Donnarumma, Raiola set to meet with AC Milan despite claims of social hack –

With the saga of Gianluigi Donnarumma’s AC Milan future in question, Gab Marcotti looks at how the club can keep him around.
Alejandro Moreno believes the fault lies with AC Milan regarding Gianluigi Donnarumma’s contract situation.
The FC panel answer your tweets on Dani Alves and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang’s futures and the Gianluigi Donnarumma fallout.

Agent Mino Raiola has confirmed he and Gianluigi Donnarumma will meet with AC Milan to discuss a new contract following the goalkeeper’s participation at the Under-21 Euros, ending a day’s worth of confusion on social media which led to the player claiming one of his accounts had been hacked.

The coveted goalkeeper stated earlier this month he would not be extending his contract with the club, sparking an angry reaction from some Milan fans to both the player and Raiola.

After the news was announced, fans at the European Under-21 Championship threw fake dollar bills at the Italy keeper during a game against Denmark.

And on Sunday afternoon, Donnarumma tweeted his support for Raiola amid reports in Italy that he was ready to part company with his representative by writing: “#Donnarumma #Raiola Yesterday, today and tomorrow!”

But the 18-year-old later appeared to use his Instagram account to apologise for the “uproar” the tweet caused, and stated he would meet with the San Siro club after the U21 Euros to discuss a new deal.

“Today my tweet sparked a real uproar, which I did not wish to create, so for that I apologise,” the post said.

Gianluigi Donnarumma stated earlier this month that he would not be renewing his AC Milan deal.

“I wish to reiterate my absolute love for Milan and its fans. Now all that’s in my mind is the national team, with whom I hope to give a gift to all the supporters.

“My promise is that, as soon as the [U21] Euros are finished, I will meet the club along with my family and my agent to discuss my renewal.”

His account was disabled soon after the message was posted, and Donnarumma returned to Twitter to announce it had been hacked, with Raiola also tweeting: “DONNARAIOLA x HATERS 1-0. What’s next?”

However, Raiola was back on Twitter to clear up the confusion not long after, finally confirming that he and Donnarumma would, in fact, be meeting with Milan after the tournament.

Raiola wrote: “Tweets’ between me and Gigi are tweets of friendship.

“After Euros we’ll meet Milan. Now Nazionale is important.”

Last week, Milan coach Vincenzo Montella visited Donnarumma’s family in an attempt to convince Gianluigi, who has been linked with both Real Madrid and Paris Saint-Germain, to stay.

Montella held talks with Donnarumma’s parents, and the player’s father, Alfonso, told La Gazzetta dello Sport he believed the situation would calm down.

“I hope that all the massive media interest in this ends soon,” he said.

“We parents are not influencing Gigio’s decision in the slightest — we just hope he gets what is best for him and what makes him happy.”

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Legacy of Discord New Trailer Highlights Revolutionary Update on fifa15guide

Action RPG Legacy of Discord – Furious Wings just released a brand new trailer for its long-awaited in-game flying system “Sky Fantasy”, which is scheduled to be released tomorrow. The massive update adds a completely new way to play the game and makes LoD one of the first ARPG’s that allows players to battle in the air!


In the trailer, the hero Bladedancer resolutely leaps from a cliff to face the new challenges that are coming. Wearing a full suit of dazzling armor, he flies over a sinister dark forest with the aid of his new SkyWings.
The trailer gives fans a glimpse of what “Sky Fantasy” is all about: A new way to play the game that lets players equip elaborate SkyWings and engage in epic aerial combat.
Players who have reached level 50 or above can immediately join the aerial battlefield. There are 4 different modes to experience, including Flying Tutorial, Aerial Boss, Sky Chests and Sky Scenario. Glory and riches await those who can master the new SkyWings and rule the air!

Legacy of Discord New Trailer Highlights Revolutionary Update on fifa15guide
Following the worldwide launch in November 2017, Legacy of Discord has topped mobile charts in over 30 countries. With 9 major updates and numerous small content patches since launch, the world of Legacy of Discord has grown immensely with new  game modes, new items like equipment sets and mounts, and neverending events that continuously reward players for playing.
“The battlefield is always changing, and this time we are letting players take their conquest to the skies,” says the development team. “We had this concept planned for a long time and we’re very happy to finally let all our players experience aerial combat. It was a lot of work, as every aspect of the new system, such as aerial battle arenas, equipment and skills, all had to be designed or changed to fit the flying system. We hope players will enjoy Sky Fantasy and the SkyWings as much as we did designing it!”
Besides the trailer, GTarcade is also running a variety of Facebook events for the players, including a Youtube video contest titled “I Believe I Can Fly – LoD YouTube Stars Wanted” that will run for 6 weeks.All participants have the chance to winsome exciting rewards!
The in-game flying system “Sky Fantasy” is coming to Legacy of Discord on June 20th!
Additional Information:
Try out Legacy of Discord – Furious Wings by visiting the following link:
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Check out the forums at:

fifa15guide – Tale of Toast, First Impressions Of The MMORPG With Hardcore PvP

In development for nearly 3 years now by a team of only two people, Tale of Toast is an upcoming open world MMORPG with hardcore PvP mechanics that goes back to the first steps of the genre, when dying actually meant something. I’ve had the chance to try it out this weekend, and here is what I thought of it.
Everything starts with the creation of your first character (players being able to have up to three per account at the moment). The character creation system, while rather simple, was quite entertaining for me to toy with. Players are given a chibi character and are able to customize multiple characteristics, including hairstyle, hair color, the shape and color of eyes, and even the gender and color of the wisp that will accompany them throughout their epic.

fifa15guide - Tale of Toast, First Impressions Of The MMORPG With Hardcore PvP

One thing that I enjoyed is the fact that colors are not predetermined. Instead of having a set of colors to choose from, you can drag a color bar from right to left until you find one you like, adjusting the brightness as you see fit. The character creation is, however, limited to the choice of a gender, physical characteristics and a name. There is currently only one playable race (chibi humans), and Tale of Toast does not have classes per se.
Which brings us to the gameplay of this title. As soon as your character is created and logged into the world, you are free to roam the world and pick among the various available activities to occupy your time. While combat will be an obvious choice, there are also gathering Trade Skills like mining, botany or fishing, as well as crafting Trade Skills like carpentry, tailoring, blacksmithing, cooking, alchemy, among others, to choose from. There is no tutorial in the game at the moment, so you will be left to your own accords when it comes to figuring out gathering and crafting, although the community is quite eager to help new players and you can simply ask for information in the world chat.

fifa15guide - Tale of Toast, First Impressions Of The MMORPG With Hardcore PvP

From then on, the progression of your character will be determined by the activities you practice, and what you decide to use your stat and skill points on. Yes, hardcore fans of the genre can rejoice, Tale of Toast allows you to completely customize your stats build (both with points earned as you level up and through gear), and skills. The latter, however, still needs some work since all the skills currently available require players to put points in the “magic” stat. This is most likely for convenience at the moment since the game is still in Alpha, and the developers will most likely separate the skills available and assign them to the correct stat, so for now we’ll just have to make do. As you can see in the screenshot above, while my character looks like a mixed built, it is actually melee. I had to put 15 points into magic to gain access to melee focused skills.

fifa15guide - Tale of Toast, First Impressions Of The MMORPG With Hardcore PvP

And as mentioned above, Tale of Toast does not feature classes. The stat build choosen and armor worn are what will determine your role. "Tanks" will want stats in Defense and Health, "Archers" will want any combination of stats that include Ranged, while "Mages" and "Healers" will want their Magic stat as high as possible.

Trade skills, on the other hand, are already well implemented (although some improvements such as drop rate buffs would be welcome). Each trade skill has a specific tool assigned (with the exception of Botany that uses two, a shovel and a hatchet), and can only be used if you have the right tool equipped. Moreover, crafting will require to have the tool equiped, AND to be near the designated workstation. That means that you will want to carry a bunch of tools on your at all times, if you do not want to accumulate trips to the banker (although it may be safer to do so). Recipes also need to be bought for nearly everything other than the base crafts, which adds more depth to the Trade Skills (selling your crafts to earn gold and unlock more recipes). Moreover, players that decide to focus on trade skills will also receive experience points, allowing them to level up their characters, albeit at a somewhat slower rate. That way, even full-time miners and blacksmiths will have no issue defending themselves from attacks by other players. 
Which brings us to the last point, and one of the main focus of the game, the PvP. The first town in the game, Brightwyn, is the only truly safe town of the game (although each town also has a cemetary where players respawn after dying). No one can attack you there, and you can’t attack anyone. Beyond that point however, and once you reach level 5, always consider the risk of being attacked. While the other towns and cities do have NPC guards that patrol to defend players from attacks, they tend to move about quite a lot and won't always be there to protect you. Regardless, its a deterrent, since attacking players in a town means taking the risk of losing everything you in your inventory. Players that are crafting should be especially careful as that leaves them vulnerable to attacks. I personally went back to Brightwyn whenever I crafted rare metals like mithril. The main incentive for players to PvP is that upon death, your character drops most (if you are attacked) or all (if you initiated the attack) of your inventory and equipped items.

fifa15guide - Tale of Toast, First Impressions Of The MMORPG With Hardcore PvP


Despite a few bugs that are to be expected with an Alpha build and various things that still need to be included/adjusted, Tale of Toast was a really entertaining experience, and I even found myself playing for more than 24hrs over this weekend. Definitely a game to keep an eye on.

Thanks to Stray for corrections

MapleStory Teases New Playable Character Class Kadena on fifa15guide

MapleStory Teases New Playable Character Class Kadena on fifa15guide MapleStory was released in 2003 and in the past 14 years the chibi-style side-scrolling MMO kept bringing in new content to maintain a stable player base. On July 6 the Korean version will introduce in another new playable character Kadena in the Nova update. Kadena is a highly mobile classs wields a metal chain. He's able to deal a large amount of AoE damage. More details will be revealed later.

MapleStory Teases New Playable Character Class Kadena on fifa15guide

fifa15guide – FUT 17 Bundesliga TOTS – German (Team of the Season)

FIFA 17 Bundesliga TOTS

FIFA 17 Bundesliga TOTS

The FIFA 17 Ultimate Team German Bundesliga TOTS has finally been revealed! The Team of the Season features standout players from the German Bundesliga. This squad will be available to you in FUT packs from 6pm UK Time, on May 26th, up until 6pm (UK time), on June 2nd, 2017.

Check out all the top players who made the final cut below and let us know if you think this was indeed the best possible group of players that deserved a TOTS. There’s no Vidal or Boateng which is a shame.

Starting Lineup (11)

  • GK: Manuel Neuer – FC Bayern (Germany) – Germany
  • RB: Lukasz Piszczek –  Borussia Dortmund (Germany) – Poland
  • LM: Sead Kolasinac – Schalke 04 (Germany) – Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • CB:  Mats Hummels – FC Bayern (Germany) – Germany
  • CB: Niklas Sule – TSG Hoffenheim (Germany) – Germany
  • RM: Ousamane Dembele – Borussia Dortmund (Germany) – France
  • CM: Thiago –  FC Bayern (Germany) – Spain
  • LM: Emil Forsberg –  RB Leipzig (Germany) – Sweden
  • CM: Naby Keita – RB Leipzig (Germany) – Guinea
  • ST: Robert Lewandowski – FC Bayern (Germany) – Poland
  • ST: Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang – Borussia Dortmund (Germany) – Gabon

Substitutes Bench

  • GK: Oliver Baumann – TSG Hoffenheim (Germany) – Germany
  • RB: Philipp Lahm –  FC Bayern (Germany) – Germany
  • CB: Willi Orban – RB Leipzig (Germany) – Germany
  • RM: Arjen Robben – FC Bayern (Germany) – Holland
  • LM: Vincenzo Grifo – SC Freiburg (Germany) – Italy
  • ST: Anthony Modeste – 1. FC Koln (Germany) – France
  • ST: Timo Werner – RB Leipzig (Germany) – Germany


  • LB: Marvin Plattenhardt – Hertha BSC (Germany) – Germany
  • CAM: Marco Fabian – Eintracht Frankfurt (Germany) – Mexico
  • LM: Raphael Guerreiro –  Borussia Dortmund (Germany) – Portugal
  • ST: Max Kruse – SV Werder Bremen (Germany) – Germany
  • CF: Lars Stindl – Borussia M’gladbach (Germany) – Germany

Make sure to leave a comment in the field designated at the footer of this page on who you packed if you managed to get a blue card from this league and stay tuned for more news each and every week regarding team of the season.

FIFA 17 Saudi League TOTS Revealed –

The FUT 17 Saudi League TOTS has officially been unveiled. The latest Team of the Season features standout players from the Saudi Arabian Abdul Latif Dawry Jameel League. Check out the full list of players who were included in the final cut below.

FIFA 17 Saudi League TOTS

FIFA 17 Saudi League TOTS

Starting Lineup (11)

  • GK: Abdullah Al Mayoof – Al Hilal (Saudi Arabia) – Saudi Arabia
  • RB: Mohammed Al Buraik –  Al Hilal (Saudi Arabia) – Saudi Arabia
  • CB: Osama Hawsawi – Al Hilal (Saudi Arabia) – Saudi Arabia
  • CB:  Djamel Eddine Benlamri – Al Shabab (Saudi Arabia) – Saudi Arabia
  • LB: Yasser Al Shahrani – Al Hilal (Saudi Arabia) – Saudi Arabia
  • CAM: Carlos Eduardo – Al Hilal (Saudi Arabia) – Brazil
  • LM: Nawaf Al Abed –  Al Hilal (Saudi Arabia) – Saudi Arabia
  • CAM: Carlos Villanueva –  Al Ittihad (Saudi Arabia) – Chile
  • LM: Kahraba – Al Ittihad (Saudi Arabia) – Egypt
  • ST: Omar Al Soma – Al Ahli (Saudi Arabia) – Syria
  • ST: Ismaël Bangoura – Al Raed (Saudi Arabia) – Guinea

Substitutes Bench

  • GK: Fawaz Al Qarni – Al Hilal (Saudi Arabia) – Saudi Arabia
  • CB: Motaz Hawsawi – Al Ahli (Saudi Arabia) – Saudi Arabia
  • CB: Mohammed Al Fatil – Al Ahli (Saudi Arabia) – Saudi Arabia
  • LB: Hassan Kadish Mahbub – Al Ettifaq (Saudi Arabia) – Saudi Arabia
  • LM: Bismark – Al Qadisiyah (Saudi Arabia) – Brazil
  • CDM: Taisir Al Jassim – Al Ahli (Saudi Arabia) – Saudi Arabia
  • ST: Mukhtar Fallata – Al Wehda (Saudi Arabia) – Saudi Arabia

Reserves Squad

  • LM: Sultan Ali Al Sawadi – Al Raed (Saudi Arabia) – Saudi Arabia
  • CAM: Mohamed Kanno – Al Ettifaq (Saudi Arabia) – Saudi Arabia
  • CDM: Victor Ayala –  Al Nassr (Saudi Arabia) – Paraguay
  • ST: Ahmed Akaichi –  Al Ittihad (Saudi Arabia) – Tunisia
  • ST: Léo Bonatini – Al Hilal (Saudi Arabia) – Brazil

Let us know if you manage to pack any of these rare blue team of the season cards in the comments box at the bottom of this page. More TOTS news to follow throughout the month of June.

fifa15guide | Gareth Bale happy winning trophies at Real Madrid, not looking to leave

Gareth Bale has confirmed he is happy at Real Madrid after winning his third Champions League title with the club.

Gareth Bale wants to make more history at Real Madrid after pledging his future to the Spanish giants.

Bale received his third Champions League winner’s medal in four seasons as Real swept aside Juventus 4-1 in his home city of Cardiff on Saturday night.

But Bale was reduced to the role of bit-part player after recent injury problems, sent on only for the final 13 minutes at the National Stadium of Wales with the game already won.

Real MadridReal Madrid



Game Details

  • GameCast
  • Lineups and Stats

Bale’s injury woes this season — and the impressive displays of Spanish playmaker Isco in his absence — have led to suggestions that the Wales striker could return to the Premier League this summer. But the 27-year-old says he is determined to remain in Madrid and add to his impressive trophy collection at the Bernabeu.

“I have signed a long-term contract at Madrid,” said Bale, who last October committed himself to Real until 2022.

“My family is happy and I am happy, so yes we will continue what we are doing. We are winning trophies and I am happy.”

Real’s victory saw them become European champions for a record 12th time as Zinedine Zidane’s side became the first club to retain the trophy in the Champions League era. And Bale believes the current team has taken its place among the great Real sides of the past.

“We have won three Champions Leagues in four seasons so we have to be in that category,” he said.

“All we can keep doing is keep working hard and hopefully there will be more to come.

“I think we can get better. We are still quite young as a whole team and we have a great squad.

“Winning again adds to the history of this club. This club is the biggest in Champions League history ever, it’s great to be a part of and we want to win more.”

Real Madrid
Gareth Bale celebrates after winning the Champions League with Real Madrid for the third time in four years.

Bale now plans to return to full fitness over the summer after a mixed 12 months.

He helped Wales to the semifinals of Euro 2016 last summer, but missed three months of this season after undergoing ankle surgery in November.

Bale was injured again in the El Clasico against Barcelona on April 23, effectively ending his hopes of starting in Cardiff, and he later admitted he may have rushed his return following his ankle operation.

“My ankle will be fine in the long term,” Bale said. “It just needs to be given recovery time.

“There is scar tissue and all that and it takes time to get rid of it.

“I only found out I wasn’t going to start just before the game. But I always knew really because I’d only been training for five days with the team and I was really lucky to be involved, to be honest.

“I’ve worked double sessions for three, four weeks to get myself ready for this and recover from the surgery.

“But I will be able to rest in the summer, do some more rehab and then come back next season stronger.”

Ghost Recon WIldlands’ Fallen Ghosts Expansion Release Date Confirmed on fifa15guide

Ghost Recon WIldlands’ Fallen Ghosts Expansion Release Date Confirmed on fifa15guide

Somehow, for some perverse reason, in a year full of great, incredible games like Horizon, Zelda, Nioh, and Persona 5, the highest selling game thus far is Ghost Recon: Wildlands. I mean, there’s nothing wrong with Wildlands in and of itself, per se. It’s a reasonably well made game that is good at what it does. It’s just… so bland, next to these other games that have been mentioned.

But hey, if you like it, you like it. And if you want more of it, the good news is, you don’t have long to wait. Ubisoft has announced that Fallen Ghosts, the next expansion for the game, will bring 15 new missions, four new bosses, a new character at level 30, and an increase of the level cap to 35, to the game. It will be available on May 30 for Season Pass holders, on June 6 for everyone else.

As with the game itself, it will be available on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

fifa15guide | Zinedine Zidane after Real Madrid win: We still have most difficult yet to do

Cristiano Ronaldo netted a brace to bring his goal tally over 400 in all competitions for Real Madrid in a 4-1 win over Sevilla.

Real Madrid coach Zindine Zidane said that every moment could now be crucial in the La Liga title race, after his side remained in control of their own destiny by beating Sevilla 4-1 at the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu on Sunday evening.

Madrid went 2-0 up early through Nacho Fernandez’s quick free kick and Cristiano Ronaldo’s close range effort, but Sevilla pulled a deserved goal back just after half-time through Stefan Jovetic’s 20-yard curler.

With Barcelona easing to a 4-1 win in a simultaneously played game at Las Palmas, the nerves were building around the Bernabeu before Ronaldo speared in a superb second of the evening, and there were smiles all around when Toni Kroos rounded off the scoring late on.

Real MadridReal Madrid
Sevilla FCSevilla FC



Game Details

  • GameCast
  • Lineups and Stats

The result means Zidane’s side know four points between their game in hand at Celta Vigo on Wednesday and trip to Malaga next Sunday will clinch a first title in five years, regardless of what Barca do at home against Eibar in their final game.

“The good thing is that we are into the final phase very good physically and with everyone very motivated,” the Los Blancos coach told the postmatch news conference. “We know it is all on the line in every game, every minute, every play. This is very long, to win La Liga. In Spain we know it is nothing easy to win this league. We still have the most difficult yet to do — two games to play. We do not know what will happen, but we know we will give everything until the end.”

Zidane said his team had deserved the three points over the 90 minutes against a Sevilla team who had caused them problems, citing a double substitution he made early in the second half when holding midfielder Casemiro entered as a key moment.

“Today was a deserved win, we began the game very well, scoring two goals,” he said. “Then we had 15 minutes when they had chances, we suffered a bit. Keylor [Navas] was very good, I will not say he saved the team, but he stopped Sevilla scoring. With a change in the second half we got more balance in the centre of the pitch, and played a good second half.”

Real Madrid need just four points from two matches to be crowned La Liga champions.

Casemiro had replaced Colombian playmaker James Rodriguez, who took his time leaving the pitch, leading to a question over whether this had been a goodbye to the Bernabeu from a player linked with a big money summer move to Manchester United.

“James is here [now] and we have a long way to go yet,” Zidane said. “We are thinking about this end of the season, with three games left, two in La Liga, one in the Champions League. I do not want to talk about anything else.”

The game’s first goal had drawn complaints from Sevilla at the time, but the Frenchman praised the quick thinking from back-up defender Nacho who spotted the opportunity and converted like a forward.

“He got over quickly to the free kick and I am delighted with what he did,” Zidane said. “It is normally something you see from a striker or midfielder, so I am very happy for him.”

Dermot Corrigan is a Madrid-based football writer who covers La Liga and the Spain national team for ESPN FC. Follow him on Twitter @dermotmcorrigan

fifa15guide – Tottenham were more motivated than Manchester United – Jose Mourinho

Jose Mourinho felt Man United’s climb to the top 4 was too difficult considering their injury issues and fixture congestion.
Victor Wanyama and Harry Kane scored to lead Tottenham past Manchester United in the last match at White Hart Lane.
Victor Wanyama and Harry Kane scored to lead Tottenham past Manchester United in the last-ever match at White Hart Lane.

LONDON — Jose Mourinho says he has no regrets about Manchester United’s failure to finish in the Premier League top four, insisting that trophies are more important to the club.

United must win the Europa League final against Ajax in order to play in the Champions League next season after Sunday’s 2-1 defeat to Tottenham in the last-ever match at White Hart Lane left them seven points behind fourth-placed Manchester City with two matches remaining.

Mourinho left Marcus Rashford, Ander Herrera and Henrikh Mkhitaryan on the bench following Thursday’s Europa League semifinal second leg against Celta Vigo at Old Trafford, and United were 2-0 down to goals from Victor Wanyama and Harry Kane inside 48 minutes.

Tottenham HotspurTottenham Hotspur
Manchester UnitedManchester United



Game Details

  • GameCast
  • Lineups and Stats

Wayne Rooney halved the deficit with the last goal at the Lane and Mourinho insisted afterwards that he did not prioritise the competition, again criticised United’s fixture schedule and said a top-four finish was less important to his team than silverware.

“I’m not upset, because we had to make that decision. When people say ‘we gambled,’ we didn’t gamble, we didn’t choose Europa League. We had to do it. Because if I have [injured players] Ashley Young, Luke Shaw, Marcos Rojo, [Zlatan] Ibrahimovic, Tim Fosu-Mensah, if I have these guys [available], I can rotate, I can go for every match,” Mourinho told a postmatch news conference.

“When I have 14, 15 players I can’t do it. It’s as simple as that. It’s not possible to do it every three days with Europa League that is the competition with two more matches, with two matches in hand that we had to play later, it’s impossible. We never had one occasion to rest, not even to train properly. So it was not a choice. We were pushed for that situation.”

“And even the draw, if it is a draw, I never understood well if it is a draw, or if they put the dates into the computer, I never understood that very well,” Mourinho said of United’s recent fixture list.

Jose Mourinho
Jose Mourinho made eight changes to his side for Sunday’s game.

“But to finish the season with four matches away from home — Arsenal, Tottenham, Man City. If you were fighting for the title, what a way to fight for the title. If you want to try to get some results and protect players, which matches to protect players? I cannot go to Man City or to Arsenal and put five kids at the same time all together. I cannot lose 5-0 or 6-0. So it’s difficult, difficult, but we know what we are doing.

“I don’t know other clubs, I don’t know the way they think, I don’t know what is important for them. We, Manchester United, for us it’s more important to win titles than to finish top four. So if we can win a third title, or as you like to say, a second title, if we can do that it would be magnificent for us.

“Because we don’t fight, we know it’s a big objective, we know that if we lose the final we don’t play Champions League, we know that. But we fight for titles and probably other clubs finishing in the top four, probably they would like to be in our position, to try to fight for a title.”

Mourinho told Sky Sports that Tottenham had more to play for in their final game at White Hart Lane on Sunday.

“I make that a team [Tottenham] playing at the maximum of the potential with the players having motivation to win the last match at home.” Mourinho said.

“And another team [United] trying to find some balance even with players, some of them not playing in their best positions.

“I’m fine with what we had in terms of individual performances, the two goals were bad goals that we conceded, but the team was not used to each other.”

United captain Rooney agreed with Mourinho in that Tottenham had more motivation going into the game.

“To be honest it’s another game against Tottenham. It was special for their players and fans but for us it was another game at White Hart Lane,” he said. “We wanted to win the game, we went out and tried to win the game. Tottenham played well but we could have done better.”

Dan is ESPN FC’s Tottenham correspondent. Follow him on Twitter: @Dan_KP.