FIFA 16 Fan Goal of the Month Contenders

The latest five contenders for the FIFA 16 Liverpool FC fan Goal of the Month award have now been selected and it is up to you to decide the best strike in our online poll.

A number of great prizes are on offer every month in this fun competition and the overall champion at the end of the season – to be chosen by Reds captain Jordan Henderson – will win an Xbox One console, a squad-signed home shirt and two tickets to the final home league game of 2015-16.

FIFA 16 Top 10 Most Valuable Midfielders

As important as it is to have a stout defence and a terrifying strike partnership, your midfielders will affect the game more than anyone else on the pitch. Whether it’s protecting the back line, supporting the forwards, winning the ball or scoring goals themselves, the players in the middle of the pitch are crucial to every phase of the match and a top-quality midfield will win you plenty of matches throughout the season.

We’ve already suggested some FIFA 16 Career mode high-potential wonderkids in another piece, but if you’re looking for a quality midfield signing that can fit straight into your first-XI, we’ve got the goods right here. So whether you need a bruising enforcer, a tricky CAM player to unlock opposing defences, or someone quick and skilful to play out wide, read on for our favourite FIFA 16 Career Mode midfielders.

CDM: Sergio Busquets
Busquets has been a top signing for a while now. Amazingly, he’s still only 27 years old, and as a more technical ball-playing midfielder, his best years are still ahead of him. He starts off at 86 overall with top-quality passing and good tackling stats too, but be aware – he’s not ideal if you’re looking for someone to break up the play, win the ball and chase down opposition attackers. He’s slow, and he won’t win many aerial battles for you. He’s in the Xabi Alonso mould of midfield anchors, so if you like to play through a deep midfielder, Busquets is a great signing.

FIFA 16 Top 10 Most Valuable Midfielders

CDM: Nemanja Matic
If you’re after a more of a hard-tackling ball-winner, Matic is your guy. His physical and defending stats are outstanding, especially when you factor in that he has some potential growth left – from 84 to 87 overall. He’s not completely useless going forward either – his shooting stats are decent, and while he’s not going to be the quickest player on the pitch, he’s no slouch. If you can sign him in your first season, he’ll happily dominate your matches for at least the next four years.

CM: Paul Pogba
If there’s one thing we think everyone should do, at the beginning of every career mode game they ever play, it is this: sign Paul Pogba. Seriously. Pogba’s 86 overall rating includes dribbling, shooting, passing and physical stats all over 80 and a fantastic hairdo that’s worthy of a 90+ rating. And at just 22 years old, he’ll be your midfield talisman and team leader for at least the next decade, smashing in goals from 30 yards, winning 50-50 balls in the centre of the park and reaching a massive 93 overall rating, which by then will make him the best player in the world, alongside another man who is still to come in this list.

CM: Marco Verratti
Regardless of whether you can get Pogba or not (you should though, if we hadn’t made that clear enough yet), Marco Verratti is still an excellent buy, whether you’re fitting him into your current side or putting him alongside Pogba. Although he’s much smaller in stature than Pogba, he gets around the pitch much faster than his average pace stats would suggest, hassling opponents like a small terrier, winning the ball back and setting up team-mates with his excellent dribbling and passing stats. He’ll get as high as 89 overall too. Not too shabby.

CAM: James Rodríguez
Right behind Paul Pogba in the priority signing queue, Rodríguez was tipped for greatness well before he won the Golden Boot at the 2014 World Cup. His performances for Colombia in Brazil made him hot property, and got him a huge contract at Real Madrid. That contract will make it very tough for you to sign him straightaway, but every player has their price, and in the case of Rodríguez and his 93 potential rating, no price is too high. Sure, he’s not the quickest, but his shooting, dribbling and passing stats are all 83+ and like Pogba, he’ll grow into one of the best players in the world. A must buy.

FIFA 16 Top 10 Most Valuable Midfielders

CAM: Philippe Coutinho
There are loads of other good CAM players that could go here – Mesut Özil, Kevin de Bruyne and Mario Götze, to name a few. But their games are very similar to that of James Rodríguez, and they’re only worth signing if you’re not going to sign the Colombian for whatever reason. Philippe Coutinho is a different style of player, pacey and threatening when given room, he strikes terror into lumbering defenders with his 89 acceleration, four-star skill moves and fantastic vision and short passing. If anything, his shooting is still underrated by EA, but he’ll grow from an 84 to an 88 overall, and at just 23, he offers plenty of longevity too.

RM: Gareth Bale
Bale’s struggles in Madrid have been well-documented, but truthfully, he’s still a world-class talent and at 26, he’s in his prime as an attacking force. Regardless of his real-world problems, FIFA still has him ranked as one of the best wingers in the game, and with a whopping 94 pace, alongside dribbling, passing, shooting and physical stats, you’d be silly not to sign him up if you have the chance, especially when he still has four points of overall growth left, up to a max rating of 91.

RM: Lucas Moura
As we’ve mentioned before, there’s a bit of a lack of right-sided talent in this year’s game, save for Lionel Messi, Arjen Robben and the man we’ve just mentioned. If you’re looking for another alternative for that right midfield slot, we’d probably plump for Lucas Moura, who currently plays for Paris Saint Germain. He’s not going to do the defensive work that Bale would do, but he’s still rapid, with 95 acceleration and 91 sprint speed. His dribbling stats are 85+ and given a bit of time, he’ll grow into a decent finisher as well. Even better, you can often get him on the cheap after a season or so. Just keep an eye on his contract status.

LM: Eden Hazard
Sure, he’s having a rough season this year, but Hazard’s body of work over the last few years more than justifies his excellent FIFA rating this year. In Career Mode, he’s a rare gem of a wide player that can hurt the opposition in a multitude of different ways, with shooting and passing stats of 80+, as well as 89 pace and 92 dribbling. In short, he’s almost unstoppable. Unsurprisingly, that makes him almost unsignable as well, but if you can cash in some FIFA coins to grab yourself a big transfer budget via the ‘financial takeover’ perk in the catalogue, he’s yours.

LM: Marco Reus
Neymar is of course, the obvious ‘other’ signing you should make if you’re trying to find a quality left-sided midfielder. But as he’s more of a forward, we wanted to mention Marco Reus as a player who doesn’t get the attention he deserves. At 26, he’s has a couple of points of growth still in him – up to 88 overall – and he’s an incredibly well-rounded winger, with 90 pace, and dribbling, shooting and passing stats of 84+. Like Hazard, he can hurt you with goals and assists, except he likely comes a little cheaper than the Belgian and he’s a much better free-kick taker too.

FIFA 16 TOTY Messi 99 in a pack with amazing luck

FIFA 16 fans are going crazy at the moment, trying to get the likes of TOTY Neymar, Ronaldo and Messi in a pack. Now we have the first evidence of one player getting a FIFA 16 TOTY Messi in a pack, on a live TOTY pack opening on YouTube.

If you haven’t heard, this 99 Messi card for FIFA 16 is the new holy grail of Ultimate Team. TOTY Messi has a 99-rated overall card, with 99 for dribbling, 99 for pace, 98 for shooting and 97 for passing.

This card is selling for well over 3,000,000 coins so if you do get one you are basically hitting the jackpot and can build any squad you want for the entirety of the season until FIFA 17 is out.

FIFA 16 TOTY Messi

YouTuber CapgunTom appears to have had the best luck out of anyone in terms of pulling out the blue cards and now you can see his live reaction when getting TOTY Messi in a pack – incredible stuff.

As far as we’re aware, this is the first video with evidence of getting the best card in the entire game. What do you think about this kind of luck though – does it make you sick or hopeful that you can get the same luck with your packs?

You still have to be incredibly lucky to get any TOTY card, let alone Messi so check out the video below and let us know what you think.

TOTY Pogba FIFA 16 review, amazing long shots stats

Everyone is talking about the amazing TOTY Pogba card for FIFA 16. It is now live in packs with the other TOTY midfielders and now we are happy to bring you one of the first TOTY Pogba FIFA 16 reviews online.

This card is simply amazing and in the video which we have to show you, we can see that the player bought this card for over 2 million coins just to give you an idea.

TOTY Pogba stats are incredible, a sea of green stats including what could be his biggest secret weapon – 98 for long shots which is going to be extremely useful in those tough matches when you can’t break through a defense online.

Other stand out stats courtesy of FUTHead include 97 for strength, 98 for shot power, 91 for volleys, 96 for ball control and 95 for dribbling – not bad at all.

TOTY Pogba FIFA 16 review

You can see some TOTY Pogba gameplay below as we all know that’s what you came to see. Is he really worth a staggering 2 million coins – probably not unless you are rich.

Some players are spending crazy amounts of real money trying to get these cards, so check out the review below and let us know what you think of the TOTY hype this year.

Also some gamers believe this TOTY Pogba card was ‘undeserved’ – what do you say to that?

FIFA 16 TOTY Neuer, Ramos, Silva, Alves, Marcelo price range

We are pleased to say that the FIFA 16 TOTY Goalkeeper and Defenders are now in packs. You can get them for your team if you are lucky enough and now we can bring you an initial heads-up with regards to those crucial FIFA 16 TOTY Neuer, Ramos, Marcelo, Alves and Silva price ranges.

Everybody is going crazy for these blue cards right now and we can see that some of you have already been lucky enough to get one inside a pack.

We can tell you that right away, FIFA TOTY 16 Marcelo is the cheapest card out of the five so far, with TOTY Neuer being the most expensive with the cheapest buy it now price that we’ve found at 930,000 coins.


Marcelo’s card can be bought for 490,000, which is surprising given how amazing the stats are for a LB – if you get one you may want to resell for a guaranteed profit.

FIFA 16 Thiago Silva’s cheapest price buy it now is 537,000 coins, so you may be able to get him for slightly lower if you are bidding with others.

Dani Alves TOTY card for FIFA 16 is around 600,000 coins, while Sergio Ramos FIFA 16 TOTY card is very expensive at 894,000 coins.

These prices are all the cheapest buy it now prices that we have noticed so far, so you may be able to lower them slightly if entering a bidding war.

Let us know who you have packed so far – we’ve added a bonus video below showing one player getting FIFA 16 TOTY Marcelo in a pack so it is possible.

FIFA 16 TOTY release time schedule for UK

We wanted to give you a heads-up on when FIFA 16 TOTY starts this year, as for those that are still not aware, the FIFA 16 TOTY release time will be on Monday 11 January starting with the Goalkeeper and the Defenders.

The FIFA 16 TOTY schedule will start on Monday evening UK time, as EA will first need to wait until the FIFPro World XI is announced and of course wait to see who is crowned Ballon D’Or winner.

As a result, those asking when the Goalkeeper and Defender TOTY for FIFA 16 is out, this should be at 8PM UK time.


These special blue cards will be available for 48 hours as usual, then EA will insert the TOTY Midfielders for FIFA 16 into packs on Wednesday January 13 at 6PM time – going on the same schedule as last year.

Then we will get the FIFA 16 TOTY Forwards release time on Friday January 15 at 6PM UK time, most likely to be Neymar, Ronaldo and Messi.

The big one to wait for if you have coins to spend on TOTY packs is the full TOTY release time for FIFA 16 featuring the whole team.

This should be on Saturday January 16 or Sunday January 17 and that is when you want to go crazy on opening packs you have saved from Draft or buying packs with FIFA Points.

The Market Crash release time of FIFA 16 TOTY

We wanted to give all FIFA 16 players a heads-up to say that the FIFA 16 TOTY Market Crash release time is coming very soon.

Everyone wants to know when TOTY is released for FIFA 16, but we already told you that it should be on Monday January 11 starting with the Goalkeeper and Defenders.

Many players are offering up their personal FIFA 16 TOTY Market Crash prediction to say that it will be happening towards the end of this week and over the weekend just before the blue TOTY cards are announced.


We have a very useful video for you to watch now, from YouTuber Nepenthez who offers up his own FIFA 16 TOTY Market Crash advice.

You’ll be able to get the lowdown on how the Market Crash works in the game, when it is likely to happen and how to earn coins in FIFA 16 fast before those blue cards start appearing on the market next week.

What players are you waiting to buy in the Market Crash and which players do you recommend to sell to generate a profit for when prices increase after TOTY is out?