fifa15guide – All FIFA 18 Ultimate Team Player Cards Leaked

So all of the brand new card designs in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team have been leaked online by Fifanomicsnet on Twitter. Some of the cards look beautiful but most players think that there are far too many in the game which is true. Still though, you can check out the full list of designs below in the video we did on our YouTube channel.

If you’ve been playing FUT for quite a long time then you can probably guess most of them from start to finish. There will be World Cup cards at the end of the game as well in the summer so they will be cool to look out for closer to the time.

Let us know what you think using the comments box at the footer of this page in regards to which cards are your favourite and if you think there are far too many in FUT.

FUT 18 Cheap OP Starter Squad Builder (EPL) on fifa15guide

So here we have a really cheap and overpowered EPL starter team for FIFA 18 Ultimate Team that will help you get started and be able to compete with the best as soon as the game is out. This squad builder can be put together for around 6,000 coins so it’s really affordable and you can watch the full video guide below to learn more.

Obviously the first thing i talk about is the players as i add them into the squad one at a time and i have gone for the standard 4-4-2 flat formation for the purposes of the video. This team has played 10 times and i have only lost once! I even won the daily knockout tournament with it at the first time of asking.

The biggest investments in the squad are the left-back and the two strikers up top but all can be afforded if you have around 6K to 7K coins. After i have spoken about the team i then test them out in a competitive online seasons match against a real online player.

I usually only do these games if they are Division 1 quality but as it’s the start of the game i has to go into a Div 10 match. Jermaine Defoe is by far the most OP as he has 8 goals in 18 matches and Benteke the partner up front has an insanely high amount of assists setting the AFC Bournemouth striker up.

Sead Kolašinac was a worthy investment too as he possesses 89 physical stats that are unmatched with any other LB in the Premier League. We will have more squad builders up on the website throughout the year so make sure to sub to our YouTube channel to stay right up to date.

Let us know in the comments box if you have copied this squad and how well it has performed for you at the beginning of FIFA 18.

FIFA 18 Pro Clubs New Updates Detailed –

FIFA 18 Pro Clubs

FIFA 18 Pro Clubs

There have been a number of major updates to FIFA 18 Pro Clubs for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC which we will detail in this article.

In the popular game mode Pro Clubs, you have the option to create your own or join an existing online club as a single customisable Player, and compete in ranked leagues. The more matches that you end up playing will mean that you’ll attain various skill points that you can spend on the skill tree unlockables which in-turn will improve your virtual player’s attributes over time. Check out the updates below.

Play Styles

FIFA 18 Pro Clubs Play Styles

FIFA 18 Pro Clubs Play Styles

You will now be able to create multiple play styles to mix things up for your pro clubs player. This is a fantastic new feature which means you can create three styles for one position to mix up your play or three styles one for each position.

Match Lobby

FIFA 18 Pro Clubs Match Lobby

FIFA 18 Pro Clubs Match Lobby

In order to get rid of the intense and extremely frustrating waiting times, Electronic Arts have added brand new features to the match lobby to make it for efficient, user friendly and reliable.

This added bonus ensures you can now set your penalty, free kick and corner takers as well as the play styles easily in advance so you don’t have to leave the lobby in-order to do this which is very handy.

Skill Tree Attributes

FIFA 18 Pro Clubs Player Traits

FIFA 18 Pro Clubs Player Traits

Developing your players is one of the most fun parts of pro clubs and you will have options this year to help with the growth and progress of your player. You can still gain experience by playing in competitive matches online but along with that you’ll also acquire skill points which you can then spend to increase your players potential and overall stats.

Kit Customisation

There are now 12 brand new colours to select for your kits to give you a more unique look on the pitch. Make sure to subscribe to our official YouTube channel for more Pro Club news, tips and tricks.

fifa15guide | FIFA 18 Shooting Guide – Free E-book Giveaway

FIFA 18 Shooting Guide Ebook

FIFA 18 Shooting Guide Ebook

If you’ve been struggling to put the ball in the back of the net then fear no more! We have a FIFA 18 shooting guide e-book that we’re giving away for free. By reading through it and gaining the knowledge you will be a goal-scoring machine afterwards scoring goals in either competitive online or offline game modes.

To get your free copy all you have to do is fill in the form below and we’ll email you your copy in seconds it’s as simple as that. You’ll automatically be subscribed to our email list and you will get emails regarding key FIFA 18 tutorials throughout the year. Don’t worry however, as you won’t get spammed you’ll hardly ever get an email.

Most probably once per week if that, so what is there to lose? Sign up and grab your free copy now.

FIFA 18 Financial Takeover Tutorial –

So i cover this tutorial every single year as it’s highly requested by fans and readers alike. If you’ve been wondering how to activate the FIFA 18 Financial Takeover feature in Career Mode then look no further.

This involves a billionaire taking over control of your football club in manager career and injecting a big sum of cash into your team so you have the financial capacity to challenge other teams at the top of your league. Check out the full HD video tutorial below to learn more.

So from the main menu head over to the customise tab, from there you need to go into the EASFC catalogue. In the catalogue press RB on Xbox or R1 on PlayStation to change and go into the career tab. Now there are three different levels that you can unlock, there’s level 10, level 25 and 35.

Simply press on it and then select redeem now option and it’s now owned by you. Note though and the description even says that this item can only be redeemed once per season. So only unlock this once per season and then move onto the other two. Once all three are unlocked then there will be no more so make them count.

You can only use one per team as well so make sure when you are using this feature that it’s definitely the club that you want to play with on Career Mode. For more FIFA 18 tutorials and tips head over to our official YouTube channel and hit the subscribe button to stay right up to date on all video publications.