Shadows Over Innistrad Coming To Magic Duels April 6 –

Magic Duels Innistrad

Magic Duels is getting a huge update next month, when Wizards of the Coast will bring two new expansions to the free-to-play online CCG. The Shadows Over Innistrad release combines both the Shadows Over Innistrad and Oath of the Gatewatch expansion sets to the digital realm, bringing with it over 300 new cards and a bunch of other new features.

There’s a new story mode and skill quests coming with the release. The plane of Innistrad’s not a friendly place, and the story missions will feature “a relentless horde of vampires, zombies, and werewolves!” In total, 304 cards will be added when the set launches on April 6. You can read the official announcement here.

Tree Of Savior Settles On 1 Month Founder’s Access, Now Available To Purchase On Steam, on fifa15guide

tree of savior

Tree of Savior has settled on a new system for the exclusive Founder’s server access offering after putting it to a community vote. Not too surprisingly, the community opted for the 1 month access period that allows purchasers of all three varieties of Founder’s Packs access to the servers at the same time. Instead, there will just be differences in virtual goodies.


In addition, the game has already made its way to Steam, where those wishing to can purchase the pack of their choice. Those who don’t wish to buy the game but would like to have it on their system and ready to go when free-to-play launches can do so as well.

The Founder’s Server will open on March 29 at 2:00AM EST, with the option to purchase the packs being removed on the 28th. The pack listings on Steam also note the later a pack is purchased within the allotted time, the later the purchaser will be allowed to join the head-start. Once launched as free-to-play though, Founder’s Servers will be able to be accessed by all players.

fifa15guide | New Game Mode, Better Spectator Controls On The Horizon For Armored Warfare

Armored Warfare Reputation System: Upgrades Start Here

Obsidian Entertainment has published a mini-dev diary, where the team addresses some questions and suggestions from the Armored Warfare community. Most of the points covered are typical “we’re working on it”-type stuff, but there were a few that stood out.

The team is working on improvements to spectating, that would allow players to see exactly what their observed player — whether as a spectator or as a dead teammate — would see, such as zoomed in or SPG viewpoint. Performance is also brought up a few times, with the devs saying that the reason many locales don’t show the ravages of war is because every hole or damage to a building requires additional resources to render. Those planes flying overhead, though? They’re not going anywhere.

Most interesting, though, are allusions to a “new, experimental game mode” — specifically one that requires better AI — “that will be different from the content currently in the game.” As I found out during my trip to Obsidian last year, the team is clearly dedicated to its AI content and wants to introduce something akin to RPG-style stories, so perhaps this is what the AI is being upgraded for.

Blade & Soul Introduces Another New Zone on fifa15guide

blade and soul

Hot on the heels of the initial Silverfrost Mountains announcement, the Blade & Soul team has revealed an all new max level faction zone, Soulstone Plains. The new zone is designed to be a major source for Soulstones and Moonstones.

A level 50 faction area, similar to Misty Woods, the Soulstone Plains will offer players the ability to fight for their faction and earn rewards. Battles run throughout the day, occurring in phases. During the battle, players will fight for ownership of Soulstone mining drills in the middle of large fields. Once a faction takes over the drills, they will need to defend them. If the faction manages to defend their mining operation, they’ll earn rewards.

In addition to the main PvP activities, there are also a variety of dailies available in this area that reward Soulstones, gold, experience, and Faction Contribution Points.

Whitebox Interactive Stops Development Of Warhammer MOBA Dark Nexus Arena on fifa15guide


Fans of Whitebox Interactive’s free-to-play Warhammer MOBA received some bad news today. The company’s CEO, Jonathan Falkowski, formally announced that development of Dark Nexus Arena is being stopped, and that its servers will be brought down on March 31.

The reasoning behind the cancellation, according to Falkowski’s post, is that the team just hasn’t grown enough to maintain support development.

Dark Nexus Arena launched into Early Access on April 24 of last year, so it made it almost a year before being discontinued.

The full announcement can be found on the Dark Nexus Arena site.