fifa15guide:NA – Naryu Labyrinth 4-man Guide Summoner PoV Blade and Soul and Breakdown for all bosses –

Only difference / addition from Summoner PvE Skill Tree guide is that I have placed a second point into Beckon for the reset on Taunt.

Is chat important to you during dungeons? If not, you could simply leave an empty chat window there. (Or rid of it from your UI completely)

Otherwise, you can use that space to put the most recent tip that showed up on the screen, slightly dimmed to show that it was already communicated in a more forward manner.

My final recommendation, a bit more complex, would be to put pictures of the ability circles / rectangles from 6-man, so people have a visual reference when you mention these abilities. e.g. "Use counter when Minou summons shadow minotaurs" show the rectangle aoe indicator from Minou 6-man


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Hearthstone’s next expansion is Whispers of the Old Gods –

Blizzard today announced Hearthstone’s next major expansion, Whispers of the Old Gods, which will come to PC, Mac, iOS and Android by or before mid-May.  

Whispers of the Old Gods will not only introduce 134 new cards, but also Hearthstone’s Standard format, which limits the playable card pool to the most recent sets. As such, the expansion will play an especially pivotal role in Hearthstone’s competitive and constructed play for the foreseeable future.

Whispers of the Old Gods carries themes of corruption and villainy, as evidenced by cards like Polluted Hoarder and Validated Doomsayer. The set is centered around four Old Gods from Warcraft lore: C’Thun, N’Zoth, Yogg-Saron and Y’Shaarj.

Hearthstone’s next expansion is Whispers of the Old Gods -

C’Thun, a Legendary minion with a cumulative Battlecry effect, was revealed today. It stands to reason that the other gods will also appear as Legendaries, along with at least one unique Legendary for each of the game’s nine classes.  

Ahead of the game’s “late April/early May” release, starting Monday, March 14 players can pre-order bundles of 50 Whispers of the Old Gods packs for $49.99. That's actually a significant discount, as $49.99 will usually only get you 40 packs. Pre-orders also include an exclusive card back (right). 

Source: Blizzard