team he has assembled. His new signings should not only be effective in the real world, but also boast qualities that will translate in exciting fashion to FIFA.

West Ham bringing home the bacon

The poster boy for the transfer spree is Felipe Anderson for a club record fee of £36 million from Lazio. The BBC have reported how West Ham bosses have called the Brazilian attacking midfielder one of the most exciting players in Europe. Anderson was actually something of a bit-part player for Lazio last season, with injury and the form of Luis Alberto restricting him to 21 Serie A appearances. Maybe those at the top at West Ham gained their glowing opinion of Anderson from his FIFA stats; a potential rating of 84 on FIFA 18 places him alongside Manuel Lanzini as one of their star players, while a sprint speed and acceleration of 91 and 94 respectively make Anderson the dream FIFA player. Being blessed with pace and the technical ability to back it up is a hallowed combination.

Jack Wilshere brings strong passing ability, with a short passing and ball control rating of 84. Unsurprisingly, Wilshere carries the injury-prone trait on FIFA because of his struggles with fitness in real life, but this is a player touted to be one of the world’s leading central midfielders when he emerged onto the scene. If he can avoid injury on FIFA then he will be a guaranteed starter for West Ham, with the FIFA gamers having the added bonus of not having to deal with his occasionally fiery persona.

Andriy Yarmolenko seems to have been around for ages, but at an age of 27 the Ukrainian forward is ready to make a mark on a big league in a way that he couldn’t at Borussia Dortmund. Dortmund are blessed with an embarrassment of speedy attacking riches, so FIFA and football managers alike may have seen cause to overlook Yarmolenko. At West Ham, he is the kind of player who can take them to the next level. His dribbling of 87 and strength of 81 will make him difficult to shrug off the ball, with FIFA gamers having the added bonus of not having to deal with his occasionally volatile personality. With characters like Wilshere and Yarmolenko, Pellegrini is going to have an interesting dressing room.

Jack Wilshere

Jack Wilshere

A FIFA challenge

Ryan Fredericks (sprint speed 94), Fabian Balbuena (potential rating 80), Lukasz Fabianski (current rating 80) and Issa Diop (potential rating 86) round off the incoming arrivals to West Ham. In particular, Diop could turn out to be a stunning signing. Sky Sports reported how West Ham fought off interest from European heavyweights Monaco and Sevilla to capture the signature of Toulouse’s 20-year-old captain, with the centre-back’s FIFA 18 strength rating of 86 marking his potential to become a formidable defender. West Ham are investing significantly in hope of making the jump from mid-table to European regulars. As of 17th July, the Hammers are 250/1 with Betway to win the Premier League, placing them in the company of Everton and Leicester. However, if the signings are embedded quickly into life in London then West Ham will be fancying their chances to spring a surprise.

Plus, their outsider status makes them an appealing FIFA challenge. Especially if Pellegrini struggles to integrate his new signings quickly, when FIFA 19 hits the stores there will be a multitude of gamers eager to see if they can do better. As mentioned above, some of these new signings are big characters who are not averse to trouble in real life. Throw in the presence of the combustible Marko Arnautovic and it is clear that Pellegrini will have his work cut out in keeping the dressing room positive. There is then the added issue of finding a system that accommodates all of his attacking talents. FIFA players can get stuck into that second issue without having to worry about potential problems off the pitch to the same extent. If players can’t find a system that works then the likes of Felipe Anderson and Ryan Fredericks are really quite fast, so that helps.

fifa15guide – Cristiano Ronaldo touches down in Turin to complete Real Madrid-Juventus switch

Bayern Munich’s Arjen Robben understands Cristiano Ronaldo’s decision to leave Real Madrid but insists the forward has nothing to prove

Cristiano Ronaldo is wheels down in Turin to complete his move from Real Madrid to Juventus on Monday.

The 33-year-old was shown at the airport on Sunday after the two clubs agreed a £99.2 million fee for the Portugal international to swap Madrid for Turin.

Pitch invaders briefly disrupt World Cup final in second half on fifa15guide

Twenty years on from their first World Cup title, France are back on top of the footballing world following a 4-2 victory over Croatia.
Stewart Robson breaks down France’s World Cup final victory over Croatia, which came on a night when they were often second best to the runners-up.
With the World Cup final looming, ESPN’s Charlie Gibson travels around searching for fans from all 32 nations.
FIFA President Gianni Infantino feels France against Croatia in will be a unique World Cup final and reveals the tournament has shown that small nations no longer exist.

Russian activist rock band Pussy Riot claimed responsibility on Sunday for the pitch invasion that briefly interrupted the World Cup final in Moscow.

Just after Croatia goalkeeper Danijel Subasic saved a shot from Kylian Mbappe in the 51st minute, three women and one man emerged into the run of play from the other end of the stadium. One made it to the centre circle.

Dressed in suits and what appeared to be old-fashioned police uniforms, the pitch invaders approached players. One woman shared a double high-five with Mbappe, while Croatia defender Dejan Lovren pushed the man, helping a steward to detain him.

The invaders were quickly tackled by security, and the match resumed after a delay of about 1 minute while France were leading 2-1.

Pussy Riot, long a thorn in the side of Russian President Vladimir Putin, released a statement on social media after the incident to say the action was a protest. The band issued a list of demands to the Russian government, including to free political prisoners, end “illegal arrests at protests” and to “allow political competition in the country.”

The statement also referenced the case of Oleg Sentsov, a vocal opponent of Russia’s annexation of Crimea from Ukraine in 2014, who was sentenced in 2015 to 20 years for conspiracy to commit terror acts. He denies the charges and has been on a hunger strike since mid-May.

France forward Kylian Mbappe gave one of the protesters a greeting before security stepped in.

The group said the police uniforms symbolised how Russian police’s actions fall short of their “heavenly” depiction in literature and called for reforms. It wasn’t clear if they used the uniforms as a ruse to enter Luzhniki Stadium amid tight security.

Pussy Riot member Olga Kurachyova told Reuters she was one of the pitch invaders and was being held at Luzhniki police station. She said she could not speak further because police were trying to take her mobile phone away from her.

“The citizens in question were taken to the local police station,” the Moscow branch of the Russian Interior Ministry said. FIFA did not immediately respond to a request for comment. The event’s local organising committee said it did not have further information.

Police said they were investigating the four on suspicion of violating rules for spectating at a sporting event — which carries a maximum fine of up to 10,000 roubles ($160) or 160 hours’ community service with a ban on attending sports events of up to three years — as well as illegally wearing a police uniform, which carries a fine of 1,000 to 1,500 roubles.

A video circulated on Russian social media and retweeted by the band after the match appeared to show two of the protesters, still in police uniforms, being harshly interrogated at a police station. The independent television channel Dozhd identified one of them as Pyotr Verzilov, who is married to Pussy Riot member Nadezhda Tolokonnikova.

Under barking queries from a man off-camera, Verzilov says: “I am for Russia, just like you — if you are for Russia.” The man off-screen responds: “I sometimes wish it was 1937” — referring to the year in which Stalinist purges were at their height.

Croatia’s Dejan Lovren helped security detain a protester.

The balaclava-clad women of Pussy Riot rose to global prominence with their daring outdoor performances critical of Putin in 2012 that sent two members to prison for nearly two years. They were released three months early in December 2013 under an amnesty to mark the 20th anniversary of Russia’s constitution.

In 2016, the group also released a music video criticising Russia’s staging of the Winter Olympics in Sochi. The video included clips from an incident in the city when Cossacks beat activists with a whip as they tried to perform a song beside a wall covered in the Olympic logo.

The pitch invasion was the first significant security lapse in the five-week tournament that has won hosts Russia widespread praise for organisation and efficiency. Putin was watching the game alongside his French and Croatian counterparts and FIFA president Gianni Infantino, among other dignitaries.

The protest was briefly shown on international TV broadcasts, even though FIFA policy is usually to cut away when fans and others run onto the field.

Lovren told reporters the incident had interrupted the game at an important moment for his team as Croatia wen on to lose 4-2.

“We’d been playing good football and then some interruption came,” he said. “I just lost my head and I grabbed the guy and I wished I could throw him away from the stadium.”

Information from The Associated Press and Reuters was used in this report.

A Tiger is Waiting for You! on fifa15guide

A new referral season starts today! Refer your friends and get three new rewards: the Recruiter's Chest, the Recruiter's Tiger Cape, and the Recruiter's Tiger

A Tiger is Waiting for You! on fifa15guide

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A Tiger is Waiting for You! on fifa15guide

Albion Online Dev Talk – Season 3 Balance Changes on fifa15guide

Albion Online's third GvG Season starts on June 23. To prepare for this occasion, we will release a patch that includes combat balancing changes, updates to siphoned energy and red-zone GvGs, and various quality-of-life improvements. In this Dev Talk, Michael Schwahn, Combat Designer for Albion Online, discusses what's coming with this patch.

No time to watch the video? Here's a written summary of his talk:

1. Combat Balancing Changes

5v5 GvG Meta

One major focus of this balancing patch are the current heavy CC builds, particularly the double tank dive meta.

  • These builds are currently too dominant and hard to counter, which is not what we intended
  • Warrants some larger changes to some of the items in this build
  • Main offenders that enable the current meta:
    • Judicator Helmet
    • Cultist Sandals
    • Rampant Staff
  • The Rampant Staff, in particular, needs more counterplay options

Improving Underused Items

We also want to improve and buff underused items, particularly all three Holy Artifact items. We will also buff some underused helmet, armor and shoe items. Some of the items to be improved include:

  • Artifact Holy Staffs
  • Scholar Cowl and similar armor pieces
  • Ranged damage dealers like bows and Frost Staffs

Bringing Solo Builds More in Line

We also want to tone down some solo builds, such as the Great Nature Staff – and particularly its kiting ability. These staffs already have such a strong survivability that their attack should be somewhat reduced: for example, their DoT range will be decreased, which will require staying closer to enemy targets to keep the DoT effective.

Reworked IP Scaling

We're also reworking the item power scaling for offhands, and they will be entirely tied to item power after this patch, meaning:

  • Offhands get the full bonus of the Destiny Board specializations
  • Offhands also get the full item quality bonus from their quality level

This is not just on top of current item strength: the scaling curve has also been adjusted, so items may end up either a bit stronger or a bit weaker than their current state.

Food Progression Curve

With this patch, the progression of food will be a bit flattened at the highest levels, meaning high-end food will not be quite as powerful as it is currently. This is to somewhat reduce the snowball effect, as high-end food is very expensive, and can be used to undermine the IP cap on certain zones.

2. Reducing Snowballing in the Outlands

For Season 3, we're making several changes that will reduce the snowball effect between smaller and larger guilds in the Outlands:

First, we're changing the amount of siphoned energy each territory produces. This will bring Mercia and Anglia a bit more in line with each other – there will still be a difference in the energy these regions produce, but it will not be as extreme as it is currently. The goal of this change is to reduce some of the current snowballing in these territories, and to add a bit more strategy and balance to which territories a guild chooses to defend. 

Second, in order to give smaller guilds more of an even footing, we're introducing a soft gear cap for red-zone GvGs. These soft caps will only be active during the GvG fight itself; open-world red zones overall will stay untouched. 

3. Other Adjustments and Improvements

Better loot in yellow-zone Hellgates: as these Hellgates are now full-loot, we're scaling the rewards they offer up accordingly. They will still not be as lucrative as those found in red and black zones, but should offer rewards that are appropriate to their challenge.

Freely attack guild and alliance members in Hellgates: this will allow for less restricted play in Hellgates, as players will not have to worry about avoiding their fellow guild/alliance members when they appear in an enemy group.

As always, you can view the most up-to-date stats and numbers in the NDA Balance Playtests thread on our forum.

That's all for now – stay tuned for more updates over the coming weeks!

fifa15guide – Summer Sale on Packs and Upgrades

fifa15guide - Summer Sale on Packs and Upgrades

We're celebrating summer with discounts on all packs and upgrades. Whether you've been waiting to dive into the game or are ready for an upgrade, now's the time. The following prices are valid from now until July 5 at 17:00 UTC:

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  • Epic-to-Legendary Upgrades now cost USD 33.00 (regularly USD 50.00)

Remember that you can upgrade Veteran and Epic Founder Packs to higher-tier Starter Packs as well.

Make sure to take advantage of this offer – head on over to our shop to grab your discounted pack or upgrade now!

fifa15guide | Mohamed Salah considering quitting Egypt team over Ramzan Kadyrov row — sources

World Cup: Mohamed Salah penalty (73′) Russia 3-1 Egypt
After Russia’s big win over Egypt, the FC crew assess what’s going right for the hosts and reflect on Egypt’s choice to rest Mo Salah vs. Uruguay.
Don Hutchison and Leroy Rosenior comment on Mo Salah’s perfomance after Egypt lost 3 – 1 against Russia

Mohamed Salah is considering his international future with Egypt, a source has confirmed to ESPN FC, because of his unhappiness about being drawn into a political row during his stay in Chechnya with his national team during the World Cup.

CNN first reported on Sunday that the Liverpool forward was deciding whether to return to the Egypt team after the World Cup. 

Before the tournament began, Salah was pictured alongside Ramzan Kadyrov, the leader of the Chechen Republic, at Egypt’s base in Grozny. Kadyrov declared Salah to be an honorary citizen of Chechnya in a ceremony with the player.

“Mohamed Salah is an honorary citizen of the Chechen Republic! That’s right!” Kadyrov wrote in a social media post. “I gave Mohamed Salah a copy of the order and a pin at a celebratory dinner that I gave in honour of the Egyptian team.”

Kadyrov, leader of Chechnya since 2004, is a controversial figure on the global stage because of his hard-line rule over his people and a series of contentious comments, particularly against the gay community.

CNN reported that Salah was uncomfortable with the criticism that followed the photo and is unwilling to being used as a political pawn. A source with knowledge of Salah’s position on the matter confirmed this stance to ESPN FC, adding that the player is now considering his future with his national team.

The Egyptian FA later on Sunday tried to play down the reports, insisting Salah was still happy, saying: “Reports that Salah wants to leave are completely wrong.”

“Mo is still with us now and he is happy in the camp. He is eating and laughing with his teammates. He is training well and that means no problem.”

The Chechen controversy is the latest that Salah has experienced while on international duty, with the forward winning a battle against the Egyptian FA in April over the use of his image rights.

Salah, who was forced to miss Egypt’s opening defeat against Uruguay as a result of the shoulder injury he suffered in last month’s Champions League final against Real Madrid, is still expected to play for Egypt in their Group A finale with Saudi Arabia on Monday before flying home and embarking on a summer break. Egypt have no chance of advancing to the World Cup knockout stage.

Whether Salah ever plays for Egypt again will now be under consideration as a result of the events in Chechnya during the tournament.

Mark Ogden is a senior football writer for ESPN FC. Follow him @MarkOgden_

fifa15guide | God of War 4: Bereits vor Release eines der bestbewerteten Spiele

fifa15guide | God of War 4: Bereits vor Release eines der bestbewerteten Spiele

Quelle: Amazon

God of War 4 und Sony sind in der Spieleindustrie so etwas wie der FC Bayern München in der Bundesliga. Kaum war die Fußballsaison gestartet, riefen die Meisten das fußballerische Schwergewicht aus dem Süden Deutschlands bereits zum Meister aus. So scheint es auch Sony und dem neuen Teil der God of War-Reihe zu gehen. Noch vor dem Release wird das Spiel mit Vorschusslorbeeren überhäuft. Metacritic gibt satte 94, OpenCritic ganze 95 Punkte für den Titel.

Der Xbox One Titel „Celeste“ sammelt dieses Jahr zwar auch gute 94 Punkte, jedoch wurde es nicht annähernd so oft bewertet wie God of War. Zudem ist es das bestbewertete Spiel der PlayStation 4 Geschichte neben „Last of Us“, das 95 Punkte erhielt und „Grand Theft Auto V“ mit 97 Punken. Lediglich „The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild“ und eben „Super Mario Odyssey“ kommen seit 2016 auf einen besseren Wert. Insgesamt wurde God of War 25 Mal mit den besten Noten bewertet.

Ein Triumph

Für Sony ist das natürlich ein voller Erfolg. Hat der Publisher doch bereits mit „Uncharted 4“, „Horizon Zero Dawn“ und „Bloodborne“ exklusive Spiele mit solch guter Bewertung auf den Markt gebracht, wohingegen die Xbox One lediglich mit „Forza Horizon 3“ und „Ori“ glänzen konnte.

So schreibt Dave Thier, freier Journalist in seiner Rezension, dass es Sony geschafft hat, die Herausforderungen eines Neustarts zu meistern. Dabei wollen die Fans der Serie ein neues God of War. Aber keines, das wie eine Runderneuerung wirkt. Kratos als zentrale Figur wird gebraucht, um vertraut zu sein mit dem Spiel. Es wirkt identisch, ist es aber nicht. Die Kämpfe, die Geschichte und auch das restliche Gameplay wurden diesem Prozess der Neuschöpfung unterworfen. Dabei ist die Welt großartig in den Neubeginn übersetzt worden, und so ist es nicht überraschend, das wir hier Trolle, Elfen Zwerge, rachsüchtige Götter, heilige Runen und magische Hämmer finden. Dass alles führt zu einem besonderen Action-Rollenspiel.

Die Überraschung laut Dave Thier ist hierbei allerdings, wie gut das alles zusammen funktioniert. Nicht nur die Änderung des Settings, sondern auch die ehrgeizige Geschichte um Kratos und seinen Sohn Atreus sowie die komplizierten Kämpfe. God of War 4 ist nicht nur ein echtes God of War-Spiel. Laut Thier ist es die beste Fortsetzung seit God of War 2.

Next Round please!

Daran wird sich Sony eine ganze Weile erfreuen können. Immerhin haben sie in den nächsten Monaten noch weitere heiße Eisen im Feuer. So erwarten wir „Last of Us 2“, „Spider-Man“ von Insomniac im September 2018 und Anfang nächsten Jahres „Days Gone“. Die Konkurrenz tritt hier ein wenig auf der Stelle, so konnte Microsoft mit der Xbox aktuell nicht an die Erfolge von Sony heranreichen.

In der nächsten Woche wird es viel mehr Informationen über God of War geben und, ob der Titel seine guten Bewertungen auch tatsächlich gerecht werden kann.

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fifa15guide | F1 2018: Daniel Ricciardo fährt Red Bull in Schanghai zum Sieg

fifa15guide | F1 2018: Daniel Ricciardo fährt Red Bull in Schanghai zum Sieg


Illusteres Rennen im Grand Prix von China

Mit seinem sechsten Grand-Prix-Erfolg feierte der furios fahrende Red-Bull-Pilot Daniel Ricciardo seinen ersten Sieg dieser Saison. Sebastian Vettel hingegen musste nach einem Crash mit dem starken Max Verstappen, seine erste Niederlage der Saison hinnehmen. Diese Kollision erfolgte erst zwölf Runden vor Schluss, sorgte aber dafür, dass Vettel nicht über Position acht hinauskam. Valtteri Bottas hingegen erreicht im dritten Rennen das zweite Mal den zweiten Platz. Damit unterstreicht er seine Ambitionen und sein Können. Für Teamkollege Lewis Hamilton reichte es hingegen nur für Rang vier. Einen Rekord stellte er dennoch auf. Zum 28. Mal infolge fuhr Hamilton in die Punkte. Max Verstappen, der stark in das Rennen gestartet war, bekam für die Kollision mit Vettel eine Zeitstrafe und landete noch auf dem fünften Platz.

Zwar hatte der Heppenheimer seine 52. Pole in Schanghai erreicht, die Ferrari konnten dies allerdings nicht ausnutzen, da sein von Position zwei startender Teamkollege, Kimi Räikkönen kurz nach dem Start bereits auf Rang vier zurückfiel. So hatten die Scuderia wie schon in Bahrain nur begrenzte taktische Optionen. Renault-Pilot Nico Hülkenberg kam im dritten Rennen der Saison auf einen guten sechsten Platz. Für Valtteri Bottas war es im Übrigen sein 100. Grand Prix, den er an diesem Sonntag bestritt.

Verstappen: das Zünglein an der Waage

Dass zum ersten Mal seit sechs Jahren kein Silberpfeil im Grand Prix von China auf der Pole stand, ließ auch Lewis Hamilton schmunzeln. Den Mercedes scheint das Tempo zu fehlen. Hingegen lieferten die Ferrari auf jeder der bisherigen Strecken ab. Überwiegend scheint das aktuell an den Reifen zu liegen. Mercedes konnte diese nicht auf die nötige Betriebstemperatur bringen und hatte infolge dessen auch Probleme.

Vom Start weg machte Red-Bull-Pilot Max Verstappen ordentlich Dampf. So zog er kurz nach Beginn von Position fünf auf drei. Lewis Hamilton konnte auf fünf folgen. Sein Teamkollege im Silberpfeil Valtteri Bottas ging in der ersten Kurve auch schon an seinem finnischen Kollegen im Ferrari vorbei und machte Druck auf Vettel.

Der Boxenstopp macht den Unterschied

In Runde 18 holten sich die beiden Red-Bull-Fahrer Ricciardo und Verstappen härtere Reifen. Kurz darauf kam auch Hamilton an die Box, um sich die härtere Ausführung aufziehen zu lassen. Bottas folgte in Runde 20 und setzte Ferrari somit unter Druck. Als Vettel kurze Zeit später aus der Boxengasse kam, musste er sich hinter dem Finnen einordnen. Führender war nun Räikkönen, der von seinem Landsmann in der 27. Runde überholt wurde.

Die beiden Toro-Rosso-Piloten Pierre Gasley und Brendon Hartley schossen sich im letzten Drittel des Rennens selbst raus. Nach der anschließenden Saftey-Car-Phase holten sich die Red Bull neue Reifen und Vettel hing zwischen dem erstplatzierten Bottas und Hamilton auf Rang zwei. Wie schon in Bahrain machten die Red Bulls Druck auf Hamilton, die er irgendwann gewähren lassen musste, was sich als folgenschwer auf Vettel erwies. Der druckvoll fahrende Verstappen erwischte den Heppenheimer in Runde 44 an der Innenseite. Durch den anschließenden Dreher viel der Deutsche auf Rang acht zurück. Angefressen machte er seinem Unmut über Funk Luft. Verstappen erhielt für die missglückte Aktion eine Strafe von zehn Sekunden.

In der Folge zog Ricciardo noch an Bottas und Räikkönen noch an Hamilton vorbei. Nico Hülkenberg landete mit seinem Renault auf Platz sechs. Sebastian Vettel führt die Fahrer-Wertung mit 54 Punkten an. Bottas liegt mit 40 Punkten auf Rang drei. Dazwischen findet sich Lewis Hamilton mit 45 Punkten. Daniel Ricciardo belegt nach dem Erfolg in China den vierten Platz mit 37 Punkten.

In vierzehn Tagen geht es dann für die Fahrer in Baku, Aserbaidschan weiter.

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fifa15guide – Brondby retain their title

  • Brondby win the FIFA eClub World Cup
  • The Danish side won the inaugural edition last year
  • Four players qualify for the EA SPORTS FIFA 18 Global Series Playoffs

Brondby are celebrating again after retaining their crown in the second edition of the FIFA eClub World Cup in Paris. The tournament offered up four qualifying spots for the EA SPORTS FIFA 18 Global Series Playoffs, which will be held between 28 and 30 May and then from 1 to 3 June in Amsterdam – where 32 places will be up for grabs at the FIFA eWorld Cup 2018.

After a thrilling and spectacular opening day in the French capital, Sunday’s action kicked off with the last two rounds of games in groups A and B, which brought the group stage to a close. It was then time for the knockout phase, and Brondby ultimately came out on top despite a shaky start.