fifa15guide | Dark and Light Details Character Customization

Snail Games’ upcoming fantasy survival sandbox PRG, Dark and Light (DNL), offers players a high degree of freedom in terms of exploring, skill development, and crafting. Today, Snail Games unveiled the delicate character creation system for DNL, providing players with infinite possibilities for their character appearance.

fifa15guide | Dark and Light Details Character Customization
Customize nearly every feature of their character's appearance, far beyond standard allowances for hair and eye color. The character creation process allows players to modify their character's height, limb length, and muscle size. Hair length and facial hair for male characters are also customizable (yes, players can have the bushy and braided dwarf beard they've always wanted!), as well as the details of their facial bone structure, including their chin, brow, nose, and more.

fifa15guide | Dark and Light Details Character Customization
Players can select a body type that reflects the course they want to take in-game. Always dreamed of being a burly, broad-shouldered warrior? Build a tough, imposing character with the strength to pack a punch.  Planning to spend more time traveling long distances? Feel free to adopt a lithe frame with long wiry legs–perfect for cross-country exploring.

fifa15guide | Dark and Light Details Character Customization
Once a player has perfected their appearance, they can select their outerwear from six different styles. Warriors can opt for sturdy armor, and mages can don hooded robes to enhance their mystique. “We're aiming for a world in which no two characters look the same.” said Yan, Game Producer. Dark and Light's fantasy begins with the creation of a fearless character who is uniquely yours.

fifa15guide | Dark and Light Details Character Customization
Dark and Light puts players in an immersive fantasy world that is filled with magic, monsters, and mystery. In this world, they will be challenged to survive and thrive through a combination of crafting, exploration, and powerful magic. 

The Early Access for DNL will be available on Steam in Q1 2017. If you’re interested in the game, please head to the official page for more details.


fifa15guide | Dark and Light Details Character Customization
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fifa15guide | Dark and Light Details Character Customization
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fifa15guide | Dark and Light Details Character Customization
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fifa15guide – Manga Based BTOOM! Online Japanese Closed Beta Test Goes Live

When the Japanese based Manga series BTOOM! by Junya Inoue was released in the year 2009 it captured quite a lot of eyes due to its unique storyline and genre.  Based on the same lines, Japanese game developer Asobimo is presently working on BTOOM! Online which will feature the online multiplayer version of the manga based series. The game is still in the CBT phase and is available only in Japan. However, the game can expected to go global soon.


BTOOM! Online features an open world strategy based game where the players are given one single weapon; a BIM Bomb, the same weaponry which is made available to the characters of the series. The game is surely bound to capture the attention of players across the world once it goes global.

fifa15guide - Manga Based BTOOM! Online Japanese Closed Beta Test Goes Live


The game has quite a lot of distinctive features which makes it fun to play.  The simple, yet attractive graphics is one such thing. Though the game does not feature high end graphics, it has focused on creating wonderful and challenging environments with some really good characters. The game environments are created in such a manner that it suits the genre of the game; stealth bombing. Playing this game requires that you have ample space to take cover and attack the enemies, and the developers have provided just that.


The game revolves around the character known popularly as Ryōta Sakamoto who is one of the world’s top players of the online combat game called BTOOM!  Sakamoto is sent into the game for a real-life version of the game and gets trapped inside it. When calling out for help he is attacked by a BIM Bomb thrown at him. BTOOM! Online also works around these same lines. The players are given only one weapon throughout the game with which they have to survive. As featured in the MANGA series, they are provided with Bombs. Each game can be played for a total time period of three minutes where the primary task of the player is to get as many kills as possible within the given time using nothing else but the bombs. In order to ensure that the players do not themselves get attacked they have to make use of the various tactically placed shelter points and hide from the enemies. The key to winning the game is to ensure that you remain in stealth mode and attack the players from reasonable distance ensuring that they win.   


The game features the standard movement controls. The movement keys are placed towards the left hand side of the screen on a fixed control stick. On the right hand side of the screen the players are given the control sticks to move the camera so as to get a complete and clear view of all the surroundings while playing. Placed just above the camera controls is the multiple action key which allows the players to do acts like jumping, escaping, performing tasks at the tap of a button. Moving towards the attacking element, the players can throw bombs by positioning them with the help of the movement keys.
BTOOM! Online provides the players with a quick tutorial on how to play the game before moving on towards the multiplayer platform. The tutorial guides you on how to create bombs, how to target, how to hide and entering into stealth mode etc. The players are also guided on how to collect cash and use experience points to level up and craft more damaging bombs.

A look at the Controls


BTOOM! Online allows the player to customize the character to their wishes. The level of customization provided ranges from changing faces to hairstyles. The game also allows the players to add a variety of exciting clothes to the character.


As mentioned earlier, the game requires you to attack other players using bombs within a time period of three minutes. In order to win players can either play the game individually or team up with other players so as to strategically defeat the enemy and win the game. Currently, the game offers two methods of playing. The Unofficial Battle mode and the Official Battle Mode. The first one allows the players to create his own game and add his friends. This allows a set number of people to play the game against each other. The latter one connects all BTOOM! Online players and pitches them against each other.  Both the methods are equally fun and challenging. While the Unofficial Battle mode is restricted to people who can access the players game via a code which is generated the Official battle mode has no such restrictions.


One of the attractive features of the game is that it does not require a top end mobile device to play. As of now, the specifications required to play the game are quite reasonable.
ANDROID- 4.0 and above
Since the game is still in the CBT, the installation time of all the additional files will take quite some time. The average launch time of the game as of now is roughly 15-20 seconds.


Considering the overall gameplay, BTOOM! Online will provide gamers a whole new experience. It features a new idea which is both fun and challenging. It is best to wait for the game to be launched officially as there are regular maintenance updates which are required to be installed right now. On the whole the game can be given a rating of 7/10.

Have fun gaming!


fifa15guide - Manga Based BTOOM! Online Japanese Closed Beta Test Goes Live
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fifa15guide - Manga Based BTOOM! Online Japanese Closed Beta Test Goes Live
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fifa15guide - Manga Based BTOOM! Online Japanese Closed Beta Test Goes Live
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fifa15guide – Aura Kingdom Developer Is Working on Grand Fantasia Mobile Version

fifa15guide - Aura Kingdom Developer Is Working on Grand Fantasia Mobile Version
Aura Kingdom developer X-Legend Entertainment debuts Grand Fantasia Mobile, bringing classic PC MMORPG Grand Fantasia to your pocket. The game is scheduled to release on iOS and Android in 2017.

According to the developer, the game features new hero characters and a whole new combat system. No detail is revealed regarding the combat system, but it will be fast-paced and flashy. Besides, the mobile version stresses on cooperation between players.

fifa15guide - Aura Kingdom Developer Is Working on Grand Fantasia Mobile Version
fifa15guide - Aura Kingdom Developer Is Working on Grand Fantasia Mobile Version


fifa15guide - Aura Kingdom Developer Is Working on Grand Fantasia Mobile Version
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fifa15guide - Aura Kingdom Developer Is Working on Grand Fantasia Mobile Version
XL Games’ Mobile MMORPG The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Coming to Global Market

fifa15guide - Aura Kingdom Developer Is Working on Grand Fantasia Mobile Version
Torchlight Mobile (CN) Launches on iOS App Store

Shards Online to Start the Alpha Phase in January –

Shards Online to Start the Alpha Phase in January -

Shards Online is one of the first MMOs that supports community modding and hosting, and the game allows players to design and create their own worlds. Shards Online also features faction system, guilds and guild wars, multi-level dungeons, clogged traps, various bosses, titles, a large number of skills and more. The game hosted the pre-alpha phase this spring, and in June it was greenlit on Steam. And on January 13th, 2017 the game will finally start alpha test.

Citadel Studios' Derek Brinkmann says that "Based on the feedback we've received from our current playerbase, there are a few things that need to happen before we can consider ourselves ready for Steam, – and those include a bigger world map, tamed mounts, the archery skill, modding, and dev tools." The entire Shards Online : Communnity Roundtable stream can be seen bellow. 


Shards Online to Start the Alpha Phase in January -
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Shards Online to Start the Alpha Phase in January -
Monster Hunter Online Adds Zinogre and Switch Axe; Kicks off Hunting Season

Shards Online to Start the Alpha Phase in January -
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fifa15guide – Dortmund completely lost the plot – Tuchel

Although Ousmane Dembele secure a point for BVB, it was not enough to satisfy their coach, who lamented “an incredible number of errors”

Thomas Tuchel felt Borussia Dortmund "completely lost the plot" in their frustrating 1-1 draw against Augsburg and says the match summed up his side's hit-and-miss first half of the Bundesliga season.

Paris Saint-Germain closing in on Draxler and Rodriguez

The impressive Ousmane Dembele equalised for Dortmund early in the second half after Ji Dong-won put the visitors ahead, with Tuchel's men ensuring they finished 2016 with an unbeaten Bundesliga record at Signal Iduna Park.

However, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang had a rare off night in front of goal and Andre Schurrle also missed a great opportunity as Dortmund failed to capitalise on the first-versus-second clash between Bayern Munich and RB Leipzig on Wednesday.

Dortmund are nine points adrift of top spot, but a win for Bayern or Leipzig will mean the gap is extended to 12 before the mid-season break and Tuchel, who was taking charge of his 50th league clash for Dortmund, rued his team's inconsistency.

"We started very well and then completely lost the plot," he told reporters. "Why I do not know.

"We made an incredible number of errors.  We are regularly punished and that makes things difficult at times. We need consistency in the competitions.

"I think that the game really reflects the season so far. In almost every game there are phases where we miss things.

"We made some very simple mistakes, bad passes and simple fouls. After we secured the ball, we switched very badly from defence to offence.

"In these 30 minutes of the first half Augsburg scored a goal. The frequency is incredible. I think it's the seventh game in a row where we had to come back from one goal down."

Yaya: I want City to be bigger than United on fifa15guide

The Ivory Coast international is back in the Pep Guardiola’s team and wants his side to replicate their rivals’ trophy-winning exploits

Manchester City midfielder Yaya Toure wants to eclipse Manchester United after earning a reprieve in his Eastlands career.

Toure's decorated spell with City looked set to reach an unseemly end after a public spat between manager Pep Guardiola and the player's agent Dimitri Seluk left him out of the first-team picture.

'Lindelof is perfect for Manchester United'

The 33-year-old made a belated public apology and returned to City's starting line-up in memorable style last month, scoring both goals in a 2-1 win at Crystal Palace.

Guardiola's men have won all four Premier League matches started by Toure this term, with the former Ivory Coast international playing a stylish, assured hand to lay the foundations for Sunday's second-half turnaround against Arsenal.

Toure is out of contract at the club he joined in 2010 at the end of the current campaign but maintains he has unfinished business having regained form and match fitness – most notably making a dent in United's record mark of 20 English titles.

"I came to this club to make history," he told reporters. "I want this club to change, I want this club to be bigger than United. I know it's going to be a lot of work, but that's my dream.

"I have been lucky to play at big clubs – Barcelona, Olympiacos. Those teams were always used to being champions. But City, it was something different, something changing and I am happy now. Every single year we are always involved in the title race.

"Even though we lost, and something changed or something was bad, the following year the owner put more money into the club and got better players to make it better. That's what I like, the challenge, I love a challenge.

"I want to make something very important. I already won two Premier League titles and I want more than that, another new story."

Paris Saint-Germain closing in on Draxler and Rodriguez

Along with that brace of Premier League winners' medals, Toure has also scored in FA Cup and League Cup triumphs at Wembley in 2011 and 2014, before scoring the decisive penalty as City regained the latter trophy in a shoot-out against Liverpool earlier this year.

And despite cutting a seemingly dejected figure at times over the past two seasons, when his commitment to the cause has been called into question, Toure insists he retains a youthful enthusiasm and deep affection for the club.

"I feel 20 now," he added. "My role is to keep the team moving, win the ball, organise, talk to the players, I have the experience. We are a team that wants to play football but sometimes you have to tell the players to be careful, especially on the counter-attack.

"I belong on the field. But even if I'm not playing I want to be at the stadium to watch. I always want to progress. I will be fully prepared for any situation. I will give 100 per cent for this club, for these fans. These fans are the only ones who always sing my name, who give happiness to my family.

"If I can do more for them I will do it. I always fight to make the team one step better."

Genk braced to lose Manchester United target Bailey on fifa15guide

The Belgian side will do all they can to keep two key elements of their squad until the summer, but they admit that their challenge is a tough one

Genk technical director Dimitri de Conde has admitted that he is already looking to replace Leon Bailey and Wilfred Ndidi, who are wanted by Premier League sides Manchester United and Leicester respectively.

PSG closing in on Draxler and Rodriguez

The champions appear close to signing the 20-year-old Nigerian midfielder, but the Red Devils have also been credited with an interest in the 19-year-old Jamaican attacker, who could also be on the move come January.

“We'll fight to keep them here until the end of this season, but that is no easy task,” De Conde told HLN. “If mega bids – by Belgian standards – are made, they we cannot reject it, and if the boys also feel ready for a step up then it will be very difficult to keep them in Genk.

“I must be ready with alternatives.”

The English clubs will not be allowed to sign the pair cheaply, though.

“In the category of players 20 or under, then these boys are absolutely top talents, so I think a fee of between €20-€25 million is certainly warranted,” he continued.

“The ideal scenario would be that we reach a deal in January with the interested clubs but the guys say here for the rest of the season. I’ll do that if I can.” 

Yaya: I want City to be bigger than United

Ndidi is already a Nigeria international, having been capped on six occasions. He has been a regular for Genk in the heart of their midfield, where he has turned out 33 times already in 2016-17, scoring two goals, and is considered as a potential replacement for N’Golo Kante at Leicester. 

Bailey, meanwhile, has featured on 31 occasions this season, proving his quality in front of goal by scoring eight times for his club, including seven in the Europa League. Moreover, the once-capped Jamaica international has provided nine assists for his team-mates from his favoured position out in the wide areas of the attack.

The teenager is already well travelled, having played football in Jamaica, Austria, Slovakia and Belgium, so a move to England would be unlikely to give him any fears.

fifa15guide – Albion Development Recap (November 25)

Welcome to Development Recaps, where we talk to you about what is in the works for Albion Online. In this first installment, Game Director Robin Henkys gives you a glimpse of the upcoming changes to PvE, such as improvements made to mob camps, missions, rewards and more!

Piqued your curiosity? You can watch the full Development Recap here:

Did you enjoy this development recap? We plan on making this a regular segment, so make sure to let us know your feedback and thought in the comments below!

The Ancient Keepers of Albion on fifa15guide

Since the beginning of recorded history, the Keepers have roamed the land of Albion. They have devoted themselves to guarding the land from various threats, making sure its sacred magic stays intact.

Want to learn more about the mystic tribes of Albion? Check out our latest video here:

What is your experience with the Keepers? Share your thoughts and stories in the comments below!

fifa15guide | Albion Development Recap (December 2)

This time around in the Development Recap, our Game Director Robin Henkys takes a look back at the Faye update and addresses some concerns of the community.

Why don’t you have a listen at what he has to say?

No time to watch the video? Here is a brief summary of what Robin discussed:

Guards and Guard Towers

The new Guard Towers are one of the more heavily discussed features of Faye. Some of you asked: why would you add more restrictions to a full-loot sandbox PvP game?

Before we added Guard Towers, city camping was a far too safe and passive PvP activity. There would be little to no risk involved, as it simply involved waiting for victims and running to safety when outplayed. The addition of Guard Towers will make these so-called city gate campers think twice about their activities, as there is now a considerable risk in play.

Persistent Mounts and Mount Balancing

The Persistent Mount system has been added to support gatherers, and was generally well-received. However, we also changed the way mounts’ health works by completely separating it from the rider’s health pool. This was a very important change to us, as it now allows people who get caught on a mount to fight back at full strength and makes the risk of going into the open world more reasonable.

This change obviously has a huge impact on the fight or flight balancing in Albion, which is exactly what we wanted to achieve. It is important to note that this will not be the last change made to the fight or flight balancing, as we will continue to keep an eye on it and assure it works for both the ganking as non-PvP community.


Similar to the Guard Towers, the addition of Essences also caused for some raised eyebrows amongst the community.

Essences were added as a part of an ongoing effort to improve PvE, as mentioned in our previous Development Recap. They are not the most exciting content, but perfectly serve their job of tying PvE to the game’s economy. We have balanced the drop rate in such a way that they will not be too expensive or taxing on the crafting community, however we are monitoring the markets at all time and will make improvements if necessary.

Runes, Souls and Relics

Changing the three Artifact fragments to Runes, Souls and Relics might seem like an insignificant change, but it is actually a preparation for the next major content update. We are planning to allow enchanting with Runes, Souls and Relics, giving them a secondary purpose and making them viable even to players who are not interested in artifact equipment.

Royal Guild vs. Guild

The comeback of Guild vs. Guild to yellow and red zones had been requested since the start of Final Beta, and now it is finally here! We opted to only include Watch Tower territories in these zones, and leave Home Territories as an Outlands-exclusive. The reasoning behind this decision is that Home Territories would contradict the reputation system on the Royal Continent by creating a safe space for criminals and thus remove any consequences of their criminal behavior.

As yellow and red zones only have Watch Towers, we had to make them worth the effort! This is why we introduced the resource and gathering benefits. In the end, how much you can get out of your Watch Tower depends on your own activity! We do keep track of all your feedback and will continue to balance out the effort and reward balance.

We are also looking into making cityfights the center point of royal GvG. This is not an easy task and will be very time-consuming, but you can look forward to changes to cities in future updates!

What is your opinion on Faye? What would you like Robin to address in the next Development Recap? Let us know in the comments below or on our forums!