Warmane Outland Is The Best TBC Private Servers

Every single version of WoW has it is ups and downs. Legacy WoW was thriving below Nostalrius Starts, then Kronos and after the Rebirth, Nostalris 2.0 or since it now identified: The Elysium Project. The Elysium project hosts 4 realms: Anathema PvP, that is fundamentally the former Nostalrius PvP, Darrowshire PvE that is according to the old PvE version of Nostalrius Starts, and the new ones: Elysium & Zeth’Kur PvP. However, due to some heavy GM gold drama and bad administration, Vanilla WoW is seeing a decline now.

Warmane’s TBC servers; Medivh x1 and Outland x5
On the other hand, TBC realms were in decline as well. The years-old Archangel saw it is population decline to about 500 people online, and Excalibur is shifting between 1000 and 2000 max people online. However, Warmane announced their year-old development of a TBC server, determined by their WotLK core, as Icecrown and Lordaeron proved to be a real success – Lordaeron was the only x1 rate server to keep a steady population of above 4000, and Icecrown was always full, with a queue of over 2000 players and always steady with over 12000 players online at all times.

It turned out, Warmane’s TBC servers: Outland and Medivh to overshadow all existing TBC servers: Archangel, Excalibur along with the freshly released Hellfire two and Wargate. Outland has a cap of 13000 players and 2k queue – this is the x5 leveling rates realm, while Medivh, with its x1 rates, keeps a steady population of around 3.5k players at all times. The zones in Draenor are literarily swamped with players.

Fresh servers, just like Vanilla are literary very short with gold supply. Players do need it for mounts, skills and training costs, as well as some good gear to keep up with leveling, especially the more gear dependent classes like Warriors, Rogues, Paladins, and Hunters. Mages, Priests, Druids, and Warlocks are better for playing at the start, especially the Warlocks since their first mount comes free.

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