Tree Of Savior Settles On 1 Month Founder’s Access, Now Available To Purchase On Steam, on fifa15guide

tree of savior

Tree of Savior has settled on a new system for the exclusive Founder’s server access offering after putting it to a community vote. Not too surprisingly, the community opted for the 1 month access period that allows purchasers of all three varieties of Founder’s Packs access to the servers at the same time. Instead, there will just be differences in virtual goodies.


In addition, the game has already made its way to Steam, where those wishing to can purchase the pack of their choice. Those who don’t wish to buy the game but would like to have it on their system and ready to go when free-to-play launches can do so as well.

The Founder’s Server will open on March 29 at 2:00AM EST, with the option to purchase the packs being removed on the 28th. The pack listings on Steam also note the later a pack is purchased within the allotted time, the later the purchaser will be allowed to join the head-start. Once launched as free-to-play though, Founder’s Servers will be able to be accessed by all players.

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