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Posted December 8th at 5:00pm.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Celebrate the holiday season with our 18 Days of FIFA Giveaway. Starting on December 8 until Christmas Day (December 25), we’re giving away all sorts of holiday prizes on the EA SPORTS FIFA Instagram account.

How to Enter

It’s easy to enter each day’s contest, so keep an eye on our official Instagram account during the giveaway period and follow the steps below:

  • Read and Accept the Official Rules located below  
  • Follow us on @EASPORTSFIFA on Instagram
  • Like, comment or tag a friend and include #EASweepstakes in your post.

LIMIT: The limit is one entry per person per day of the Promotion Period.

Read and Accept Official Rules 

FIFA 18 is Available Now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.  Conditions and restrictions apply.  See https://www.easports.com/fifa/fifa-18-game-and-offer-disclaimers for details. 

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FIFA 18 Goals of the Month December 2017 – EA SPORTS – Official Site on fifa15guide

Posted January 11th at 12:00am.

The EA SPORTS FIFA 18 Goals of the Month compilation highlights the best goals that were selected in that month’s Goals of the Week videos. While there were plenty of excellent strikes to choose from, a few stood out above the rest. 


December 2017 had goals that provided a fresh look at El Tornado, as well as a few mazy, dribbling runs that produced finishes almost as exciting and inventive. The selections below earned their place at the very top by being as fresh, creative, and impressive as possible. 

El Tornado Master: Marc-Andre Dachs, Cristiano Ronaldo

Since El Tornado was released along with FIFA 18, players have been utilizing the new skill move in some incredible and inventive ways. This month’s best submission featured the master of the move. Ronaldo uses El Tornado and a subsequent touch to open a huge chunk of space in front of himself, then strikes the ball with a scissor kick near the edge of the box for a finish even more extraordinary than the moves he used to create the chance. 



Skiller Award: Jonny Howson, Raheem Sterling

For the second month in a row, a player has used Manchester City winger Sterling to produce the most technically notable goal. Sterling makes use of a nice variety of the skill moves at his disposal, beating a total of five defenders on route to a solid close-range finish past the goalkeeper. 



Set Piece Specialist: Hardik Tara, Cristiano Ronaldo

The only free kick to be included in this month’s selections, Ronaldo simply produces a clean, swerving finish from the set piece a few yards outside the penalty box. While relatively simple compared to some goals on the list, this free kick gets the nod simply because such goals are not easily scored in FIFA 18. 



Like Riding A Bike: NathanArmy2003, Isco

After a solid delivery from teammate Gareth Bale, Isco produces a fine bicycle kick (always a crowd pleaser) at the tightest of angles that takes advantage of the goalkeeper’s poor positioning and drops the ball perfectly into the corner of the net. 



Epic Volley Award: Porcupine, Toni Kroos

Many of this month’s goals were selected based on the epic quality of the buildup or chance creation, not purely because of how they were finished. But this one-time volley from Toni Kroos was not only inch-perfect — it was from a distance few players can score from consistently. After solid if uninspired attacking from his teammates, the goalkeeper pushes the shot away only for it to deflect off a defender’s head and loop out of the box and right to Kroos with plenty of space in front of him. Without taking any extra touches, Kroos produces a left-footed volley that soars majestically over defenders right into the upper left corner of the net, far from the goalkeeper’s reach. 


FIFA 18 is Available Now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.  Conditions and restrictions apply.  See https://www.easports.com/fifa/fifa-18-game-and-offer-disclaimers for details. 

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FUT Champions Weekend League Update on fifa15guide

Posted January 24th at 2:30pm.

Hey FUT Players,

Quick intro, my name is Tyler Blair and I’m a Senior Game Designer on FIFA Ultimate Team. I started at EA in 2004 and have worked on FUT since it was just a concept in 2008. As a Designer, I’m part of the team that shapes and decides the direction of FUT features through production, and partners with the rest of the development team to bring features and modes to life when the game launches.

Today I wanted to tell you about a change we are making to the Weekend League, starting in February, and also give you a bit more context on changes already made in the January FIFA 18 Title Update.   

Silver 2 Qualification from February

When we added qualification to the prizes at Gold 3 and above, we did so with the intent of making continued participation in the Weekend League easier. We looked at the effects of this change and found that it encouraged some players to play more games per weekend, which was not our intent.


To reach Gold 3, it takes 18 wins and data shows that a big group of players stop playing when they get there. It also shows that it takes most players approximately 31 games to achieve this rank. We understand the rewards are a big driver as to why people try to get as many wins as possible, but the disproportionate population of players who stop at this line signals an opportunity for improvement. So, with that in mind we’re making a change at the start of February.

FUT Champions rewards of Silver 2 and above will now grant access to the next Weekend League. The new number of wins required to gain the qualification reward will be 11 wins and above. By moving the benchmark to Silver 2, we will grow the overall size of the weekend league slightly and enable an earlier stop-point for players wanting to earn requalification. The stats show that a high percentage of players will find themselves qualified to the next Weekend League after 20-23 games and many much faster than that.

This change retains the structure we have in place to find the best FUT players in the world, while keeping competitive play available and accessible for all FUT players.

Review of Pre-Match Information

In this Title Update, we improved the pre-game experience and game setup flow.

  • In the team select screen we changed the way Home and Away are displayed – you will now see ‘My Squad’ and ‘Opponent Squad’. 

  • We also removed the option of playing in specific stadiums with varied camera angles or shadow patterns. To provide a consistent experience for everyone, all FUT Champions matches will take place in the FeWC Stadium, Time of Day will always be set to Night and Weather always be set to Clear.
  • We have changed the way that kit selection works. You will now control which kits you see for both your own team, and your opponent’s team. You will choose whether to assign your Home or Away kit to your team, while your opponent’s team will be assigned the other. In gameplay, each player will see only the kits they selected, and will not see the kits that their opponent selected. With this in mind, we suggest that you review your Active kits.

I hope that this gives you better insight into the changes we made. Thank you for playing and see you in the Weekend League!

Tyler Blair and the FUT Development Team


FIFA 18 is Available Now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.  Conditions and restrictions apply.  See https://www.easports.com/fifa/fifa-18-game-and-offer-disclaimers for details. 

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How DhTekKz Won the EA SPORTS FIFA 18 Global Series FUT Champions Cup on fifa15guide

Posted February 2nd at 6:00pm.

Donovan “DhTekKz” Hunt was a name that few people knew a week ago. The 16-year-old from Exeter was ranked 55th on the Xbox One leaderboards based on his November 2017 Weekend League results, meaning that he barely squeaked into the tournament at all. He had less than 1,000 Twitter followers when the weekend began. But by Sunday evening, DhTekKz would be a legend.

One by One, Tournament Favorites Fall Short

When the FUT Champions Cup Barcelona last weekend started the FIFA 18 Global Series Road to the FIFA eWorld Cup, many of the biggest names in FIFA competitive gaming were present. Players like last year’s FIFA 17 Ultimate Team Championship Series winner Corentin “Vitality Rocky” Chevrey and top Xbox One seed Michael “MegaBit” Bittner. But those heavyweights, along with many others, were left in the wake of possibly the greatest narrative in competitive FIFA history.

Many of the FIFA players in Barcelona had all the marks of a professional. Some (and their FUT squads) bore the jerseys of real-life club sponsors. Some changed their gamer tags to include the gaming organizations to which they were signed. Many brought coaches with them who barked orders in headsets and brought out notebooks at halftime to go over tactics.

An Exeter Underdog

DhTekKz wasn’t signed to a professional club, and he didn’t come to Barcelona with a coach in tow. His squad often bore the jerseys of his favorite team, Liverpool Football Club. He chose the crest of Exeter City Football Club, to represent his hometown on the global stage. His parents accompanied him and cheered him on throughout the tournament, but only in the later rounds did he have a coach, when professional Roma pro Sam “Roma Poacher” Carmody volunteered to help after his own exit from the tournament. In a room surrounded by professionals, DhTekKz’s amateur status kept him under the radar. 

The FUT Champions Cup group stage used a Swiss-style format, meaning all matches in the stage were between players with identical records. DhTekKz started slowly, losing two of his first three rounds in the group stage. But that round 3 loss would be his last. His journey through the group stage was highlighted with a 7-2 aggregate win over Vitality Rocky, who wouldn’t make it out of the stage. The teenage DhTekKz qualified for the knockout stage with a respectable 5-2 record, keeping company with tournament favorites—making commentators give him a second look.

Hints of Greatness

DhTekKz said after the group stage that he felt everything was going against him, considering the ridiculously difficult matchups he’d had thus far. “Beating Rocky, I was just happy. I don’t know what to say, I’m speechless.” Despite having a mountain to climb, he remained confident, saying, “I believe in myself, I think I can go on and win, but that’s just how it is. It’s good that I played those players, so I can prove myself.”

With so much talent, the competition was intense in both console brackets. No player had an “easy” run in this tournament, but the path DhTekKz took makes his surprise victory even more impressive. He was challenged quickly, facing the self-proclaimed “best FIFA player in the world” and tenth Xbox One seed kurt0411. DhTekKz dispatched kurt0411 with a 5-1 aggregate win, finally turning heads in Barcelona and around the world.

This made DhTekKz’s play style and tactical choices a hot topic for the tournament’s commentators. He used a lot of skill moves during matches, a choice that some saw as showboating—but others considered a fresh approach to the competitive game. The margins in competitive FUT are often thin, so skill moves (especially in dangerous areas of the pitch) are used sparingly when there is a lot at stake. But DhTekKz found a way to incorporate flashy skills into his game without sacrificing too much, and it was clearly paying off. 


Bucking the Tactical Trends

Tactically, DhTekKz played a bit of a different style in some matches, picking a 4-2-3-1 formation rather than the more popular formations, like the 4-1-2-1-2 narrow diamond and traditional 4-4-2. Using 4-2-3-1, DhTekKz said, provided a counter-attacking strategy that had served him well in qualification. “I’ve got two styles, I’ll either do possession or just counter-attack. Against Gorilla I decided to go counter-attack and it worked well. I tried to match Rocky at his own game. I feel like I can take anyone on in their own style.” This isn’t a single tactic that he employed, but rather a style of play that relied on understanding FIFA on a level that allows him to tweak his game to suit any opponent.

Bold tactical choices and a keen understanding of skill moves are just part of DhTekKz’s exceptional style of play. Tournament commentator Richard Buckley said “what makes [DhTekKz] special is that he is unpredictable in his gameplay, he does things that other pros don’t. This includes skill moves and long shots, which others just don’t expect him to do.” 

DhTekKz had a slightly tougher match in the console quarterfinals, but finished off another big name in Hashtag United pro Ryan “Hashtag Ryan” Pessoa with a tight 3-1 win. With two top-ranked players in his wake, DhTekKz was riding a wave of hype. But his opponent was VfL Bochum 1848 e-Sports pro and the highest-ranked Xbox One player in the world, Michael “MegaBit” Bittner. Would he be able to hang with Megabit, the only player that went undefeated in the November Weekend League? 

This matchup ended up being one of the tournament’s best, as DhTekKz and Megabit provided an end-to-end, 16-goal thriller over the two-game semifinal. The hype train for DhTekKz was going full speed, and it seemed like the entire competitive FIFA world was buying tickets. Buckley referred to this match as DhTekKz’s most impressive performance of the entire tournament. 

Glory Is Within His Reach

Two more opponents and four games stood between DhTekKz and competitive FIFA history. His console final opponent, Germany’s Niklas “NRaseck7” Raseck, might have only been the 35th-ranked player, but he wasn’t a pushover. DhTekKz came out swinging and easily finished the first leg with a 4-1 advantage that included a second-half penalty kick. But it was NRaseck7 who jumped to an early second leg lead, bringing the aggregate score up to 4-2 in the opening minutes. The German turned the screws again, scoring a fantastic goal in the 31st minute with Cristiano Ronaldo to inch closer to DhTekKz’s lead. DhTekKz looked rattled, but, he kept his nerve, getting an insurance goal near the end of the game and preserveing his and a place in the Grand Final.

Despite his age, this was a recurring theme in this competition for DhTekKz—keeping his nerve. Surrounded by players with far more experience at the competitive level than him, DhTekKz never looked like he’d fold under pressure. Buckley said that he noticed it multiple times over the course of the tournament. “The most impressive part of the victory was that, given his age, he didn’t let the pressure of the tournament affect his gameplay or the way that he kept his composure throughout the three days.”

The Final Showdown

While not as unknown as DhTekKz, PlayStation 4 bracket champion Nicolas “nicolas99fc” Villalba quietly racked up an impressive tournament after ranking sixth in the world to qualify. Starting with a tight win over August “Hashtag Agge” Rosenmeier in the round of 32 and ending with a decisive win in the console finals over FC Basel pro Tim “TheStrxngeR” Katnawatos, nicolas99fc put together a solid resume ahead of the event Grand Final.

But there could be only one champion. While nicolas99fc certainly had his fans—especially from his home country of Argentina—the real buzz surrounding the Grand Final concerned DhTekKz. Fans around the world flocked to the live stream, eager to see if the Exeter teenager would complete his underdog story.  

The entertainment began almost immediately. DhTekKz started with a bang, scoring his first goal after a few seconds. Even though nicolas99fc put up a valiant effort, his young opponent was simply too much. The first leg ended with a tight 3-2 scoreline, but DhTekKz ran away with the title and secured a 9-3 aggregate score in the event Grand Final to lift his first major trophy.

Within a matter of days, DhTekKz went from being a mostly-anonymous, low-ranked player that squeaked into the first FUT Champions Cup event of the season to one of the biggest names in competitive gaming. His Twitter account grew exponentially, ending the weekend with over 50,000 followers. 

Seconds after his victory, DhTekKz showed a maturity and humility beyond his years when talking about his history-making weekend. “I don’t know what to say. I came into the tournament to do well. I got hard matchups, came through it, and believed I could win.” Even going down 3-2 at the end of the first game of the Grand Final, DhTekKz said his confidence didn’t waver. “I had a couple big leads in the earlier rounds. When he got it back to 3-2, I knew this had happened before, and I had gone on and won. I was worried, but I believed in myself to come out on top.”

If his calm, yet confident approach to FIFA showed the young man’s mature side, DhTekKz’s emotional words after the tournament reminded us that he’s just 16. His advice for aspiring professional FIFA players was unexpected: “Tell your mum about FIFA, she’ll be your inspiration. [Mine has] helped me a lot along the way.” When asked about what he would do with the prize money, DhTekKz‘s answer was one only someone with their entire adult life ahead of them could give: “I’m more worried about the trophy,” he said. “I don’t know where to put it.”


-Spenser Davis

FIFA 18 is Available Now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.  Conditions and restrictions apply.  See https://www.easports.com/fifa/fifa-18-game-and-offer-disclaimers for details. 

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EA SPORTS FIFA 18 Goals of the Month — January 2018 – fifa15guide.net

Posted February 5th at 3:30pm.

The EA SPORTS FIFA 18 Goals of the Month compilation highlights the best goals selected from that month’s Goals of the Week videos. While there were plenty of excellent strikes to choose from, a few stood out above the rest. 

El Tornado Master: Parch98, Antoine Griezmann

El Tornado is the definition of “easy to learn, hard to master” in regard to skill moves. The actual game mechanics behind the move are relatively simple. But first, you have to have a player capable of doing the move in-game. French winger/forward Griezmann is one of those players, and he executed El Tornado perfectly in scoring this goal by fooling two defenders and opening a ton of space for himself. On top of that, he takes a first-time volley to fire the ball over the rest of the defense and in the corner of the net, beyond the reach of the goalkeeper. 


Skiller Award: Dautze9, Paul Pogba

There are so many ways to implement skills into your FIFA 18 game that it’s hard to objectively say what type of skill is better or more impressive. This month’s top skillful goal is based on Pogba’s remarkable close control of the ball. He uses four different skill moves to beat four different defenders, most of them inside the box. The most impressive of those moves is the very first one Pogba uses as the ball is passed to him; he deploys excellent control with his first touch to roll the ball away from the incoming slide tackle. After deceiving every last defender, Pogba smashes the ball past the helpless goalkeeper once opening up a huge pocket of space right in front of goal. 


Set Piece Specialist: RCastelo, Dani Alves

Rarely does a free kick goal get scored in FIFA 18 that is truly breathtaking in its execution. We mostly see short-range curlers over the wall that take a lucky deflection or trick the goalkeeper into moving the wrong way. So any long-range free kick is impressive, but this one scored by Alves is sensational. Taking a page out of another famous fullback’s notebook, Alves pulled off an amazing version of Roberto Carlos’ “banana” kick with the outside of his boot. As Alves strikes the ball, it curls wide of the wall and appears to soar out of bounds. But as it approaches the goal line, it spins itself back towards goal and squeaks into the top corner as the goalkeeper makes a futile dive for it. 


Cheekiest Finisher: Donato Moramarco, Leonardo Bonucci

You won’t see tons of goals from center backs on these lists, because they’re usually towering headers from set pieces or scrappy goalmouth scrambles that aren’t particularly interesting or unique. But Bonucci makes it for his absolutely audacious finish that is even more impressive considering his position. The buildup is simple: it’s a corner kick. The taker aims it short, just outside the the six-yard box. Bonucci drifts away from his marker towards the flight of the ball, moving away from goal. It appears that he’s mis-timed his run, but as the delivery comes in he kicks his foot out and behind, punching the ball into the net with the bottom of his boot. It doesn’t get much cheekier than that. 


Epic Volley Award: RPWPA, Kevin De Bruyne

Everything about this goal is pretty much perfect. The initial ball forward is headed expertly by Alexis Sanchez to De Bruyne, who volleys in a rocket from about 35 yards out. The ball thunders into the bottom of the crossbar and, at first, looks like it might not have crossed the line. But upon closer inspection, the ball crossed the line completely to finish off a terrific effort from every player involved. 


FIFA 18 is Available Now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.  Conditions and restrictions apply.  See https://www.easports.com/fifa/fifa-18-game-and-offer-disclaimers for details. 

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fifa15guide – 2nd Anniversary Item & Systems Changes

The 2nd anniversary event isn’t just about a party, there are also great changes coming to Blade & Soul!

The 2nd anniversary event isn’t just about a party, there are also great item and systems changes coming to Blade & Soul! In addition to the changes below, you’ll be able to purchase Obsidian Gems for Solar Energy in the Dragon Express, we’ve increased the drop rate of Transcendence Engines in Irontech Forge, and overall are reducing Baleful/Seraph weapon upgrade costs by reducing the amount of Transformation Stones needed (for Stage 6-7) and removing the need for Premium Transformation Stones but offsetting by increasing the amount of standard Transformation Stones needed (for Stage 8-12).

As always you’ll want to check out the full patch notes when the update is released.

Daily Challenge Quest Choices

You can now choose from 9 quests to complete for the Daily Challenge. You can complete any 3 to earn the Daily Challenge Reward.

3v3 Tag Match Rating Changes

In this update we’re changing the 3v3 Tag Match team ratings to better account for differences in the individual player ratings, and end matches with a more representative win/loss change. We’ll be continuing to monitor ratings changes and appreciate your feedback on how we could do more to create competition that is fair and balanced.

Draken Legendary Accessory Upgrades

Draken Legendary accessory tokens (Lord of the Flame’s Horns, Zakhan’s Claw, Acrimor’s Wing, and Hand of Xanos) are being removed, and can be exchanged via the Antiques UI to a new item: Draken Core. You can then use 200 Draken Cores to purchase a Stage 1 Oath Necklace, Destiny Ring, Eternity Belt, Divine Dragon Bracelet Chest, or Tiger Bracelet Chest from the Dragon Express. Places you normally would have received the Draken Legendary accessory tokens will be replaced with Draken Core.

In addition, Stage 10 Legendary Accessories can now be salvaged to receive a Red Dragon Crux or Blue Dragon Crux. A Dragon Crux can be used to upgrade the seed item for the next generation of Legendary Accessory to Stage 1, greatly reducing the overall cost. This change allows you to recuperate some of the resources you’ve put into a Legendary Accessory, and applying it toward the next generation.

Legendary Jewel/Element Alternate Cost

In addition to the existing 20 Gold option, you’ll be able to purchase a Legendary Jewel or Legendary Element from the Dragon Express for 10 Gold, 30 Soulstone Crystals, and 15 Sacred Crystals.

Crafting System Update

This update will also reduce crafting costs across multiple Guilds—such as reduced costs for Brilliant Keys, Void Fragments and Ascendance Stones, and Silver Cauldron’s tradable potion chests—as well as providing Guild Supplies when crafting Normal recipes, and a random amount of Lucky Guild Boxes when crafting Trade or Masterwork recipes. New recipes are also being added; including new Earthseer charms, Forgekeeper Phantom Weapon Chests, Acquired Taste Meat Dumplings, and more.


Stay tuned for the full patch notes for all the specific changes.

Customize Select Cosmetics in the Tailor Shop – fifa15guide.net

Create your own look with an array of colors and patterns to choose from.

Blade & Soul’s 2nd Anniversary update introduces a new system that allows you to tailor the look of select costumes and adornments to fit your own personal style. 

Flaunt Your Style

Choose a new color and pattern on some of your favorite cosmetics to create a whole new look that will make you stand out from the crowd. Cosmetics that are customizable will have a costume symbol on the top left corner of their item icon.

To begin designing the new look of your garment, press CTRL + C or left click on an eligible cosmetic from your inventory and select the Tailor Shop option to enter the Tailor Shop. From this screen, you’ll be able to preview all the cosmetics that can be customized, with more to come as they are developed for this new feature.

Select a cosmetic that you own and change the color and pattern to your heart’s content – even hair color is customizable on head adornments! Once you have your design made to your liking, you’ll be able to finalize the changes with gold and Chromatic Thread that can be found in the Hongmoon Store for 40 NCoin/Hongmoon Coin.

Tailoring your Cosmetics

A cosmetic will require an unlocking fee of Chromatic Thread in order for it to become a Custom garment. Costumes will require 10 Chromatic Threads and adornments will require 3 Chromatic Threads. Once the cosmetic has become Custom, the costume symbol will illuminate, indicating that it’s ready to be designed. This process can occur prior to designing your new look by left clicking the item and selecting Tailoring or at the end of the design process.

Keep in mind that once a cosmetic has been altered into a custom piece, it can no longer be traded, regardless of its properties before customization. If later down the road you’d like to change the look again, you’ll only have to pay the fee of 1 gold and 1 Chromatic Thread for each section changed; and if you’d like to have the original outfit back, you can revert it back for 20 gold.

Fashionistas Around the Earthen Realm

If you’d like to try out the new system but don’t have the cosmetic you want, don’t worry! The clothing merchants located throughout the Earthen Realm will be able to assist you. They have a selection of some of the customizable clothing in their wares to trade with for Chromatic Thread – including the snuggly Dreamland set.

fifa15guide – Silver Saberfang Outfit Chest & Emerald Gem Package Now Available

The Silver Saberfang Outfit Chest and Emerald Gem Package are available until February 7.

It’s Blade and Soul’s 2nd Anniversary! To go along with the celebration, you’ll be able to purchase the new Silver Saberfang Outfit Chest for a chance at new costumes—including the Silver Saberfang set—as well as some previous ones you may have missed. Also available starting today is the Emerald Gem Package, which is similar to the previous Amber bundle, and offers a Hexagonal Emerald and other goodies.

Silver Saberfang Outfit Chest

Available January 17 – February 7 in the Featured Tab
Price: 139 NCoin/Hongmoon Coin

The Silver Saberfang Outfit Chest is pouncing its way onto the Hongmoon Store. You’ll be able to pick up the chest for 139 NCoin/Hongmoon Coin, as well as a bundle of 10 chests for 1,251 NCoin (Save 10%). The Silver Saberfang is a new premium costume set that offers matching weapon skins, accessories, and pet! Wearing all pieces of the outfit will grant you a new special emote called (appropriately) Prowl.

The Silver Saberfang Outfit Chest works very similar to the Rosethorn Chest. When opening chests you’ll receive a random costume, and if you don’t like what you received, or already own it, you’ll be able to salvage it for Silver Saberfang Claws that you can spend in the Dragon Express. Be sure to check the tooltip on the costume before you salvage it, because different costumes give different amounts of Silver Saberfang Claws. Once you’ve accumulated enough Claws, you’ll be able to use them to purchase various costumes from the Dragon Express—including the Silver Saberfang costume itself.

The Silver Saberfang Outfit Chest has a chance to contain:

  • Silver Saberfang Costume
  • Lights Out
  • Silver Saberfang Kitten (Familiar Outfit)
  • Silver Saberfang Pet
  • Boss Mode
  • Ascension
  • Commitment
  • Resilience
  • Pink Velvet
  • Mercy
  • Savannah
  • Business Casual
  • Soulmate
  • Light Specter
  • Dark Specter

Items can be purchased from Dragon Express using Silver Saberfang Claws. Below is a list of the items that can be purchased, and how many Claws they require.

Dragon Express


Silver Saberfang Claws

Silver Saberfang


Silver Saberfang Hairband


Silver Saberfang Mask


Silver Saberfang Wings


Silver Saberfang Illusion Weapon


Silver Saberfang Kitten


Silver Saberfang Kitten Hairband


Silver Saberfang Kitten Wings


Lights Out


Lights Out Hair


Lights Out Mask


Boss Mode


Boss Mode Duster


Boss Mode Shades






Ascension Head Adornment (Male)


Ascension Head Adornment (Female)




Resilience Head Adornment





Emerald Gem Package

Available January 17 – February 7 in the Featured Tab
Price: 1,000 NCoin

The Emerald Gem Package will be available for sale starting January 17 for 1,000 NCoin. This bundle contains the new Viridian valuable, the new great big green—the Emerald gem—along with other items you’ll probably find useful too. This bundle is purchasable up to nine times, and the Hexagonal Emerald is also available in the Dragon Express for 120 Solar Energy.



Hongmoon Hexagonal Emerald


Hongmoon Gem Fragment


Sealed Legendary Gem Hammer


Clarity Charm



Grab the Silver Saberfang costume to prowl around in, and the Emerald Gem Package before they leave the Hongmoon Store on February 7!

Premium Membership Revamp Now Live on fifa15guide

We’ve overhauled the Premium Membership system with better rewards.

The new Premium Membership system is now available! Our overall goals with the revamp were to remove complexity, improve the overall baseline rewards, and ensure that they all feel like strong bonuses to gameplay—not blockers to enjoying the game if you don’t have Premium.

We’re also giving everyone a chance to try out the new system with 7 days of FREE Premium Membership time from the 2nd Anniversary Festival Gift, available for free from the Hongmoon Store. Head over to the 2nd Anniversary Festival Overview article for more info.

You’ll of course want to head over to the new Premium Membership page for an overview of the new system, but below we’ll cover a few of the highlights.


Goodbye Premium Ranks

The Premium Rank and Point system is gone, and instead when you’re a Premium Member you’ll get all the same great benefits as if you were at the maximum tier of the previous system. No additional purchases are required—all the maximum bonuses are baseline now.

For those of you who ranked up your Premium Tiers, you’ve been provided additional days of free Premium Membership based on the below table.

Rank Achieved

Free Premium Days





















Goodbye Chi Recovery Benefit

Having Premium for the improved Chi recovery rate really didn’t make much of a difference, so it was already on the chopping block, but when reviewing our goals of how we’re revamping the system it was further cemented that this was something that didn’t belong in Premium.

This is one of two bonuses we’ve removed from the system, everything else is otherwise an addition or improvement.

Showroom for Everyone

The second bonus we’ve removed is the Showroom (previously called the Wardrobe). This is now a baseline feature available to all players. We want those who have Premium to enjoy the benefits it provides because it adds to the game experience, and not because they feel forced to have it to be able to do basic things like manage their inventory space.

Earn Hongmoon Coin

With Premium Membership you’ll now earn 15 Hongmoon Coins every day just for logging in. There’s a little bit of “vacation protection” built in too, and you can accrue up to 45 Hongmoon Coins (three days’ worth) before needing to log in and collect it—any accrued Hongmoon Coin will need to be picked up within 30 days or it’ll reset the next time you log in.

Daily Premium Cache

Every day Premium Members will be able to purchase a chest from the Hongmoon Store for 30 Hongmoon Coins. It’ll always contain Fortune Potions, a Rare Element, Solar Energy, and Excellent Hongmoon XP Charm; as well as a chance at some rarer items, like a Sacred Oil, Gem Powder, or Legendary Jewel—or just a big sack of gold.


We hope you enjoy these improvements to the Premium Membership system! Head on over to the new Premium Membership page to see all the benefits, and the FAQ.

2nd Anniversary Festival Now Live on fifa15guide

The celebration arrives January 17.

2nd Anniversary Festival Gift

Event: January 17 – February 7

It’s our anniversary, but we got you a present! The NCSOFT West-designed Shadowrunner costume is finally finished, and (spoilers) you’re getting it for free! Collect your free 2nd Anniversary Gift bundle (limited to one per account), by visiting the Featured tab in the Hongmoon Store. The 2nd Anniversary Festival Gift will bestow upon you:

  • 2x – 2nd Anniversary Coins
  • 22x – 2nd Anniversary Cupcakes
  • 22 – 2nd Anniversary Fireworks
  • 7 Days of Premium Membership
  • Shadowrunner costume & Weapon Skin Chest


Mythical Music Event

Event: January 17 – February 7
Redemption Period: January 17 – March 21

What’s a celebration without music? This 2nd Anniversary Festival invites you and your friends to go full audiophile and collect Music Box Cylinders to keep those beats thumping. Complete the Daily Challenge to receive a Music Box Cylinder, which can be turned in once per day to Celesta in Jadestone Village for a Completed Music Box. Open a Completed Music Box and you’ll receive some guaranteed rewards like the 2nd Anniversary Coin, as well as a shot at rarer materials like Moonstone Crystals, a Sacred Crystal Bundle, Elysian Crystals, and more.

Take your 2nd Anniversary Coins and head to the Dragon Express to purchase the limited-time Purity costume, 2nd Anniversary Cake Hat, and Candle Glasses available through the Redemption Period.

Purity & Anniversary Adornments


Realmrift Supply Chain

Event: January 17 – February 7
Redemption Period: January 17 – March 21

Relive Blade & Soul’s launch by returning to a challenging limited-time special event version of Blackram Supply Chain. Characters over level 50 can enter an updated version of this classic, and collect special daily rewards. This isn’t going to be as easy as other event dungeons, so be sure to come prepared.

Complete the prerequisite letter quest “A Letter from Nowhere” to gain access to a Daily Quest, that once completed will provide a Corsair’s Gift Box. Open the gift box for guaranteed and rare rewards, including the Corsair’s Comb—a currency that can be spent in the Dragon Express during the Redemption Period to obtain a number of cosmetic rewards.

  • Pirate Princess
  • Gangplank Style
  • Custom Gangplank Style
  • Red Gangplank Style
  • Poharan’s Eyepatch
  • Blackram Officer Uniform

The dynamic quest “The Other Poharan” also provides a Corsair’s Comb and 3 Fortune Potions each time, so that’s a good way to subsidize your Daily Quest gains. Also keep a lookout for the special Realmrift Supply Chain Soul Shield Chest which drops from each of the dungeon’s bosses, and contains a Sacred Longgui, Raven, or Beluga Soul Shield when opened.

Prefer to spend your time on progressing your character and not collecting costumes? Throughout the Redemption Period you’ll also gain access to special event Transmutation recipes. Make a Premier Hongmoon XP Charm by Transmuting 50 Corsair’s Combs, a Special Hongmoon XP Charm, and 20 gold. You can also make a Pentagonal Obsidian with a Special Square Obsidian of the corresponding element, 60 Corsair’s Combs, and 20 gold.

Merchant of Wonders

As we said before, the Realmrift Supply Chain is a challenging event dungeon, and so for completing it we’ve sweetened the pot a bit. When completing Realmrift Supply Chain, there’s a 100% chance to encounter the Merchant of Wonders, who will offer you a chance at everything available through the event, and more. Be sure to stick around and check out what he has to offer after each run.


Systems & Items

The update brings a number of bigger systems changes, and we’ve taken a quick look at a few of the more impactful ones in this overview.

Read More


Tailor Shop Customization System

The hotly anticipated costume customization system arrives with this update, allowing you to alter the materials and color of select costumes.

Read More


Premium Membership Update

We’ve overhauled the Premium Membership program by reducing complexity and improving the bonuses. There’s never been a better time to bump your Blade & Soul experience up to the next level.

Read More


Silver Saberfang Chest

The Silver Saberfang Chest has arrived, and brings the ability to obtain a number of impressive costumes—the ultimate being the Silver Saberfang set itself, of course.

Read More


2nd Anniversary 4.1 Patch Notes


  • Mythical Music Event
    • The Mythical Music Event is available from January 17 through February 7.
    • Complete the Daily Challenge to receive a Music Box Cylinder, then head to Celesta in Jadestone Village to redeem it for a Completed Music Box.
    • Open the Completed Music Box to receive 2nd Anniversary Coin event tokens and consumables, as well as a chance at additional upgrade materials.
    • Redeem 2nd Anniversary Coin via the Special tab in Dragon Express for rewards, including but not limited to:
      • Purity outfit
      • 2nd Anniversary Cake Hat
      • Candle Glasses
  • 2nd Anniversary Gift
    • Head to the Hongmoon Store to receive a free 2nd Anniversary Gift! Limit one per account. The gift contains the exclusive NCW-designed Shadowrunner outfit and more:
      • 2nd Anniversary Coin x2
      • 2nd Anniversary Cupcake x22
      • 2nd Anniversary Fireworks x22
      • Shadowrunner Outfit x1
      • Shadowrunner Weapon Skin Chest x1
    • Furthermore, equipping the Shadowrunner Outfit will grant you the Shadow Warrior title!
  • Realmrift Supply Chain
    • Level 50+ characters can return to face familiar foes such as Slashimi and Vice Admiral Poharan in Realmrift Supply Chain! Realmrift Supply Chain is only available via Cross-Server Dungeon (F8) and has no lockout.
    • Open your Quest Journal (J) to receive the “A Letter from Nowhere” quest. Complete the quest to access the “A Rift in the Supply Chain” daily quest and the dungeon.
    • Complete the daily quest to receive a Corsair’s Gift Box which contains Corsair’s Comb event tokens and consumables with a chance at additional upgrade materials. The dungeon dynamic quest also rewards 1 Corsair’s Comb.
    • Each boss drops a Realmrift Supply Chain Soul Shield Chest which provides a Sacred Longgui, Raven, or Beluga Soul Shield when opened.
    • Chef Tae Jangum and Vice Admiral Poharan have a very low chance to drop Tae Jangum Pet and Poharan Pet, respectively.
    • Redeem Corsair’s Comb via the Special tab in Dragon Express for cosmetic rewards and upgrade materials, including all three colors of Gangplank Style Hair!
    • During the event and redemption period, you can transmute Special Hongmoon XP Charm, 50 Corsair’s Combs, and 20 Gold for Premier Hongmoon XP Charm.
    • During the event and redemption period, you can transmute 1 Square Obsidian, 60 Corsair’s Combs, and 20 Gold for Pentagonal Obsidian of the same element.
    • Defeat Vice Admiral Poharan in Realmrift Supply Chain to receive a visit from the Merchant of Wonders, who will offer a chance to purchase all available rewards from the event and more!


  • You can now store Heroic Weapons obtained from dungeons in the Weapon tab of the Showroom
  • You can now choose from 9 quests to complete for Daily Challenge. You can complete any 3 to earn the Daily Challenge Reward.
  • The calculation for rating in 3v3 Tag Match has been modified for more consistent gains and losses.
  • The Daily Challenge Reward Chest now includes a Heroic Friendship Charm and has a chance to drop White Orb.
  • Raven King’s Ferocity/Energy/Animus no longer drop from Generals Moyun and Shuna in Skybreak Spire. New tradable items Sealed Raven King’s Ferocity/Energy/Animus now drop from the Raven King in Skybreak Spire.
  • Increased the drop rate of Transcendence Engine in Irontech Forge
  • The Nirvana outfit is now available from Tower Trader NPC Kangcha in Mushin’s Tower for 20 Yunsang Prayer Beads.
  • The minimum quantity of gold that can be listed in the Currency Exchange has been increased to 10, up from 1.
  • Upgrade and Fortune Charms are being removed and can be exchanged via the Antiques menu.


  • Lord of the Flame’s Horns, Zakhan’s Claw, Acrimor’s Wing, and Hand of Xanos will no longer be available and can be exchanged via the Antiques window for a new item, Draken Core. Dungeons that previously dropped these items will now drop Draken Core.
  • Demon Eye will no longer be available and can be exchanged via the Antiques window for a new item, Hellion Core.  Hellion Core is now available from Starstone Mines, Hollow’s Heart, and Ebondrake Lair.
  • Legendary Accessories can now be purchased for 200 Draken Core or 250 Hellion Core from Achievement Merchant NPC Kiyeon in Zaiwei, provided the achievement requirements are met.
  • Reduced the amount of Transformation Stones needed to upgrade from Baleful/Seraph Weapon Stage 6 to Stage 7.
  • Premium Transformation Stone is no longer needed to upgrade to Baleful/Seraph Weapon Stage 8-12 and have been replaced with increasing amounts of Transformation Stone.
  • Stage 10 and Awakened Legendary Accessories can now be salvaged to receive a Red Dragon Crux or Blue Dragon Crux.
    • Red/Blue Dragon Crux can be used to upgrade the seed item for the next generation of Legendary Accessory to Stage 1.
    • For example, you can salvage Destiny Ring – Stage 10 to receive a Red Dragon Crux which can be used to upgrade Hellion Ring to Skyshatter Ring – Stage 1 for a reduced cost. Blue Dragon Crux will be used for future generations of accessories.
  • You can now purchase Obsidian Gems and Hongmoon Hexagonal Emerald for Solar Energy in Dragon Express.

Tailor Shop

  • In addition to other methods of acquisition, players can spend Chromatic Thread to obtain customizable costumes from Clothing Merchant NPCs in-game. Chromatic Thread is now available in the Hongmoon Store.
  • Customizable costumes and adornments are designated with a special icon in the upper left.
  • Left-click a costume and click Tailor Shop to customize your costume. There is a base cost of 10 Chromatic Thread per costume and 3 per adornment. Additionally, each individual modification costs 1 Chromatic Thread and 1 Gold.
  • Once a costume has been customized, it cannot be traded, regardless of its properties before customization.
  • You are able to remove customization for 20 Gold, which will restore the item’s original properties as well.
  • Customized costumes and adornments have their own storage slot in the Showroom.


  • You will now receive Guild Supplies when crafting Normal recipes and a random amount of Lucky Guild Box when crafting Trade or Masterwork recipes.
  • Radiant Ring
    • Reduced crafting cost of Brilliant Key.
    • Reduced crafting cost including removing Hongmoon Gem Powder for Diamond Pouches below Gilded Triangular.
  • Forgekeepers
    • Reduced crafting cost of Master Field Repair Tool Box, Void Fragment, and Ascendance Stone.
    • Added Illusion Weapon Chest Recipes.
  • Soul Wardens
    • Reduced crafting cost of Artisanal/Masterwork Shield Base Bundle and Sealed Soul Shield Engravings.
  • Earthseers
    • Reduced crafting cost of Revival Charm Bundle and Resuscitation Charm Bundle.
    • Add recipes for Hongmoon Focus Recovery Charm, Illusion Charm, and Champion’s Charm.
  • Acquired Taste
    • Reduced crafting cost of tradable food chests.
    • Reduced crafting cost including removing Dumplings from Masterwork Soup recipes.
    • Added Meat Dumpling, Meat Dumpling Food Chest, and Renowned Meat Dumpling Soup recipes.
  • Silver Cauldron
    • Reduced crafting cost of tradable potion chests.
    • Reduced crafting costs including removing lesser potions from Masterwork potion recipes.
    • Added Frenzy Potion Masterwork recipe.