fifa15guide | Albion Development Recap (January 23)

Join Level Designer Dominik Müller as he delves deeper into the upcoming open world PvE changes, more specifically the changes made to dungeons, mob camps, as well as the new random camps and home bases!

Watch the video here:

Cannot watch the video right now? Here is a brief rundown of what is mentioned:

Dungeons and Mob Camps

As we are changing the world’s layout, we are not only reducing the amount of regions but are also giving each of them their own identity. Part of how we are doing that is by changing the way mob camps and dungeons are set up.

First of all, mob camps will no longer be accompanied by the current large dungeons. Instead, after you have fought your way through the mob camp, you will be able to enter a smaller dungeon. This dungeon will not be as time-consuming as the current large dungeons, but still feature a boss. Consider it a cherry on top of the regular mob camp!

However, you will still be able to find larger dungeons throughout the world. Unlike now, they are scattered around the open world without a mob camp to protect them. We have also revamped the dungeons to be less linear, making them feel more like a sandbox.

Random Camps

To add more variety to the world, we are also adding random mob camps. These camps are small scenarios you might run into when exploring the world of Albion. Each camp has a different combination of mobs and come in different rarities. That regular Undead camp you defeated the other day, may suddenly have a miniboss waiting for you!

Each faction has a variety of camps, and it is your job to venture into the open world and discover them. You will certainly be rewarded for your effort!

Home Bases

Home bases are maps entirely dedicated to a specific faction. These regions are the ultimate PvE grind spot, as it offers content for single players, small groups and even raid content.

One of these home bases is the Undead’s monastery. As you first enter the map, you will find yourself surrounded by various small farms and villages. There you will find relatively easy mobs, perfect to fight as a single player. As you go behind the monastery’s walls, the atmosphere becomes more grim and death slowly becomes ever-present. You will start to encounter more dangerous mobs, as well as minibosses, for which you will need friends to make it out alive.

Brave adventurers will venture even deeper into the region and into the Undead’s cathedral. There they will find the Undead’s raid content, with one daily boss and one weekly boss. The latter will be globally announced when he is spawned in the world, so everyone is aware of his presence! The spawn-time will shift over timezones, giving everyone a chance to fight this tremendous raid boss.

While all of these aforementioned changes are centered on PvE, it is important to note that they will also increase the PvP activity in the open world. You will certainly not be the only one going after the various new camps and home bases, so bring your friends and stay alert!

Are you excited for these upcoming changes? Let us know your thoughts, feedback and questions in the comments below or on our forums.

Expeditions First Look: Recruitment of the Dead on fifa15guide

What are Expeditions?

Expeditions are instanced PvE missions which can be accessed through the Expedition Master NPC in cities. These expeditions are relatively short, with a successful run taking 20 to 30 minutes on average, and can also be considered fairly safe; if you die, you will be transferred to the start of the expedition without losing any gear, but it will lose durability.

To start an expedition, find the Expedition Master NPC in the city. He will give you the option to select whether you want to play a solo or group (five-man) expedition, as well as the Tier you want to play. You will need to unlock the different Tiers through the Destiny Board in order to play higher tiered expeditions! You can queue up for group expeditions as a single player or as a pre-made group. When signing up for a group expedition, you will automatically be assigned a role (offense/defense/support) depending on your equipment, so make sure you are wearing the correct gear before signing up!

Once you have selected the size and tier of your choice, you will be teleported to an expedition, where you will be given a mission. Complete the mission and a portal will appear to bring you back to the city you came from. You will have 60 minutes to complete solo expeditions and 120 minutes for group expeditions, failing to complete the mission will teleport you back to the city. Leaving an expedition prematurely will put you on a penalty timer before you can start another expedition.

With the upcoming Galahad update, the following Expeditions will be available (do note that exact names might change):

Tier 3: Heretic Mines (Solo)

Tier 4: Fishy Business (Solo and Group) and Recruitment of the Dead (Solo and Group)

Tier 5: Lumber Camp (Solo and Group), Stone War (Solo and Group) and Sewer Maintenance (Solo and Group)

Tier 6: Mushroom Cave (Group)

Throughout the upcoming weeks, we will have a look at every single one of them.

What’s in it for you?

Expeditions are ideal content if you are not quite ready to venture into the open world or if you are simply lacking the time. Not only will you earn silver and fame during the expedition (albeit less than in the open world) finishing an expedition will give you additional fame and Royal Sigils. The first expedition you finish of the day will give you bonus fame and Sigils!

These Royal Sigils, in combination with regular resources, can be used to craft Royal armor. There are three different Royal equipment sets: Cloth, Leather and Plate. Similarly to Artifact items, they are unlocked through the combat-tree of the Destiny Board. Each Royal equipment piece will also boast a unique spell, which makes for 9 new spells! Royal armor has an Item Power on par with level 1 Artifact equipment.

First Look: Recruitment of the Dead

Adventurer, we need your help! An ancient graveyard is suddenly crawling with the Undead. Something – or someone – is bringing them back to life. Find out what is happening and bring a stop to the source!

Enter the misty graveyard, which is overrun by skeletons. As you venture deeper, the atmosphere starts to change and dangerous Undead mobs cross your path.

Careful! Right before you enter the churchyard, a Cursed Sharpshooter appears.

Phew, you made it through alive… for now. The churchyard is overrun by Undead mobs, which means you are getting closer to the source. There are several ways to progress, choose your path wisely!

You finally make it to the ruins of what once was a beautiful church. It now reeks of death and is surrounded by a thick mist. At the heart of this church, you finally find the Cursed Deathlord that has been the source of all this evil… Do you have what it takes to bring him down?

Are you looking forward to playing the Recruitment of the Dead expedition? Let us know your thoughts and feedback in the comments below or on our forums!

Albion Development Recap (February 7) on fifa15guide

Game Director Robin Henkys is back in a new Development Recap, this time giving you a first look at all of the new biome cities. Don’t miss out on this eye candy:

Cities are one of the key features of Albion Online, as they are both the social and trading hubs of the game with players being ever-present. In their current state, they all look very similar to one another. This will change with the upcoming Galahad update, as we will give ever city their own distinctive look and layout, reflecting their place in the world and economy of Albion.

Mountain City

Deep in the cold, harsh mountains lies a city, built by brave adventurers on a mountain slope. The houses are built on a steep with a view directly into the dangerously deep valley. This city is certainly not for the faint of heart.

Swamp City

The swamp city is built on ancient, half-sunken ruins. In order to get around, traders and travelers alike have to cross its many bridges. Be careful not to fall into the water!

Steppe City

Similar to the mountains, the steppes are not an easy place to survive. Luckily, the Royal Forces have set up a town in the middle of the dry steppes, giving traders a place to rest and stock up on water and resources.

Forest City

The forest city is built on what used to be a castle. During the dark ages of Albion, nature had started to take over… until the Royal Expeditionary Forces came along and transformed it into a thriving forest town!

Highlands City

The hill this city is founded on used to belong to the ancient Keepers of Albion, and they consider it one of their holy sites. This is why the city is built as a stronghold, as the Keepers occasionally launch attacks in order to take back what was once theirs.

Royal Center City

In the middle of the Royal Continent lies the center city, built on the remnants of a magnificent fortress. This fortress is the last remaining legacy of the old kings of Albion, and is surrounded by the Undead and various other vicious creatures. Nonetheless, the Royal Forces have managed to claim the site and turn it into a trading hub. They are not in full control, as the city is in the middle of the red zones, but have provided a multitude of tunnels and secret passages for traders and criminals alike to enter and leave the city.

Are you looking forward to the new cities? Which town will you settle in? Let us know in the comments below or on our forums!

fifa15guide – Albion Development Recap (February 21)

The complete overhaul of the Outlands (black zone continent) one of the main reasons behind the upcoming wipe and a center piece of the Galahad update, but it has been a few months since we last talked about it. Join Robin Henkys as he tells you all you need to know about the new Outlands:

Back in October, we first revealed our plans to redesign the Outlands. These new Outlands combine the best aspects from both Closed Beta and Final Beta, as well as some new features.

The Outlands will be divided into three distinct regions: low, medium and high end.  While they all contain valuable resources, the density of high tier resources will be noticeably different in each region making the high end the most attractive to top tier guilds and alliances.

Each region will have dedicated, meaningful hot spots in its inner zones, encouraging constant PvP action. The outer zones will be quieter places for guilds to settle, with room for solo and group play. As we have moved the different time zones closer together and changed the travel distance to not hinder overall gameplay, neighboring guilds will certainly run into each other very often. Watch your back!

Since the black zone continent is all about guilds and guild territories there will only be two cities present. This small number will ensure they are always lively and function properly as a local trading hub. Aside from cities, there are also several harbors present with connections to the Royal Continent.

Lastly, the main advantage of the new Outlands design is that it is very adaptable to different population sizes. If the population is high, we can very easily add more regions to ensure everyone has a spot. In case the population is lower than expected, players will naturally migrate to the more valuable regions and there will still be constant PvP action. 

Click here to learn more about the Outlands redesign.

Stay tuned for more information on Galahad later this week! In the meanwhile, make sure to let us know your thoughts and feedback on the Outlands in the comments below or on our forums.

fifa15guide – Galahad and Albion’s Release Dates Revealed

Galahad and the release of Albion Online are fast approaching! Find out all you need to know from the man himself, Game Director Robin Henkys:

That is right, Galahad is coming to Albion Online on March 13, 2017. Bringing an entire new world layout, complete rework of PvE and much more, this update is a force to be reckoned with. Want to know more? You can find a full overview of what Galahad brings on the Galahad update page. The detailed changelogs for this update will be released on March 13.

But wait… there is more! We are happy and proud to announce that Albion Online will officially launch this summer, on July 17, 2017. This means that after this date we will no longer wipe the servers and it is up to you to start writing Albion Online’s history. Are you ready to start your adventure with us? We know we are!

Upon launch Albion will be available on Windows, OSX and Linux. Full Android and iOS Support will be available after official release.

To help us test Galahad, we will open the test server "Mordred (Staging)" to our Legendary Founders shortly. More information on this can be found here.

In order to prepare for Galahad, both the Albion Live and Mordred (Staging) server will go down on March 10 at 10:00 UTC and will come back on March 13. During the downtime, all data will be wiped. You will get back all your Founder items, Gold purchased through the website and referral rewards upon logging in after the wipe.

Legendary Founders will be able to explore Galahad on March 13, Epic Founders on March 14 and Veteran Founders on March 15.

Are you excited for Galahad? Share your thoughts and feedback in the comments below and on the forums!

FA Cup quarterfinals: Chelsea host United, Lincoln face Sutton or Arsenal –

Jose Mourinho says quarter-final opponent Chelsea can focus solely on the FA Cup, while Man United have other priorities.
Jose Mourinho says Manchester United needed everyone to be focused to fend off Blackburn in their FA Cup win.
Mauricio Pochettino says it was important for Spurs to rediscover the feeling of winning in their FA Cup win over Fulham.

FA Cup holders Manchester United will travel to Premier League leaders Chelsea in the standout tie of the quarterfinal draw, a game that will see Jose Mourinho return to Stamford Bridge.

Mourinho, whose United side are currently competing for silverware on four fronts, lost 4-0 when he visited his former club in October.

Lincoln City, the first non-league side to reach the last eight in 103 years following their win against Burnley on Saturday, have been rewarded with a trip to either fellow National League side Sutton United or Premier League giants Arsenal.

Elsewhere, Millwall, who have already knocked three top-flight sides out of this year’s competition, face Tottenham Hotspur at White Hart Lane.

And in the other tie Middlesbrough will host the winner of Huddersfield and Manchester City, the only game to go to a replay thus far.

Ties to be played the weekend of March 11:

Barcelona win late with Messi penalty; Nani, Zaza score in Valencia win –

The FC crew break down Barcelona’s dismal showing against Leganes, and discuss their fans booing the team and Luis Enrique.

Barcelona’s needed a 90th-minute penalty from Lionel Messi to overcome 17th-placed Leganes 2-1 in La Liga on Sunday.

Messi put the hosts up almost right out of the gates, striking from close range in the fourth minute, with Luis Suarez providing the assist. 

But, with Barca trying to extend the lead, the visitors found a shock equaliser in the 71st minute, when Darwin Machis found Unai Lopez, who slotted home from the centre of the penalty area past Marc-Andre ter Stegen.

With time running out, Neymar drew a foul in the penalty area to give Messi the chance, and the Argentine came through to spare his team blushes and rescue all three points.

The Liga holders, who moved back into second place ahead of Sevilla with the win, were embarrassed by Paris Saint-Germain on Tuesday, losing 4-0 in the first leg of the teams’ round-of-16 tie.

The playmaking of new arrival Fabian Orellana inspired Valencia to a much-needed 2-0 victory over Athletic Bilbao at the Mestalla.

Orellana’s precise pass through Bilbao’s back line set up Nani for Valencia’s opener in the 13th minute.

Orellana, who joined from Celta Vigo last month, combined with Munir El Haddadi in a brilliant buildup that ended with fellow winter transfer signing Simone Zaza doubling the lead in the 45th.

Bilbao were left with 10 men from the 56th minute when substitute Aritz Aduriz was injured three minutes after coming on. Bilbao coach Ernesto Valverde was unable to replace him because he had made all three substitutions.

A stoppage-time goal by Samuel Castillejo gave Villarreal a 1-0 win at Real Sociedad as the Yellow Submarine rebounded from their 4-0 loss to Roma in the Europa League’s round-of-32 first leg.

“We needed this win,” said Castillejo, who scored from a pass by Jaume Costa. “The loss to Roma hurt a lot.”

Sociedad and Villarreal remained in fifth and sixth place, respectively.

Giuseppe Rossi helped Celta Vigo beat bottom-side Osasuna with a deft touch of his heel to set up Pione Sisto for the opening goal.

Jozabed Sanchez struck in the 87th before passing for fellow substitute Iago Aspas to chip in his 12th goal of the season.

Osasuna’s winless streak reached 15 rounds as the Pamplona-based side fell eight points from safety.

fifa15guide | Alpha Preview: 0.3.5 Hotfix #3

Hotfix #3 is currently live on the Test Server and will be released to Shards of Aria later on today.

  • Lower limits applied to gains on all crafting skills. You may no longer gain by crafting items sufficiently below your skill level.
  • Mage hat is now treated as Padded Armor.
  • Player houses now collapse when the owner character is deleted.
  • Players can no longer loot player chests through walls.
  • Skill titles adjusted.
  • Select Catacombs monsters no longer respawn instantly.
  • Stealing no longer possible whilst dead.
  • Addressed some Woodsmithing recipes with low resource requirements, overhaul to come in next build.
  • Rock Bombardment spell re-enabled.
  • First Aid only now useable via abilities (bandages may no longer be used directly).
  • Channeling can no longer be grained through the PvP Flag.
  • AoE spells no longer castable through walls.
  • Monsters are no longer bugged through the use of AoE spells.
  • Backstab no longer places players in combat.
  • Issue with stabled pets going missing has been resolved.
  • Rufus is no longer naked.

fifa15guide | October Community Roundtable – Alpha

Catch up on this October’s Community Roundtable:

Topics covered in this months roundtable include:

What We’re Working On

Repair/Salvage UI
Secure Trading
Death System
House Containers
Website Revamp
Expansion R/D
Combat Balance Fixes

What’s Coming

Controls Revamp
Announcement board / notes / mailbox
Cooking Improvements
Story Editor Tools
Boss loot pass
Bugs Bugs Bugs
Permadeath Ruleset
Legacy Ruleset

And Beyond

Celador Expansion
Guild Territories
128 player region limit
Show off player town

fifa15guide – Alpha Launch Date Announced

Greetings Citizens of Aria

We are excited to announce our official Alpha Launch date! Starting on January 13th, Shards Online will enter the next phase of development with our much anticipated Alpha Release Build. Those who have pledged $20 will be granted access to our Alpha servers on January 9th!



Access to our Live Test Shard is currently available to all Pre-Alpha Playtesters by using the Experimental build from the dashboard.

fifa15guide - Alpha Launch Date Announced

Europa is coming – EU Universe live on Shards of Aria

We are pleased to announce the upcoming launch of our Europa universe. Europa is a parallel universe on the Shards of Aria official shard. We hope these regions will improve the gameplay experience for our large and growing European audience. Players may move freely between these universes using the new Gatestone item, allowing players from both American & European continents to explore Celador together.

fifa15guide - Alpha Launch Date Announced

Letter from the Project Lead

Around this time last year, we were releasing our first Pre-Alpha 3 build and it is amazing to see how much our game has evolved in just a year’s time. None of the features in the Alpha highlight image above existed back then.


Now we have hundreds of active players playing in the world of Aria we created for them. We also greatly expanded our audience with the Steam Greenlight campaign and trailer.


What’s even more exciting to me, is what’s to come. Based on the feedback we’ve received from our current playerbase, there are a few things that need to happen before we can consider ourselves ready for Steam.


  • Larger world map: Celador our main game world is undergoing a redesign that will result in it being almost 25x larger and more diverse.
  • Mounts: Tamed horses will be able to be mounted and ridden to allow for faster travel across the new expanded Celador.
  • Archery: What fantasy game would be complete without bows and arrows?


We also have a programmer on the team who’s main priority is to expand and simplify the modding capabilities of the game. Here is the list of improvements scheduled for the first half of 2017:


  • Server Launcher: No more manually editing XML files. Our admins will have an integrated web interface for controlling both their development and public servers. Our beta version of the Server Launcher will be available to admins with this upcoming Alpha Release!
  • Live Server Editing: Modders will be able to make changes to the world objects and spawners, create new object templates and even edit scripts directly from in-game while connected to the server.
  • Custom Client Assets: Modders will be able to create custom world maps, items and monsters using the Unity editor and integrate them with their Shards Online mods.


I want to wrap this letter up by thanking all of our active playerbase for helping us play test and shape the development of the game. The feedback we received during our Alpha Preview event was critical to a successful Alpha launch. Make sure you all mark your calendars for the Alpha Launch Weekend! (January 13th-15th)


Derek ‘Supreem’ Brinkmann
Project Lead

December Community Roundtable

Designer Den – Recipes & Cosmetic Items

Shards Online exists in a unique niche of the ‘living world’ game. Gameplay outcomes for our players differ vastly with conventional online games; players may still slay dragons, horde the most powerful equipment in the land and wield it in battle to vanquish one another, yet in a living world these activities are not a means to an end. The driving force behind our content is social interaction between players, the emergent narratives which spring from our communities and most relevant to this discussion, that of social status and wealth.


Players may note that quite a substantial change has been made regarding recipes and their use in crafting. I’d like to take this opportunity to outline our design goals in regard to crafting and the importance of scarcity with respect to rare and valuable cosmetic items.

fifa15guide - Alpha Launch Date Announced

Cosmetic items have taken on a new roll in modern MMORPGs. Mounts and other cosmetics are widely used to provide an extra inch of end game content. You’ll also find a wealth of these items used in micro-transactions, powering the free to play MMO market. Whilst both are viable models, as former UO players and developers we feel that the prestige and importance of these items has fallen way behind their former glory.


So what has changed? The recipe system has been removed and all basic craftables and furnishings have been made available to crafting characters. This includes all basic armor and weapon types and everday furnishings for your home. This leaves a large number of items which are being repurposed as rewards, rares and valuable items to be discovered by players across the game world.

fifa15guide - Alpha Launch Date Announced

The reasoning behind these changes is to add much needed meta to various aspects of the game which are currently incomplete as far as rewards are concerned. What made games like Ultima Online great was not only the availability to fish, hunt treasure or find unique items through exploring alone, but that these non combatant activities offered rewards which rivaled those looted from the most powerful of monsters. Earning a living should not be a task reserved for the brave, but to all who are dedicated to their chosen profession.


In the upcoming Alpha release, treasure hunting (both on land and sea), dungeon chests, monsters and bosses will be receiving rare drops for players to discover. We anticipate that such items will give players fresh impetus to adventure, to fight and to explore the many paths available to players in Shards Online.

Want to play?

If you haven’t pledged your support yet or if you have been dying to upgrade to a better pledge package, now’s your chance! Head over to our pledge page right now and secure your early access to Shards Online. This project will be successful because of your support.

fifa15guide - Alpha Launch Date Announced