Man United win at Watford overshadowed by untimely injuries –

Craig Burley explains why grinding out results could be effective for Man United if they want to remain in the title race.

WATFORD, England — Three points from Vicarage Road as Man United hang on for a 4-2 win at Watford.

1. United win overshadowed by injury worries

Manchester United moved to within five points of Premier League leaders Manchester City with a 4-2 victory at Watford, but the win came at a cost, as Nemanja Matic limped off to add to Jose Mourinho’s midfield injury problems.

Two goals from Ashley Young against his former club and an Anthony Martial strike had put United 3-0 up and seemingly in control by halftime. But a 77th minute Troy Deeney penalty, followed by a close-range Abdoulaye Doucoure volley seven minutes later, gave Watford hope of a remarkable fight-back. Then Jesse Lingard sealed United’s first away league victory since late September with a stunning solo goal on 87 minutes.

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With United travelling to Arsenal on Saturday before facing City at Old Trafford eight days later, three points against Marco Silva’s team was crucial to maintaining their faint hopes of catching Pep Guardiola’s runaway leaders. But the loss of Matic to a second-half injury will be a major concern to Mourinho ahead of two such important games.

The former Chelsea midfielder was replaced by Ander Herrera early in the second period with an unspecified injury, but the Serbia international was at least able to walk off the pitch. However, if the injury proves enough to keep Matic out of the Arsenal and City games, United face a midfield injury crisis at the worst possible time.

Marouane Fellaini missed this game due to injury, while Michael Carrick has yet to return to action following his heart procedure in September. Paul Pogba was able to complete 90 minutes, further boosting his fitness following his recent hamstring injury lay-off, but the loss of Matic took the shine off a big win for Mourinho and United.

Ashley Young scored two fine goals in Man United’s win but it was hampered by some untimely injuries.

2. Young is earning his extended stay

Manchester United recently triggered their option to extend Young’s contract for a further year, ensuring that the former Aston Villa player is now tied down at Old Trafford until the end of the 2018-19 season. His performance against Watford proved that to be a smart decision.

The 32-year-old almost left United in January for a lucrative move to China but Jose Mourinho asked him to stay until the end of the season due to his versatility and importance as a vocal presence in the dressing room. Young took time to win Mourinho over but is now an integral member of the squad and has regained his long-lost position as a first-team regular this season.

Young’s success in earning Mourinho’s trust is down to reinventing himself as a full-back, a process that began under Louis van Gaal. Young arrived at United in 2011 as a winger who could also play as a second striker, but Van Gaal believed that his athleticism and game intelligence would enable him to play a more defensive role and so it has proved. He has now started 12 games in all competitions this season — just three fewer starts than he managed during the whole of last season — and his form has all but ended Luke Shaw’s Old Trafford career, with the England youngster now firmly out of the picture thanks to Young’s performances at left-back.

Young’s two goals against his former club at Vicarage Road were a flashback to his past, when he was a regular scorer in his younger days. But by being able to defend like a veteran and provide pinpoint crosses for the forwards, Young has made himself crucial to Mourinho’s plans. The return of his goal threat only adds to his value.

Watford got back into the game late but another home defeat has Silva on the hot seat.

3. Has job speculation got to Marco Silva and Watford?

Marco Silva has stuck rigidly to the party line in recent weeks about not being distracted by speculation linking him to the Everton manager’s position by insisting his focus is solely on his current job at Watford. But this comprehensive loss at home to Manchester United was Watford’s fourth defeat in six games since Ronald Koeman lost his job at Everton; is it a coincidence or has Silva taken his eye off the ball? And has the speculation got to his players?

Watford lost just one in six prior to the Everton situation arising last month, and that was a home defeat against runaway leaders Manchester City, so their form has certainly dipped over the past six weeks. But whether it’s connected to the ongoing uncertainty over Silva’s future at Vicarage Road or not, Watford’s recent results suggest that the highly rated coach is perhaps over-hyped after less than 12 months in the Premier League.

Watford have fought hard to keep him and Everton’s move for Sam Allardyce suggests they seen the threat off, but results and performances in recent weeks have not been good enough for Watford or Silva. Now he must get the team back on track to prove that all the fuss was worth it.

Few clubs change their manager as often as Watford so it will be interesting to see how Silva’s situation plays out from this point on.

Mark Ogden is a senior football writer for ESPN FC. Follow him @MarkOgden_

Path of exile 3.1 Builds for Marauder Berserker

The Berserker is geared towards being inside the heat of combat, with lots of-of their skills requiring killing or becoming hit not too long ago. These bonuses include things like life leech, attack speed, damage reduction, and warcry enhancements. This class aims for attack-oriented character builds. Within this post, Poecurrencybuy Use Blade Vortex, Cyclone, Dark Pact, Firestorm, Glacial Cascade Gems Show Path of exile 3.1 Witch Elementalist Build for you. PoeCurrencyBuy as an expert Poe Currency website delivers secure, speedy and low-cost Poe Chaos orb for you. With more than ten years of excellence, we’ve served thousands of customers. When you are hesitating where to buy Poe Exalted Orb, PoeCurrencyBuy is going to be a perfect choice.

[Poe 3.1 Blade Vortex] BV MoM Pledge Uber Lab Farmer (budget to endgame) HH within a week

Although this build is just not entirely newbie friendly, this build is incredibly budget friendly. This Build began farming lab on day 2 having a 5L and uniqueness that should in all probability not expense far more than a chaos Even though this build takes off.

Vaal Pact has changed, and it does impact this build; however, this needs to be a solid league starter for Uber lab nonetheless. This Build plan to test this out without the need of Vaal Pact initially, also forgoing Cloaked in Savagery for War-Bringer. With a capability to restore a sizable chunk of well being and mana on demand (to not mention obtain regen now), This Build believes this build needs to be practically as higher since it was in 3.0. If you’d like to see it in action, This Build might be streaming reside at having a focus on lab farming within the first week. This Build will update the guide as This Build uncover the top course of action to take.


[Poe 3.1 Cyclone] 2H RT Cyclone: Nevertheless Okay-ish For Abyss League

A cyclone can be a talent that initiates a spinning series of attacks as the player travels to a target place. For all those who get pleasure from a melee build that’s mobile and unwavering this ability can be for you. You may play in each a hardcore and softcore setting with relative ease without the need of needing any expensive gear or complicated items. Simplicity is crucial to this build and as you progress and level you are going to go quicker and kill faster with each upgrade. In case you’re a newcomer and wish to start leveling with this build in either a permanent or temporary league, This Build suggests you check out the Leveling section with the guide for some strategies on how to make the method additional comfy. This fast-moving build can be played with a Marauder, Duelist, Ranger or Scion and provides a separate ability tree for using an Axe, Sword, Mace and much more. It relies on Resolute Method to grant hit chance which smooths out our DPS. You can find no specific Uniques or other gear that’s essential, but you will aim for tri-resistance gear, life, attack speed, movement speed and weapon elemental damage if doable.


[Poe 3.1 Dark Pact] Dark Pact Clearspeed Berserker (Enormous AOE)

This Build is a definite speed build; it could kill bosses pretty smoothly up to t15 maps using a wither totem and effect alternatively of Inc AOE. Never count on to be running finish game bosses with it should you are searching for easy kills.
This build is wholly reflected immune, we scale minuscule cold just to shatter, and it doesn’t deal sufficient harm to reveal any substantial portions of blowback. The only map mod you can’t run is ‘Cannot Leech.’
We scale as a great deal generic harm as we can to both dip into climbing the chaos damage dark pact provides and also jumping severe injury (flat from gear) to supplement evident speed.
Shattering is essential for clearing comfortably and makes mapping quite a bit safer. I also had the 7k life at 95 with practical experience on just about every jewel.


[Poe 3.1 Firestorm] MoM Firestorm Berserker – Beginner/SSF/League Starter

This Build is a self-cast Firestorm build. The program: you cast Firestorm, and issues die. Everything dies.


+ Extremely easy. Good for beginners.
+ Low-cost to get started.
+ Does all content.
+ Decently tanky

– Not the quickest of builds
– Delayed damage makes for not the most efficient QoL


[Poe 3.1 Glacial Cascade] HC/SC Scorching Cascade

The fundamental concept here is always to use Scorching Ray debuff to acquire fire penetration and further damage. The default cast price on Glacial Cascade is .80. With Cast while Channeling, it starts at .40; it only gets better from there.

We convert our harm into full fire utilizing two of the new thresholds for Glacial Cascade(The Lengthy Winter) to save 40% of our physical damage into cold, then a Cold to Fire help in our initial hyperlink setup. The rest of the cost is converted to fire via Avatar of Fire around the tree. My other version of this build lost a little of damage (in all probability 5% or so) by not converting the physical each of the ways to cold. The Lengthy Winter also needs to make clear a bit much more natural given that the cascade will attain further.

+ Super tanky (6k HP having a 2k Mind More than Matter pool)
+ Super budget
+ Simple to acquire going (by lv 38 you’ll be able to be comfy in a 4L)
+ Can run practically any map mod (cannot leech/Elemental reflect aren’t runnable)
+ Super rewarding when you understand the build

-Slightly awkward playstyle till you adapt (gets much better with cast speed, too)
-Have to level as Sunder DW until lv 38 or 40
-Not quite mobile although channeling


[Poe 3.1 Icestorm] The Blinding Blizzard – Whispering Ice Berserker – Viable for most Every little thing

Preliminary update for 3.1. Mainly the trees are going to be changing because VP is finding moved to the Duelist region. Some of the 3.0 info may perhaps no longer apply in 3.1. Quite a few factors may have to be seen following the release. Be careful when you decide to go with this build early in 3.1.

This is the Life-based version of my CI Whispering Ice build. Because the massive ES nerf, it became not possible to leech ES efficiently adequate to Facetank endgame bosses. Consequently, the build was adapted to use Life and new mechanics that function with it.

This build can do all the things in Path of Exile. No boss is too really hard for it; most are also simple. Watch the videos below to view how it performs against all the tough stuff.


[Poe 3.1 Lacerate] ItsGameOgre’s Lacerforge Leechtank [Facetank the Shaper]

As of 3.1, Vaal Pact has been reworked and can now double the leech rate somewhat of leeching instantaneously.
This Build is both great and terrible; it enables a much more subtle heal allowing you to recover a little slower but in a far more steady manner. What does this imply for this build?

With a little respeccing around the talent tree, the build has suffered a little bit of damage and life. However, it is even tanker now.
Guardians are nevertheless Faceroll except for the Phoenix, and also the Shaper remains easy-mode

+ Very easy to use and fully grasp
+ Excellent harm, both single and multi-target
+ Near indestructible
+ Nearly all content is often Facetank
+ Can clear a number of the most robust maps

– High-priced
– Not the top for making Maps as a result of moderate attain
– Physical reflect/No leech maps = RIP
– Random Reflect Rare Monster = usually RIP
– Reduced mobility (Not as a great deal of a Problems for those who make use of the Retch)
– Mobility/Attack speed debuffs will give you a hard time at instances
– Not great for Lab
– Boring to some



Commonly, they are not worth the trouble for causes which can be adequate in the extended run. Even though they are beneficial for players, who might know practically nothing regarding the game. For the most element, they’re mastering tools for beginners to ease them into the game. For a lot more Path of exile 3.1 Builds, you can visit Just a reminder: you can get 5% coupon code free from the reps for those who Acquire Poe Currency order from this article.

fifa15guide | Cyber Monday 2017: The best deals on PC games, graphics cards, monitors, SSDs and more

fifa15guide | Cyber Monday 2017: The best deals on PC games, graphics cards, monitors, SSDs and more

After a weekend of gorging yourself on turkey and elbowing people in the face to get that last discounted something or other in the shops, now it’s time to settle in and continue those deal hunts from the comfort of your own home. For today is Cyber Monday, the day that’s reserved for purely online-only deals following the shopping bonanza that was Black Friday.

This year, we’ve done the hard work for you, as we’ve scoured the web for the best Cyber Monday deals money can buy. These aren’t just re-heated Black Friday deals, either, as most retailers usually have completely separate discounts running today, making it a great time to pick up another bargain if none of the deals last week took your fancy. As always, we’ll be updating this article throughout the day, so make sure to check back at regular intervals just in case something new appears. We’ve also got tips on the best places to browse, and how to find out if those hot discounts are really as good as they seem.

Best Cyber Monday 2017 deals

As much as we love a good Steam sale, the best Cyber Monday deals are on PC hardware, components and peripherals – much like Black Friday, in that respect. Of course, while we’ll endeavor to bring you the very best deals from around the internet, you should also check CamelCamelCamel before you buy anything on Amazon to see if you’re actually getting a good price. This keeps track of Amazon product prices all year round, helping you identify if a Cyber Monday deal is actually a must-have discount or whether it’s actually the same price it was this time last year.

To go straight to each category, just clicks the links below:

  • Best game deals
  • Best PC deals
  • Best laptop deals
  • Best graphics card deals
  • Best monitor deals
  • Best SSD deals
  • Best CPU deals
  • Best RAM deals
  • Best mouse and keyboard deals
  • Best headset deals

The best sites for Cyber Monday deals are found below.


  • Amazon
  • Ebuyer
  • Overclockers UK
  • Scan
  • CCL
  • GAME
  • Currys
  • Green Man Gaming
  • GOG
  • Steam
  • Humble


  • Amazon
  • Newegg
  • BestBuy
  • Walmart
  • Target
  • eBay
  • Green Man Gaming
  • GOG
  • Steam
  • Humble

fifa15guide | Cyber Monday 2017: The best deals on PC games, graphics cards, monitors, SSDs and more

Best Cyber Monday PC game deals:

  • Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus – £16.49 from Amazon
  • Titanfall 2 – £12.50 from Amazon
  • Star Wars Battlefront – £4.50 from Amazon
  • Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds – £24.12 from Play-Asia
  • Battlefield 1 Premium Season Pass – £11.99 from Origin
  • Mass Effect Andromeda: Standard Edition – £17.49 from Origin
  • Prey – £15.00 from Green Man Gaming (Apply code GMGBLACKFRIDAY to get a further 15% off)
  • The Evil Within II – £20.00 from Green Man Gaming (Apply code GMGBLACKFRIDAY to get a further 15% off)
  • Destiny 2: Standard Edition – £26.90 from Green Man Gaming 
  • Deus Ex Mankind Divided – £6.00 from Green Man Gaming
  • Life is Strange – £4.00 from Green Man Gaming
  • Middle-earth: Shadow of War – £26.99 from Green Man Gaming  (Apply code GMGBLACKFRIDAY to get a further 15% off)
  • Rocket League – £7.50 from Green Man Gaming (Apply code GMGBLACKFRIDAY to get a further 15% off)
  • Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege – £17.50 from Green Man Gaming (Apply code GMGBLACKFRIDAY to get a further 15% off)
  • Stellaris: Standard Edition – £14.00 from Green Man Gaming (Apply code GMGBLACKFRIDAY to get a further 15% off)
  • XCOM 2 – £11.55 from Green Man Gaming (Apply code GMGBLACKFRIDAY to get a further 15% off)
  • Overwatch: Standard Edition – £16.99 from Blizzard’s
  • Destiny 2: Standard Edition – £29.24 from Blizzard’s 
  • The Witcher 3: Game of the Year Edition – £13.99 from
  • Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice – £18.79 from

fifa15guide | Cyber Monday 2017: The best deals on PC games, graphics cards, monitors, SSDs and more

Best Cyber Monday PC deals:

If you’re thinking about picking up a Vive for £599 /$599 or an Oculus Rift for £349 /  $349 today (whose respective Black Friday deals are still on, by the way), then you might want to pick up a VR-ready PC to go with it.

HP Omen 880-072na  – £1999 from HP
This top of the line gaming PC normally costs £2499, but with the offer code BLACK1 you can get this GTX 1080Ti-powered PC for £500 off over on the HP Store. It comes with pretty much everything you could possibly want from a gaming PC, really, including an unlocked Intel Core i7-7700K processor, 32GB of RAM, a 2TB HHD and 512GB SSD  and liquid cooling. You even get a free copy of Destiny 2.

Lenovo Legion Y520 – £750 from Currys
Powered by a 3GB GTX 1060, this Lenovo gaming PC has an Intel Core i5-7400 processor, 8GB of RAM, 1TB of storage and a 16GB of Intel Optane Memory module to speed up your multi-tasking.

Dell Inspiron Gaming Desktop – £429 from Dell (Use code DB15SAVE270)
Dell’s gaming desktop isn’t live yet, but it comes with an AMD Ryzen 3 1200 processor, 8GB of RAM and an AMD RX 560 graphics card. Normally £700, this is a steal of an entry-level gaming PC.

Alienware Alpha – £699 from Dell (Use code DB14SAVE250)
This tiny Alienware PC is designed to be use in the living room and playing games at 1080p at 60fps. Its GTX 960 is a bit old now, and you’re paying a premium for the small form factor, but if you don’t fancy lugging your whole rig down to your TV every time you want to play multiplayer games with your friends and family, this could be the solution you’ve been looking for.

Amazon is currently running a big offer on Windows Mixed Reality headsets at the moment, letting you save up to £349 when you buy one together with a bundled laptop. They’re a great way to get into virtual reality if you’re not too fussed about overall image quality and don’t want to splash out on a Vive or Rift, and all of them come with a pair of motion controllers, too. They’re also kitted out for augmented reality apps as and when they arrive, but until more AR games start appearing in stores, you’ll mainly be using them for VR when you first get one. Here are our top picks from today’s daily deals:

  • Dell Inspiron 7000 (Intel Core i5-7300HQ, GTX 1050) with HP VR1000-100nm – £1064 from Amazon 
  • MSI GP62 (Intel Core i7-7700HQ, GTX 1060) with HP VR1000-100nm – £1300 from Amazon
  • Dell XPS Desktop (Intel Core i7-7700K, GTX 1080) with HP VR-1000-100nm – £2000 from Amazon
  • Dell Alienware 17.3in (Intel Core i7-7820HK, GTX 1070) with HP VR1000-100nm – £2300 from Amazon

fifa15guide | Cyber Monday 2017: The best deals on PC games, graphics cards, monitors, SSDs and more

Best Cyber Monday laptop deals:

Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Gaming – £699 from Dell (Use code DB7SAVE200)
Normally £919, you can save over £200 on Dell’s new gaming laptop with the code above. It comes with an Intel Core i5-7300HQ processor, 8GB of RAM, a 15.6in Full HD IPS display and a 4GB GTX 1050 graphics card. You can also get one with a Core i7-7700HQ, 16GB of RAM and a 6GB GTX 1060 for £1099 with the code DB3SAVE200.

Dell XPS 13 – £1149 from Dell – SOLD OUT
Dell’s XPS 13 deal has come and gone again. If you’re still desperate for an XPS 13, though, then check back at 6pm GMT, as there’s a slightly less expensive version lined up for £919 that comes with an i5-8250U, 8GB of RAM and a 256GB SSD.

MSI GP62MVR 7RFX Leopard Pro – £999 from Amazon
Down from £1399, MSI’s Leopard Pro is a pretty tempting deal for a GTX 1060 laptop. With an Intel Core i7-7820HK processor, 8GB of RAM, a 15.6in Full HD display and a Steelseries keyboard, that’s a pretty decent set of components for the money. It’s not hideously slab-like, either, measuring just 29mm thick.

MSI Apache Pro GE62VR – £1099 from Currys
As well as an Intel Core i7-7700HQ processor, 16GB of RAM, a 3GB GTX 1060 and a 1TB HDD/128GB SSD combo, you also get eight free bits of software thrown in for free with this 15.6in Full HD laptop, including VR games Arizona Sunshine, Star Trek: Bridge Crew and Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide, plus Dirt 4, World of Tanks, World of Warships and Magix FastCut Plus Edition and PCmover Professional.

MSI GT73EVR 7RF Titan Pro – £2000 from Box
Normally £2399, this MSI GTX 1080-powered gaming laptop is now cheaper than ever. While not as ludicrous as the GT75VR I reviewed the other week, this still  has a 17.3in 120Hz display and a Intel Core i7-7700HQ processor, as well as a 256GB SSD and 1TB HDD. You also get a free SteelSeries Siberia V2 gaming headset with this bundle as well.

Alienware 17 – £2039 from John Lewis
Even cheaper than it was over Black Friday, the Alienware 17 is one of the most powerful gaming laptops around. With an Intel i7-7820HK processor, a GTX 1070 graphics chip and a 2560×1440, 120Hz VA panel with built-in Tobii eye-tracking tech, this is one feature-packed gaming machine.

Acer Nitro 5 – $744 from Amazon
Like the MSI above, the Acer Nitro 5 has a GTX 1050Ti inside for smooth 1080p gaming. The main difference, and why it costs so much less, is because it only has a Core i5-7300HQ processor inside, as well as a 256GB SSD and 8GB of RAM. That’s still more than enough for a mid-range gaming laptop, though, and its 15.6in Full HD IPS screen should make your games look pretty good, too.

MSI GL62M-7REX – $919 from Newegg
A GTX 1050Ti-powered gaming laptop with an Intel Core i7-7700HQ processor, 16GB of RAM, a 15.6in Full HD screen and a 512GB SSD. Just bear in mind it doesn’t come with an extra HDD for additional storage. For a slightly less expensive version, which comes with all the of the above except the 512GB SSD (you get a 128GB SSD and 1TB HDD instead), check out this version from Amazon for $900.

Asus ROG Strix GL502VS – $1499 from Newegg
Down from $1699, this GTX 1070 laptop has a 15.6in Nvidia G-Sync screen, an Intel Core i-7-7700HQ processor, 16GB of RAM and a super-fast 256GB NVMe SSD and 1TB HDD for extra storage. You also get red backlit scissor-switch keys.

MSI GT73VR Titan Pro – $2099 from Newegg
Much like the GT75VR I reviewed recently, this mega laptop has a GTX 1080 graphics chip, an Intel Core i7-7700HQ processor, 16GB of RAM and a 17.3in Full HD display. You also get a free copy of Destiny 2.


fifa15guide | Cyber Monday 2017: The best deals on PC games, graphics cards, monitors, SSDs and more

Best Cyber Monday graphics card deals:

A lot of the good graphics card deals were snapped up Black Friday, leaving slim pickings for those shopping on Cyber Monday. As a result, several cards are now either out of stock or have gone back up in price. Here’s our pick from what’s left.

EVGA GeForce GTX 1050 – £100 from Scan
If you want an inexpensive card for games that don’t require much power, then this is a fantastic deal.

Gigabyte Geforce GTX 1050 2GB – $119 from Amazon 
This Gigabyte model has finally dethroned EVGA’s $135 SC Gaming edition over on Newegg. A great choice for less demanding esports titles.

Asus GTX 1060 3GB Phoenix – £183 from Ebuyer
A great card for 1080p and a little bit of 1440p, there were better GTX 1060 deals last week, but this is the cheapest one we can find for Cyber Monday. Read our GTX 1060 review for more info.

PowerColor Radeon RX580 Red Dragon V2 – £260 from Overclockers / $230 from Newegg
PowerColour’s RX 580 remains the cheapest way to get a good deal on a great mid-range graphics card. This particular version is even cheaper than the card we found over Black Friday, too.

XFX Radeon RX580 8GB – $260 from Newegg – SOLD OUT
With double fans and 8GB of memory, this RX 580 is one of the best Cyber Monday graphics card deals we’ve seen so far. Alas, it’s now sold out. Your next best bet is the PowerColor Red Devil, which is currently going for $270, also at Newegg.

Asus GeForce GTX 1070 Dual OC 8GB – £349 from Ebuyer 
Ebuyer’s GTX 1070 deal is back on, and is arguably the best graphics card deal you’ll find all day. Grab it now while stocks last. Read our GTX 1070 review to see how it fares.

MSI GeForce GTX 1070 Ti 8GB Gaming – £420 from Scan
Most full-sized GTX 1070Ti cards are close enough in price to the GTX 1080 that you may as well just spend the extra and get a more powerful card. This MSI version, however, is far enough away in price to make it worth your while.

Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1070Ti GAMING 8GB – $470 from Newegg
This Gigabyte GTX 1070Ti is being discounted until Monday, although in our eyes, it’s probably worth spending the extra $30 to get the GTX 1080 below. Read our review to find out why.

Asus GeForce GTX 1080 Turbo – £479 from Scan
One of the cheapest GTX 1080s available right now, Asus’ Turbo edition comes with an extra HDMI output for easy VR setup. Read our GTX 1080 review to find out more.

MSI Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti Armor OC – £675 from Ebuyer 
GTX 1080 Tis still cost quite a lot more than regular GTX 1080s, but this particular bundle nets you a free copy of Destiny 2 to help soften the blow until November 29th. It’s also much cheaper than the best GTX 1080 Ti deal we found last week.

fifa15guide | Cyber Monday 2017: The best deals on PC games, graphics cards, monitors, SSDs and more

Best Cyber Monday monitor deals:

AOC G2460VQ6 (above) – £103 from Amazon (NEW LOWER PRICE TODAY ONLY)
Cheaper than ever, this TN-based 24in AOC has a higher 75Hz refresh rate for super smooth gaming and AMD FreeSync support, plus a bunch of blue light filters to help take care of your eyes. Get it now before it goes on Amazon’s Daily Deals.

Philips 273V5LHAB – £150 from Amazon
Slightly more expensive than the BenQ above, but having tested this 27in monitor myself, I can say with certainty that this has excellent image quality despite its 1920×1080 resolution. It’s pretty basic, but if you want a big screen without breaking the bank, the 273V5LHAB is a great choice. Stay tuned for our full review.

AOC AG272FCX – £320 from Currys
This 27in gaming monitor has a 144hz refresh rate and AMD FreeSync support. Pound for pound, I’d probably recommend going for the Asus MG278Q below, but if you’re after a fancy curved IPS screen, it’s probably a price worth paying for fewer pixels.

Asus MG278Q – £387 from Amazon
This 27in TN monitor has a lovely 2560×1440 resolution and a 144Hz refresh rate, making it a great pick for those with beefy graphics cards who really want to push past the 60fps barrier. It also has AMD FreeSync support and two HDMI ports.

Asus ROG Swift PG258Q – £488 from CCL
A 25in monitor with a huge 240Hz refresh rate, making it a perfect fit for esport enthusiasts or those that like their games, really, really smooth. It only has a standard 1,920×1,080 resolution and ports are pretty limited to a single HDMI and DisplayPort, but what it lacks in connectivity it makes up for in flexibility, with pivot, swivel and height-adjustment support. Our full review will be here very shortly. You also get a free copy of Assassin’s Creed Origins, too.

Acer XF240H – £180 from Laptops Direct
A smaller, Full HD version of the excellent XF270HUA (below), this 144Hz IPS panel is a great deal.

Acer XF270HUA – £500 from Amazon
We loved this monitor when we got it in for review, and is currently our top pick for gaming display greatness. This 27in 1440p monitor has an IPS display, giving it superb colour accuarcy, and it’s also got a 144Hz refresh rate, giving you super smooth gaming at the same time.

HP Omen Quad HD 27in – £549 from Currys
This 27in, 2560×1440 monitor is quite the looker. With a super slim stand and slender bezels, this is one monitor you won’t be ashamed to have on your desk. It also comes with Nvidia G-Sync support and a three-port USB3 hub.

Acer Predator XBV271HK – £500 from Overclockers
This 27in 4K monitor from Acer has Nvidia G-Sync support, plus a USB hub and HDMI and DisplayPort connections. It’s the perfect partner for a new GTX 1080 graphics card.

Dell S2817Q – £390 from Scan
If Acer’s 4K monitor above is a bit too expensive, this one from Dell costs less than £400. It doesn’t come with G-Sync support or anything fancy like that, but this is still a pretty decent deal if you’re looking to upgrade your pixel count.

Acer Predator X34A – £800 from Amazon
Historically, this 4K monitor often demands around £1000, and no wonder – it’s got a curved 34in 3840×1440 IPS screen, Nvidia G-Sync support and its refresh rate can be overclocked to 100Hz. At £800, it’s highly tempting indeed.

LG 38UC99 – £900 from Overclockers
This mad 38in curved 3840×1600 FreeSync monitor has an IPS panel and a 75Hz refresh rate, assuming your graphics card get break 60fps at 4K widescreen, of course! Normally £1200, this is a pretty good deal if you’re after a ginormous monitor to up your game.

Dell E2318Hx – $90 from Amazon
This 23in IPS monitor is just $90 right now, but hurry, as stock’s clearing fast over on Amazon. If you’re after a cheap second screen, this is an absolute bargain.

Dell S2718HN – $180 from BestBuy 
If you want a slightly fancier 27in monitor deal, this curved display from Samsung is your next best bet. It only has a 1920×1080 resolution, but its IPS panel should mean superb colour accuracy. It’s also got super slim bezels (the frame bit round the outside of the monitor) and support for AMD’s FreeSync technology.

Samsung LU28H750UQNXZA – $330 from Samsung
Samsung’s 28in 4K monitor is quite the bargain at this price. Normally $500, this stylish monitor has one of Samsung’s own QLED panels, which uses the same technology as the company’s TVs, so colour accuracy should be excellent.

Samsung UH750 – $499 from Amazon
This 31.5in monitor has a lovely 4K display and one of Samsung’s own QLED panels, theoretically giving it the same kind of picture quality as its TVs. Save $200 on one this Black Friday.

AOC C4008VU8 – $600 from Best Buy
4K monitors are still quite expensive, but this enormous 40in AOC model is currently $200 off at Best Buy. It’s curved, too, making it even more immersive than your typical flat screen monitor.

Samsung CF791 – $649 from Amazon
For a truly widescreen 4K experience, you can currently get $260 off Samsung’s jumbo CF791. Featuring a curved VA panel and a 100Hz refresh rate, this Samsung monitor could be a very smart addition to your gaming setup.

fifa15guide | Cyber Monday 2017: The best deals on PC games, graphics cards, monitors, SSDs and more

Best Cyber Monday SSD deals:

Kingston SSDNow UV400 2.5in – (120GB) £48 from Ebuyer
Want an SSD for just Windows and a few productivity apps without spending an arm and a leg? Kingston’s SSDNow UV400 is a great choice.

Crucial BX300 2.5in – (240GB) £62 from Amazon (DAILY DEAL)
It’s slightly slower than the MX300, but the BX300 is still a great budget SSD for those after something to boost Windows loading times.

Crucial MX300 2.5in – (275GB) £73 from Amazon / $83 from Amazon
An excellent 2.5in SSD, Crucial’s MX300 is fantastic value for money. The higher capacities have since gone back up in price, but the 275GB version is still pretty cheap.

Samsung 850 EVO 2.5in – (250GB) £80 from Overclockers / Amazon / $90 from Newegg, (500GB) £137 from Amazon / $140 from Newegg, (1TB) £278 from Amazon / $300 from Samsung, (2TB) $750 from Samsung
Arguably the best 2.5in SATA SSDs around, the Samsung 850 EVO also comes with a handy five-year guarantee, making it excellent value for money. If you buy one from Ebuyer, you can also nab yourself a free copy of Assassin’s Creed Origins, too.

WD Blue 3D NAND SSD 2.5in – (250GB) £80 from Amazon / $85 from Newegg, (500GB) £149 from Ebuyer / $150 from Newegg
Now just as cheap as Samsung’s 850 EVO in the 250GB category, WD’s Blue 3D NAND SSD comes highly recommended.

Samsung 960 EVO M.2 – (250GB) £117 from Ebuyer (plus free Assassin’s Creed Origins) /  $128 from Amazon
Samsung’s super fast NVMe SSD comes at a price (and also needs an M.2 slot on your motherboard), but at least you’re getting a free copy of Assassin’s Creed Origins for your trouble.

Samsung 960 PRO M.2 – (512GB) £263 from Amazon 
Samsung’s 960 PRO is absolutely top of its class when it comes to NVMe SSDs. It really doesn’t get much better than this.

Buffalo LinkStation 210 1-Bay NAS – £75 from BT Shop
Okay, so this isn’t an SSD at all, but but this 2TB NAS drive is currently on offer over at the BT Shop – a bargain if you’re looking for lots of storage you can access for anywhere around your home or remotely using your phone, tablet or web browser.

fifa15guide | Cyber Monday 2017: The best deals on PC games, graphics cards, monitors, SSDs and more

Best Cyber Monday motherboard deals:

You can find plenty of deals going on for old 6th/7th Gen Intel motherboards right now, but if you’re thinking about upgrading your PC right now, our advice is to go with one of the 8th Gen boards listed below. Intel’s 8th Gen processors aren’t compatible with 6th/7th Gen motherboards, and neither are 6th/7th Gen CPUs compatible with 8th Gen motherboards. That means, if you upgrade to a 6th/7th Gen-based system now, you’ll only have to buy everything new all over again when you next come to upgrade. The boards below are more expensive than any 6th/7th Gen deal you’ll find today, but trust us, it’s worth the extra expense.

Gigabyte Z370 Aorus Ultra Gaming – £140 from Overclockers / $136 from Amazon
Looking to upgrade to Intel’s 8th Gen processors? This ATX Z370 is a great place to start. Normally £170 / $170, this board also comes with a £20 Steam voucher code if you’re buying from Overclockers in the UK.

MSI Z370 Gaming Pro Carbon ATX Motherboard – £187 from Novatech
This ATX motherboard supports Intel’s new 8th Gen chips, and you also get a free 240mm RGB cooler worth £70 plus a free code for Project CARS 2 to help sweeten the deal.

Gigabyte Z370 AORUS Gaming 7 – £245 from Scan / $200 from Amazon
This is more expensive than the 8th Gen board listed above, but Scan’s throwing in a free CoolerMaster MasterLiquid Lite 240 Hydro Cooler as well, which is a lot more substantial than the cooler being offered with the MSI board. If you’ve always wanted a liquid-cooled system, this is a great way to get started.

Gigabyte GA-AB350M Gaming 3 AMD Ryzen – $69 from Amazon
If you’re after a new Ryzen board, this Gigabyte model is currently over $20 off. With USB3.1 Gen 2 and NVMe support, this micro-ATX board packs in a lot of features.

fifa15guide | Cyber Monday 2017: The best deals on PC games, graphics cards, monitors, SSDs and more

Best Cyber Monday CPU deals:

AMD Ryzen 3 1300X AM4 – £110 from Amazon / $120 from Newegg
This retail version of AMD’s new quad-core 3.7 GHz Ryzen 3 processor comes with a ‘Wraith Stealth cooler’ and is described as VR ready – which isn’t bad for a budget gaming CPU. There’s a cheaper, slightly less powerful Ryzen 3 1200 processor available for £92, but we reckon it’s worth spending the extra to get those faster speeds.

AMD Ryzen 5 1500X – £150 from Overclockers / Scan, $165 from Newegg
Down from £164, this mid-range 3.5GHz quad-core Ryzen 5 chip comes with a Wraith Spire 95W cooler (alas, not the one with the RGB LEDs), and is a great choice for any mid-range gaming system, however…

AMD Ryzen 5 1600 – £159 from Overclockers or Scan / $190 from Newegg
…It’s probably worth spending the extra £9 here on the superior hexa-core Ryzen 5 1600 compared to the one listed above if you’re in the UK, especially as you get the same AMD Wraith Spire cooler.

AMD Ryzen 7 1700X – £240 at Scan or Overclockers / $280 from Newegg
The middle sibling in AMD’s top-end Ryzen 7 line-up, the 1700X is an octa-core 3.8GHz processor that’s mildly faster than the regular Ryzen 1700, but not quite as quick as the 4.0GHz Ryzen 7 1800X. You should still be pretty happy with this one, though, especially if you don’t fancy spending another £40 to get the 1800X (although at £160 off, that 1800X is still a pretty great deal).

AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1900X – £410 from Scan / $450 from Newegg
This entry-level Threadripper normally costs over £500, so if you’re looking for a bonkers processor that offers more power than even a top-end Ryzen 7, then this is the cheapest you’ll find one right now.

AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1920X – £583 from Ebuyer or Amazon / $650 from Newegg
AMD’s ridiculous 12-core Threadripper processor is pretty darn expensive, but when this particular version normally costs close to £800, this kind of saving is definitely the time to get one.

Intel Core i5-8600K – £270 from Overclockers
We haven’t seen many sites discounting Intel’s new 8th Gen chips just because they’re so new, but Overclockers is currently offering a string of reasonable savings on these processors, making it a good time to pick one up if you’re thinking about upgrading. Save even more with an OEM versions for just £249.

Intel Core i7-8700K – £369 from Overclockers
Save 10% on this OEM version of Intel’s high-end 8th Gen Core i7 processor. It’s one of the only places you’ll find it cheap this side of Christmas.

Best Cyber Monday RAM deals:

Bizarrely, there are loads of RAM sticks being discounted this Cyber Monday, after almost nothing over Black Friday. What a relief. Here are the best DDR4 deals you can buy today:

Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB (2x8GB) DDR 2666 – $160 from Newegg
Faster than the Corsair listed below and compatible with both AMD Ryzen boards and Intel 200-series motherboards, this pair of DDR4 2666 sticks would be a great addition to any existing 6th/7th Gen Intel system.

Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB (2x8GB) – $150 from Newegg
Normally $208, this pair of 8GB DDR4 2133 sticks come in black, blue and red. You’ll have to pay extra for the blue and red versions, but the black version is currently on sale until Thursday. It’s compatible with across X99 and Intel 100-series motherboards.

G.Skill Ripjaws V Series 16GB (2x8GB) – $140 from Newegg
If you don’t want boring old black RAM and fancy some red DDR4 on the cheap, this G.Skill pair could be for you, but just bear in mind it’s only compatible with the Intel Z170 platform and Intel X99 chipset.

fifa15guide | Cyber Monday 2017: The best deals on PC games, graphics cards, monitors, SSDs and more

Best Cyber Monday gaming mouse and keyboard deals:

Best Buy is currently doing a load of deals on various bits of Logitech kit right now, including a swathe of mice, wireless keyboards and gaming headsets. There are too many to list here, but you’ll find several items with over $40 knocked off its usual price. Click on the links to the relevant product category and have a browse. Otherwise, carry on below:

Asus ROG Claymore – £150 from Overclockers
We recently reviewed the Claymore and absolutely fell in love with it. A great mechanical keyboard made even better with this £50 off discount over on Overclockers. Read our review to see more thoughts.

CoolerMaster Masterkeys L PBT Mechanical Gaming Keyboard – £60 from Overclockers
If you want a no-nonsense mechanical keyboard that does away with fancy RGB lighting, this one from CoolerMaster could be right up your street. It comes with brown Cherry MX switches and has PBT key caps.

Corsair STRAFE Cherry MX Red Mechanical Gaming Keyboard – £65 from Scan / $80 from Best Buy
If the Asus is a bit too expensive, Corsair has a much cheaper mechanical keyboard currently available at Scan. The keys only light up red, but each one is fully programmable.

Corsair Gaming K70 RGB Rapidfire Mechanical Keyboard – $120 from Newegg
This particular model comes with Cherry MX Speed RGB switches, which are apparently Corsair’s fastest keys ever made, but you can also get one with RGB Red switches for less over at Newegg.

Razer BlackWidow Chroma Mechanical Gaming Keyboard – £110 from Ebuyer
Razer’s mechanical switches are a bit different from your traditional Cherry MX mechanical keyboard, but its array of RGB LEDs give you over 16.8m different colour options. Those in the US can also pick up the V2 version from Newegg for $130.

Roccat Isku FX – £36 from Scan
This illuminated gaming keyboard isn’t mechanical, but it’s still very comfortable for general typing and playing games. It’s also available in white.

MSI Steelseries Edition Kinzu V3 Gaming Mouse – £20 from Scan
Down from £40, this ambidextrous mouse doesn’t have any fancy features, but at just £20, it’s an absolute bargain.

Corsair Gaming Glaive RGB Optical Mouse – £45 from Scan
Normally £70, Corsair’s gaming mouse has six buttons, three different grips and an RGB back light.

Logitech M330 Silent Plus Wireless Mouse – £16 from Amazon
Down from £30, this wireless Logitech mouse is available in black, red and blue and has a battery life of 24 months. It’s also incredibly quiet, with super soft clicking noises. A great addition for those who want to declutter their desks and cut down on wires.

Logitech MX Master AMZ Wireless Bluetooth Mouse – £40 from Amazon
Now half price, Logitech’s darkfield laser tracking allows the MX Master to work on a variety of surfaces, no mouse mat required, and can be paired with three devices simultaneously.

fifa15guide | Cyber Monday 2017: The best deals on PC games, graphics cards, monitors, SSDs and more

Best Cyber Monday gaming headset deals:

Philips SHP9500S (above) – $48 from Newegg
Normally $160, this is a huge discount for a pair of stylish over-ear headphones. They have an open-back design, so they’re not the best for listening to music or game audio while others are in the same room as you, but its large ear cups and steel, double-cushioned headband should make them very comfy to wear for long periods of time.

Hyper X Cloud Stinger – £32 from Amazon
Today only, HyperX’s excellent gaming headset is currently 36% off.

Steelseries Siberia 800 – £205 / $195 from Steelseries
A fantastic wireless headset with great audio quality and the flexibility to be used across multiple platforms. Its microphone isn’t quite as good as I’d hoped, but it also has a Bluetooth-enabled twin, the Siberia 840, which is currently just £240 or $240.

Steelseries Arctis 7 – £135 / $119 from Steelseries
Hands down the most comfortable headset I’ve ever used, the wireless Arctis 7 is incredible value for money, even if us UK buyers get a bit stiffed on the pricing compared to our US cousins. Buy it, love it, thank me later.

Corsair Gaming Void Pro RGB – £66 from Scan / $64 from Best Buy
We’re just about to start testing this headset, but if you fancy the idea of having your headset match the other LEDs in your system, including your mouse and motherboard, then this is quite possibly the gaming headset for you. It has 7.1 surround sound and connects to your PC via USB.

Razer ManO’ War – £120 / $120 from Razer
Razer’s extending its Cyber Deals promotion to cover Cyber Monday, with deals going on in both the UK and the US, making it a great time to pick up its ManO’War wireless gaming headset with 7.1 surround sound and a 14-hour battery life.

Razer ManO’ War 7.1 Limited Razer Green Edition – £70 / $70 from Razer
A wired version of the above, also with 7.1 surround sound

Razer Kraken 7.1 V2 Black/White/Grey with Oval Ear Cushions – £80 / $80 from Razer
Another wired USB headset, this time with an active-noise-cancelling microphone for pitch-perfect multiplayer chat

Razer Kraken Pro 7.1 V2 Black/White/Green with  Round Ear Cushions – £60 / $60 from Razer
Very similar to the above, but with slightly different ear cushions and a 3.5mm audio jack.

Sennheiser HD1 Wireless – $400  from Sennheiser:
A wireless pair of headphones that uses integrated NFC to connect to devices via Bluetooth. You also get an extra 3.5mm audio jack in case you want to use it wired, too.

Sennheiser PXC 550 – £330 / $300 from Sennhesier:
Another wireless pair of headphones with adaptive noise cancelling, allowing you to block out the ambient noises around you.

Sennheiser HD 559 – £90 / $100 from Sennheiser:
A wired pair of headphones with an open-back design for a more natural kind of listening experience.

Sennheiser GSP 350 – £120 / $140 from Sennheiser:
This gaming headset isn’t being discounted per se, but you do get a free headset hangar when you buy direct from Sennheiser. Read our review to find out more.

Dress as your favourite esports team in Overwatch –

Dress as your favourite esports team in Overwatch -

If dressing Overwatch heroes up as bees, firefighters or David Bowie tributes isn’t enough for you, then I’ve got good news – from the start of next year, you’ll be able to don the colours of your favourite esports team. Blizzard have announced that the custom team skins available for each team competing in the Overwatch League will also be available for their supporters, though they can only be bought using a special currency. I’ve laid out all the details below, along with the lowdown on the Overwatch League itself.

Here’s Overwatch League commissioner Nate Nanzer announcing the new skins.

Nate compares the skins to sports jerseys, and highlights how some of the money from each purchase will go into the pockets of that team. It’s all in keeping with the Overwatch League’s goal of providing a competitive environment that’s similar to traditional sports, where the players all receive a salary and health insurance in addition to any prize earnings. The skins can be bought using League Tokens, and everyone will receive enough to buy their first skin for free. It’s not confirmed whether you’ll have to lay down some real money to get more tokens, but my guess would be that you will.

Redditor FieryREIGN has gathered an example skin from each team into one handy image.

Dress as your favourite esports team in Overwatch -

So, how will the Overwatch League work? In short, it’s a global esports league with city-based teams that’ll conclude on July 28 next year with a cool $1,000,000 going to the winning team. In long:

The league proper will start in Los Angeles on January 10, with the first of four stages that’ll each last five weeks. Each team will play twice a week, so there’ll be 3 matches a day running from Wednesday to Saturday. At the end of each stage, there’ll be a playoff where the winning team will take home $125,000, before a 10-day gap before the next stage. The overall league standings will be based on each team’s performance across every stage.

There’s a Pacific and an Atlantic division, and across the four stages each team will play 20 games within their division and 20 cross-division games. The highest scoring team from each division will go straight into the championships playoffs that run from June 11 – July 22, where they’ll be joined by the next four highest scoring teams from either division. The grand final will take place from July 26-28.

You can find (many) more details in this post, and here’s a youtube playlist introducing each of the teams.

If you can’t wait, there are 12 preseason exhibition matches that start from tomorrow – here’s the schedule in full.

Deliciously Moirish: why Overwatch’s new support hero is my favourite healer on fifa15guide

Deliciously Moirish: why Overwatch’s new support hero is my favourite healer on fifa15guide

Moira landed on the Overwatch servers last month, finally bringing an end to the era of Mercy misery. She’s just the hit that the game needed: an interesting, easy to play support character that’s (very almost) as viable in competitive play as Mercy. She’s managed to lure me away from my usual spot as Genji, which is no small feat when cyber-ninjaring is the main reason I keep coming back to Overwatch.

So, what’s in Moira’s bag of tricks?

She’s similar to Ana in that she can play a more offensive role than most supports, though I have to keep reminding myself that my priority should still be protecting and healing my team rather than tearing through my opponents.

Although she doesn’t do much damage with her right click, it has an incredible range and heals you whenever you’re doing damage. It’s like Zarya’s beam in that you can just hold it down without any consequence – even more so in fact, as you don’t have to worry about giving your position away. There’s no need for fine aiming, either – which makes it a doddle to deal with fast characters like Tracer. My only complaint is that it can be a little hard to tell when someone is in range at first, both for her healing and damaging grasp.

Her first ability is a teleport on a short 6 second cooldown, which can be great when you want to chase down a low health character – or if you’re playing more sensibly, to escape a dangerous situation. Play more sensibly still and you can save it for when a distant low-health teammate is in trouble.

Deliciously Moirish: why Overwatch’s new support hero is my favourite healer on fifa15guide

As fond as I am of her teleport, and teleporting in general, Moira’s second ability is the real reason behind why I’m having so much fun with her. It’s an orb that can be fired in two forms that ping-pongs across the map, ricocheting around corners and either healing or damaging anyone that comes near it. If you can lure your opponents into a corridor, firing an orb into it is an easy way to turn that area into a death zone. The orb only actually does 200 points of damage before it disappears, though I’ve found groups will often make themselves vulnerable as they try to avoid it anyway.

At times, getting a kill with the orb can feel like landing a trick snooker shot. It travels for an obscenely long 10 seconds: I’ve had a lot of success with firing it through the corridors on the first stage of Route 66.

Deliciously Moirish: why Overwatch’s new support hero is my favourite healer on fifa15guide

Her ultimate, coalescence, seems underwhelming until you realise that it’s far better at healing than damaging. It’s a swirling beam that reminds me of a horizontal barber-shop pillar. While it only puts out as much damage as an uncharged Zarya beam, it heals 140 health a second to anyone that stands in it. True, it’s not as impactful as Zenyatta’s Transcendence or Lucio’s Sound Barrier, but it charges much more quickly.

This is a good opportunity for me to tell you about how Blizzard have improved the highlight system. I hadn’t noticed, but last July there was an update that lets you save the last 12 seconds of play by pressing F9, which you can then export as a video clip. I used that to capture this bit of Moira play, where her abilities come together rather neatly.

I’ve only talked about her abilities so far, but I also love Moira’s aesthetic… and her general demeanor. Call the whole ‘life with one hand, death with the other’ gimmick hackneyed if you like, but it works. One hand is a withered evil looking claw, while the other is immaculately groomed and adorned with nail polish.

Her voice lines after respawning are strangely encouraging. “Perhaps a new methodology is required”, she’ll say as I run out of the spawn area after diving too hard into the enemy team. She’s right, and there have been times where I’ve altered my approach based on those cool, reflective lines of dialogue. She’s like a less infuriating Zenyatta.

Plus, you can dress her up like David Bowie.

Deliciously Moirish: why Overwatch’s new support hero is my favourite healer on fifa15guide

I’ll tell you what, she’s a right pain for Genji though. The damage from both her right click and biotic orb can’t be deflected, making her a decent counter to him.

Which sucks, because Genji’s the main reason I keep coming back to Overwatch. I love how mobile and tricksy he is – some of my favourite moments from this or any other game have been when I’ve successfully scurried up a wall to evade my pursuers when I’m on a scrap of health. I’d argue that he’s the most unique character in a multiplayer shooter since the spy from TF2.

I love the psychology behind his deflect skill, too – you need to try and get into other players heads and work out when you would attack, then respond with a deflect at just the right moment. Moira might be the most fun I’ve had with a healer, but I still look on in envy when a Gengi gets play of the game.

Maybe I should have written an ode to Genji instead.

fifa15guide – Overwatch’s winter event is a Yeti hunt

fifa15guide - Overwatch’s winter event is a Yeti hunt

Overwatch, aka the shooter you sent roses to but they got lost in the post, you swear, is having another wintry event this year, game director Jeff Kaplan said in a developer update. While the snowball fight from last year returns, there’s also a “different and fun” game mode called Yeti Hunt in which a team of freeze-happy Meis tracks down an angry Winston.

Here’s Kaplan explaining all the upcoming events and changes for this seasonal update.

Like he says, King’s Row and Hanamura maps will both get a winter makeover, like last year, but so does the Black Forest arena map, where Mei’s snowball fight will now be set.

Meanwhile, the Yeti Hunt will be a “boss fight” of sorts, says Kaplan. One team is made up of five Meis, while one player controls a snowy Winston. The ape man needs to run around finding meaty power-ups and avoiding the icy scientists until he has enough food to enter his rage mode. At which point, the Mei’s need to get away from the overpowered monster. To help with this, they get a special “ice trap” ability.

There’ll also be holiday skins for characters Hanzo, Junkrat and Roadhog.

“But when can we play this?” you ask, yearning for my knowledge.

“Well,” I say, turning to smile at the camera. “Not Yeti.”

I wink. Then, my face dropping to a quiet and serious expression, I whisper the final words of my important message.

“It starts December 12.”

You can now hunt Yetis in Overwatch’s winter event on fifa15guide

You can now hunt Yetis in Overwatch’s winter event on fifa15guide

Perhaps it’s a little disingenuous to describe Overwatch‘s latest winter mode as an Evolve-a-like, considering there’s no real ‘evolving’ mechanic. Still, it’s the comparison I expect most people will make: a team of 5 Meis must hunt down a Winston, who runs around chomping down meat until he’s ready to flip the tables on his pursuers. Think Pacman, but with more costumed gorillas.

The mode’s live now as part of the winter event, which also brings the usual cosmetic gubbins – including a skin that lets you dress Ana up as an Owl. Oh, and Mei’s snowball fight has been brought back from last year, too.

I just played a few rounds of the Yeti Hunter mode, and despite being heavily balanced in Winston’s favour it’s still a Good Lark. Smart use of teamwork and Mei’s abilities can give the Meis a fighting chance. I had some success lurking at the meat spawns and ambushing the Winston when he came near, and one beautiful moment where I managed to pin him into a corridor using an ice wall. He only needs to get 5 kills though, and there’s normally someone being careless enough on the Mei team that that’s fairly easy. The only time I saw the hunting party win was when the Winston didn’t seem to know about the whole meat mechanic.

Brendan wasn’t keen on Mei’s snowball fight last year, but I like it – perhaps even more than the Yeti mode. You only get one shot before you have to hunt down some snow to reload, and every snowball is a one hit kill. It builds a similar kind of tension to Call of Duty‘s One in the Chamber mode that was last seen in Black Ops 2, where every shot is made significant due to their scarcity. Gathering up snow for another shot takes a tortuously long time and leaves you vulnerable, unless you can manage to cover yourself with an ice wall.

I like how there’s juuuuust enough time between the click of someone’s gun and a snowball hitting you for you to cryo-freeze yourself for temporary invulnerability – but only if you’re on the ball. It means that every time I die I feel like I could have avoided it if I’d played better. I’d probably play more of the mode for its own sake, though one of the new skins turns Ana into an Owl, which for some reason has made me want to play until it drops in a loot box. I can see myself shelling out 3,000 credits on it, even though I hardly play her.

You can now hunt Yetis in Overwatch’s winter event on fifa15guide

The other cosmetics include victory poses, highlight intros and emotes, as well as a new emote for Zenyatta and Orisa.

Ah. So that’s where my money is going.

The winter event runs until January 1st.

fifa15guide President impressed with Gulf Cup kick-off

  • Thousands of fans from all generations fill stadia in Kuwait City
  • FIFA President takes in Gulf Cup’s opening matches
  • Tournament dates back to 1970

The Arabian Gulf Cup kicked off on 22 December to a packed crowd at the Jaber Al-Ahmad International Stadium in Kuwait City, as the tournament’s most successful side stage the 23rd edition.

With ten past triumphs to their name, hosts Kuwait opened the tournament at the 63,00-seater arena against Saudi Arabia – with the FIFA World Cup™-bound Green Falcons edging the home side 2-1. United Arab Emirates followed, securing a slender 1-0 win over Oman thanks to a strike from Ali Mabkhout – fresh from his exploits at the FIFA Club World Cup UAE 2017.

Kuwait Stadium housed day two of proceedings, seeing defending champions and 2022 FIFA World Cup hosts Qatar romp to a 4-0 win over Yemen before a late goal saw Iraq share the spoils with Bahrain.

FIFA President Gianni Infantino, in attendance at all four opening games, was impressed by both the numbers and diversity of the football-loving fans in attendance. comprising large numbers of children, fathers and mothers.

“It was a great honour for me to attend the opening games of the 2017 Gulf Cup in Kuwait,” said President Infantino. “This tournament embraces the spirit of sportsmanship and is a great example of the values FIFA and football strive to spread all around the world.”

Originally scheduled to take place in Qatar, the tournament moved to Kuwait, accommodating all eight of the participating nations.

“It was a great pleasure to see how happy and welcoming all of the fans were of this historic tournament,” said the FIFA President. “The initiative to move the 2017 Gulf Cup from Qatar to Kuwait to celebrate this event is a strong and symbolic sign. In this respect, I would like to congratulate and thank again the Qatari football authorities for their honourable gesture.

“I would also like to thank the teams of Bahrain, Iraq, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Yemen for participating in this tournament. The solidarity and friendship shown by all illustrates once again the power of football to unite people across borders. To have all eight teams participating in Kuwait sends a very powerful message to the world,” he concluded.

Eight teams challenge for title
The competition is contested by the eight members of the Arab Gulf Cup Football Federation, namely: Bahrain, Iraq, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Yemen. The teams are divided into two groups of four.

Group A: Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman
Group B: Qatar, Bahrain, Yemen, Iraq

Teams play one another within their group once for a total of 3 group stage matches per team. The two teams that top their respective groups qualify for the semi-finals which will be played on 2 January. The tournament concludes with the Final on 5 January 2018.

Tournament history
The first edition of the tournament dates back to 1970.  With Kuwait leading the overall standings with ten titles, they are followed by Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Qatar, all having triumphed three times. Qatar won the latest edition in 2014, defeating tournament hosts Saudi Arabia in the final.

The 15 matches will be hosted at two stadiums, both located in the host city: Jaber International Stadium (63,000 capacity) and Kuwait Stadium (16,000 capacity).

Everton hope to hire Sam Allardyce as manager imminently – sources –

The FC crew react to reports Sam Allardyce is set to take over an Everton side bracing for a potential relegation fight.
The FC guys answer your tweets on whether PSG or Man City will make the UCL final and if Sam Allardyce can save Everton.

Everton are hoping to conclude a deal to hire Sam Allardyce as manager in time for Wednesday’s Premier League clash with West Ham United, sources have told ESPN FC.

Discussions between Everton and Allardyce’s representatives have taken place since Monday, with further talks planned on Tuesday, and sources have said there is a growing confidence within Goodison Park that the club’s six-week search for a replacement for the sacked Ronald Koeman is close to an end.

The talks come as sources told ESPN FC’s Peter O’Rourke that Shakhtar Donetsk boss Paulo Fonseca has turned down the Everton job to stay with the Ukrainian giants.

Allardyce, who had publicly ruled himself out of the Everton job earlier this month due to the Merseyside club’s desire to recruit Watford manager Marco Silva, is now ready to accept the challenge of steering Everton away from the threat of relegation, however, and could be in charge for the visit of David Moyes’s West Ham on Wednesday.

The 63-year-old has been out of work since resigning as Crystal Palace manager at the end of last season, with the former England boss claiming at the time that he had retired from management.

Sam Allardyce has been out of management since leaving Crystal Palace at the end of last season.

But after expressing an interest in the United States job following the departure of Bruce Arena in the wake of the country’s failure to qualify for the 2018 World Cup, Allardyce admitted he was open to a return to Premier League management after Koeman’s departure last month.

With Everton majority shareholder Farhad Moshiri favouring Silva, Allardyce insisted he would not pursue the chance to manage the club.

But Everton’s dismal run of form under caretaker-manager David Unsworth — they have suffered five defeats in seven games in all competitions — and their failure to prise Silva from Watford has forced Moshiri to accept the need to look elsewhere and turn to Allardyce.

Sources have told ESPN FC that Allardyce is keen to appoint former Leicester boss Craig Shakespeare, who worked under the 63-year-old during his brief spell as England manager, as his assistant at Everton.

Mark Ogden is a senior football writer for ESPN FC. Follow him @MarkOgden_

Pep Guardiola: Man City players will have say on January transfer business –

Janusz Michallik credits Man City for staying true to their formula after they secured their 11th straight Premier League win.

MANCHESTER — Pep Guardiola will speak to his Manchester City players to see if they are happy before deciding on his January transfer business.

City are in the middle of an 18-game winning streak, with Guardiola using a core of his first-team squad while other players such as Ilkay Gundogan, Eliaquim Mangala, Claudio Bravo and Yaya Toure have not made any Premier League starts this season.

Guardiola has hinted that he may look to strengthen his squad in the transfer window and the Catalan doesn’t want anyone at the club who doesn’t want to be there.

“In the winter break and the window in the summer time, we are going to [assess] everything and if they are happy or not,” he told a news conference ahead of City’s clash with Southampton on Wednesday night.

“If they are comfortable being in the position they had in the past — playing or not playing — they have to decide because the future will be like this. Always we want players that want to stay here.”

City maintained their eight-point lead at the top with a hard-fought 2-1 victory over Huddersfield Town on Sunday.

They had to wait until the 84th minute before Raheem Sterling’s winner in a game they dominated with 80 percent possession.

Kyle Walker
Pep Guardiola has led Manchester City to an 18-game winning streak.

Guardiola was delighted with how his side stayed patient and stuck to their passing principles, particularly ahead of the game against Southampton, who held out for a point at the Etihad last season.

“That’s good. There is no panic. And in the last 15 minutes when we changed Vincent Kompany for Gabriel Jesus, it sends a message to the team that we still want to win,” he said.

“We believe in what we want to do. It happened because last season we were working on that as well. The results help a lot for the mentality of the team to believe a little bit more. Winning games in a row helps us believe in what we want to do.”

Guardiola will have a full squad to choose from tomorrow with the exception of injured duo Benjamin Mendy and John Stones.

But he faces a dilemma on whether to select Kompany, who has only just returned from a calf strain, or select Mangala — who has not started a Premier League game since May 2016.

“I am really impressed with his behaviour in training. He hasn’t played regularly until now and he always accepts it,” Guardiola said of the French defender.

“He has his specific qualities and that is so important in the league sometimes. We’re going to use him when we believe we need him.”

Jonathan is ESPN FC’s Manchester City correspondent. Follow him on Twitter: @jonnysmiffy.