Blade & Soul Introduces Another New Zone on fifa15guide

blade and soul

Hot on the heels of the initial Silverfrost Mountains announcement, the Blade & Soul team has revealed an all new max level faction zone, Soulstone Plains. The new zone is designed to be a major source for Soulstones and Moonstones.

A level 50 faction area, similar to Misty Woods, the Soulstone Plains will offer players the ability to fight for their faction and earn rewards. Battles run throughout the day, occurring in phases. During the battle, players will fight for ownership of Soulstone mining drills in the middle of large fields. Once a faction takes over the drills, they will need to defend them. If the faction manages to defend their mining operation, they’ll earn rewards.

In addition to the main PvP activities, there are also a variety of dailies available in this area that reward Soulstones, gold, experience, and Faction Contribution Points.

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